Shelley, Percy Bysshe, 1792-1822.
Review of Hogg's Memoirs of Prince Alexy Haimatoff, by Percy Bysshe Shelley; together with an extract from Some early writings of Shelley, by Prof. E. Dowden, LL. D., edited with an introductory note by Thomas J. Wise.
London, Pub. for the Shelley society by Reeves and Turner, 1886.
BEIN: In case with: Hogg, Thomas Jefferson. Memoirs of Prince Alexy Haimatoff. London, 1825.
"Three hundred copies have been printed."
First printed anonymously in the Critical review, December, 1814. Ascribed to Shelley by Prof. Dowden in an article in the Contemporary review, Sept. 1884, from which an extract is given with a Postscript by Prof. Dowden, stating how he was able to identify the review of Hogg's novel as by Shelley.
Hogg, Thomas Jefferson, 1792-1862.
Dowden, Edward, 1843-1913. Some early writings of Shelley. 1886.
Wise, Thomas James, 1859-1937.
Philadelphia Area Center for History of Science
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