Plochere, Gustave, 1897-, author.
Plochere color system : a guide to color and color harmony : to be used in conjuction with the 1248 Color Tone Cards included in this set / Gustave and Gladys Plochere.
Dark gray leatherette box with leather handle, draw bolt latches, gilt lettering on cover and 1248 Color Tone Cards with dark gray leatherette hardback housed in compartment of box over. The book contains a double page cardboard with Color Circle and mounted wheel with R (red) Hue Scale to determine Value and Hue Chroma levels, an index of color names, abstracts on color, color circle, color terms, color harmony, directions for selecting color harmonies with example, color names, pigments, and bibliography. Double page advertising with pricelist laid in. The 1248 Color Tone Cards in leatherette box are compartmentalized by dividers with printed numbers. All color cards with stamped numbers on verso. Warning labels, reminding to use original Plochere Color Tone Cards, glued to top and inside of top.Warning label with some bookworm damage.
From the Gladys and Gustave Plochere Color System Collection with Related Color Systems (ART 32).
Plochere, Gladys Merwin, 1987-
Plochere, Gustave, 1888- author.
Philadelphia Area Center for History of Science
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