Richardson, William, active 1778-1815, printmaker.
[Copper engraving plates of English personalities].
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William Richardson (active 1778-1815) was a publisher, bookseller, print dealer, and auctioneer in London, England.
Line engravings on copper plates printed chiefly by William Richardson, circa 1794-1818, which primarily depict portraits of English personalities from the thirteenth century through early eighteenth century. Engravers represented in the collection include Jean Godefroy, Robert Grave, William Marshall, and Thomas Trotter. Many of the engravings depict individuals related to events of the English Civil War. Prints, as well as a few paper plate wrappers, accompany many of the plates. Makers' marks on the plates include B. Whittow & Son, Pontifex & Co., and other copper plate manufacturers, some with varying names in London, England.
Portraits of individuals aligned with the Royalists during the English Civil War include Edward Herbert, 1st Baron Herbert of Cherbury, an Anglo-Welsh soldier, diplomat, and academic; Robert Herrick, a lyric poet and cleric; Jeffrey Hudson, a dwarf at the court of Queen Henrietta Maria; Sir Edward Nicholas, who served as Secretary of State for Charles I and Charles II; William Pendrell, caretaker of Boscobel House; and William Seymour, 2nd Duke of Somerset, a Royalist commander.
Portraits of individuals aligned with the Parliamentarians during the English Civil War include discrete portraits of John Hewson and John Okey, soldiers and signatories of the death warrant of King Charles I, and clergymen Eezekiah Holland (pen name Anglo-Hibernus) and William Oxman (or Orsingham), as well as a portrait of William Hicks, a soldier and author.
Portraits of individuals active during the seventeenth century, but not explicitly aligned with belligerents during the English Civil War include Richard Herst, a Roman Catholic recusant layman and martyr; Benjamin Hewling, a member of the Monmouth's Rebellion; Emery Hill, founder of the Almshouse and Free School in Rochester Row, Tothill Fields, Westminster; John Hoddesdon, an author; Sir Frescheville Holles, a Royal Navy officer and politician; Thomas Pecke, an epigrammatist; Susanna Perwich, a musician; and Henry Rich, 1st Earl of Holland, a courtier and soldier; as well as Jacobites Henry Oxburgh and William Paul.
Other portraits include Matthew Paris, a Benedictine monk, artist in illuminated manuscripts, and cartographer based at St. Albans Abbey in Hertfordshire during the thirteenth century, as well as John Heywood, a sixteenth century author, and William Pattison, and eighteenth century poet.
The collection also includes a portrait of James I, King of England, published by Nathaniel Smith, as well as a portrait of Willibald Pirckheimer, a German lawyer and humanist in Nuremberg during the sixteenth century.
Purchased from George Bayntun on the James Marshall and Marie-Louise Osborn Collection Fund, 2010.
Inscriptions and plate marks chiefly in English with some inscriptions in Latin.
Title devised by cataloger.
Stored in 2 boxes: H-J (in Box 1) and J-S (in Box 2)
William Richardson, Copper Engraving Plates of English Personalities. James Marshall and Marie-Louise Osborn Collection, Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library.
Godefroy, Jean, 1771-1839.
Grave, Robert, 1768-1825.
Herbert of Cherbury, Edward Herbert, Baron, 1583-1648 -- Portraits.
Herrick, Robert, 1591-1674 -- Portraits.
Herst, Richard, -1628 -- Portraits.
Hewling, Benjamin, 1663-1685 -- Portraits.
Hewson, John, -1662 -- Portraits.
Heywood, John, 1497?-1580? -- Portraits.
Hicks, William, 1621-1660 -- Portraits.
Hill, Emery, -1677 -- Portraits.
Hoddesdon, John, active 1650 -- Portraits.
Holland, Henry Rich, Earl of, 1590-1649 -- Portraits.
Holland, Hezekiah, active 1638-1661 -- Portraits.
Holles, Frescheville, Sir, 1642-1672 -- Portraits.
Hudson, Jeffrey, 1619-1681 -- Portraits.
James I, King of England, 1566-1625 -- Portraits.
Marshall, William, active 1617-1650.
Nicholas, Edward, Sir, 1593-1669 -- Portraits.
Okey, John, -1662 -- Portraits.
Oxburgh, Henry, -1716 -- Portraits.
Oxman, William, -1661 -- Portraits.
Paris, Matthew, 1200-1259 -- Portraits.
Pattison, William, 1706-1727 -- Portraits.
Paul, William, 1678-1716 -- Portraits.
Pecke, Thomas, 1637- -- Portraits.
Pendrell, William, 1609-1700 -- Portraits.
Perwich, Susanna, 1636-1661 -- Portraits.
Pirckheimer, Willibald, 1470-1530 -- Portraits.
Richardson, William, active 1778-1815.
Smith, N. (Nathaniel), 1738?-1809.
Somerset, William Seymour, Duke of, 1588-1660 -- Portraits.
Trotter, Thomas, 1756-1803.
B. Whittow & Son.
Pontifex & Co.
Great Britain -- History -- Civil War, 1642-1649 -- Pictorial works.
Copper engravings (visual works) aat
Line engravings (prints) aat
Godefroy, Jean, 1771-1839, printmaker.
Grave, Robert, 1768-1825, printmaker.
Marshall, William, active 1617-1650, printmaker.
Smith, N. (Nathaniel), 1738?-1809, printmaker.
Trotter, Thomas, 1756-1803, printmaker.
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