Mandeville, Bernard, 1670-1733.
Mandevilles Bienenfabel, hrsg. von Otto Bobertag.
Minchen, G. Miller, 1914.
Translation of: The fables of the bees.
"Pt. II is omitted. Pt. I is given complete except for the excision of about a third of the Essay on Charity, the omission of Mandeville's Vindication, and the condensation of his index. The edition includes a translation of Mandeville's Letter to Dion, slightly condensed, and of ... 4 and 5 from the second dialogue of Berkeley's Alciphron"--Mandeville, B. The fable of the bees, ed. by F.B. Kaye. 1924.
Bobertag, Otto.
Philadelphia Area Center for History of Science
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