Cowell, John, 1554-1611.
The Interpreter: Or, Booke Containing the Signification of Words: Wherein is set foorth the true meaning of all, or the most part of such Words and Termes, as are mentioned in the Lawe VVriters, or Statutes of this victorious and renowned Kingdome, requiring any Exposition or Interpretation. A Worke not onely profitable, but necessary for such as desire throughly to be instructed in the knowledge of our Lawes, Statutes, or other Antiquities. Collected by Iohn Cowell.
At Cambridge, Printed by Iohn Legate. Anno 1607.
BEIN 1976 50: Bookplate of Johannes Winckley. Autograph of William Marshall.
Signatures: *4, A-Z4, Aa-Zz4, Aaa-Zzz4, Aaaa-Cccc4.
Head an tail pieces.
The articles King, Parliament, Prerogative, Prohibition, Subsidy, containing passages supposed to have been offensive to Parliament on one side, and to the King on the other, and to have caused the book, upon charges by Sir Edward Coke, to be suppressed in 1610, are unchanged in the Library of Congress copy of the edition, 1637, which is said to be "expurgated" in Wood (Fasti oxon. (Bliss) 1815, I, 289-290) Marvin, 1847, p. 233, and by Lee. in Dict. nat. biog., 1887, XII, 375. cf. Pref. to Manley's edition of Crowell, 1701.
Law -- Dictionaries.
Booke containing the signification of words.
Book containing the signification of words.
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