Naftali Hirts ben Mena?em, mi-Lemburg, 16th cent.
Perush le-Midrash ?amesh megilot rabah / asher izen ?e-ti?en ?e-?iber ... Naftali ... Hirts y. ts. v. b.r. Mena?em zal resh metivta be-?.?. Lemburg bi-medinat Rusi?ah ...
?ra?a : Yits?a? ben Aharon mi-Pro??its, 5329 [1569]
Signatures: 1-9?(9? blank)
Commentary on the Midrash rabbah to the Five Scrolls.
BEIN Mcd61 569Na: Imperfect: leaves 24 and 33 wanting; leaf 33 supplied in positive photostat. Wormed, with slight loss of text.
Midrash rabbah. Five Scrolls -- Commentaries.
Hebrew language -- Texts.
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