Promtuarii iconum insigniorum à seculo hominum : subiectis eorum vitis, per compendiu ex probatissimus autoribus desumptis.
Lugdvni : Apud Gulielmum Rouillium, 1578 [i.e. 1581]
BEIN Numismatic Zn65 25C: The sheets of the 1578 edition. In vol. 1, the slip with the date 1581, pasted over the imprint-date 1578, has been lost. In vol. 2, the correction-slip pasted over the imprint-date changes it from "M.D.LXXVIII" to "M.D.LXXXI." Armorial binding of Chartreuse de Bourbon.
Includes indexes.
Armorial bindings (Binding) rbbin CtY-BR
Armorial bindings (Provenance) rbprov CtY-BR
Rouillé, Guillaume, 1518?-1589.
Philadelphia Area Center for History of Science
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