Thomas, Aquinas, Saint, 1225?-1274.
Incipiunt preclarissima co[m]me[n]taria diui Thome Aquinatis Sacri Ordinis Predicatorum in libros Peri hermenias Aristotelis.
Impressa Uenetijs : P[er] Gulielmu[m] Tridinense[m] de Mo[n]teferato, anno D[omi]nice incarnat[i]o[n]is, 1489, 16 Kalendas Decembris.
BEIN 2001 +99: Imperfect: final blank leaf wanting.
BEIN 2001 +99: Extensive contemporary ms. annotations in a number of hands, some bled.
Title from caption on recto of leaf a2.
Imprint from colophon.
Signatures: a-d? e? A-H? I-K? (K8 blank)
Reichling 1493a
BM 15th cent., V, p. 411
Goff T-254
"Incipiunt preclarissima comme[n]taria diui Thome Aquinatis sacri Ordinis Predicatorum i[n] libros posteriorum Aristotelis": recto of leaf A1 through verso of leaf K2.
Aristotle. Posterior analytics.
Aristotle. De interpretatione.
Incunabula in Yale Library.
Italy. Venice. Guglielmo da Trino. 1489.
Annotations (Provenance) -- 15th century. rbprov CtY-BR
Guglielmo, da Trino, fl. 1486-1494.
Philadelphia Area Center for History of Science
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