Blo-bza?-chos-kyi-rgyal-mtshan, Panchen Lama I, 1567?-1662.
Dpal rdo rje j?igs byed lha bcu gsum mai? dba? gi brgyud pa debs m?on par rtogs pa da? bstod pa d?a tha dpal gser mdog bum pa sbyad bcas / Blo-bza?-chos-kyi-rgyal-mtshan.
Tibet: Rtse-rnam-rgyal-grwa-tsha? , [18--?]
Instructions on performing the first level of initiation (kal?bhisheka) for an esoteric ceremony devoted to Vajrabhairava.
In Tibetan.
Dge-lugs-pa (Sect) -- Doctrines.
Tantric Buddhism.
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