Gay comics collection, 1976-2014 (inclusive).
The collection is open for research.
The collection contains assorted lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) comic publications dealing with issues such as coming out, romantic and sexual relationships, depression, and gay and lesbian liberation. Some magazines appear to be self published while others are commercially published.
Gay Comics Collection (MS 1851). Manuscripts and Archives, Yale University Library.
Copyright status for collection materials is unknown. Additional information is provided in the finding aid.
Finding aid is available in the repository and on the Internet.
Transferred by the Larry Kramer Initiative Executive Coordinator, 2004-2005 and transferred from the Gay and Lesbian Studies librarian, 2015.
Bisexuals -- Comic books, strips, etc.
Coming out (Sexual orientation) -- Comic books, strips, etc.
Gay liberation movement -- Comic books, strips, etc.
Gay men -- Comic books, strips, etc.
Homosexuality -- Comic books, strips, etc.
Lesbians -- Comic books, strips, etc.
Sexual minorities -- Comic books, strips, etc.
Transgender people -- Comic books, strips, etc.
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LGBTQ resource.
Kuklinski, Richard.
Agnes. Disconnect.
Agnes. Picnic on the moon.
Lolagouine. I love spiders.
Alexis, Kevin.
Baggott, Elliot.
Bonvillain, Tamra.
Centeno, Neftali.
Freitas, Sean.
Gable, Delia.
Hernandez, Celina.
Johnson, Kerry G.
Kirby, Randall.
Nesbit, Preston.
Ponce, Brian.
Quale, Emiliano.
Saxon, J. D.
Shaw, Anise, 1985-
Ahern, Brian Douglas. Fortune favors the bold!
Alexis, Paige. Angle.
Alexis, Paige. Sparkle.
Andersen, Brian, 1974- Friend of Dorothy.
Andersen, Brian, 1974- Reignbow and Dee-va.
Andersen, Brian, 1974- Sex and the superhero.
Andersen, Brian, 1974- Unabashedly Billie.
Andrews, Mark. Love, death and UFOs.
Avery, Tara, 1970- Dirtheads.
Avery, Tara, 1970- Gooch.
Barr, Donna, 1952- Bosom enemies.
Barr, Donna, 1952- Desert peach.
Barr, Donna, 1952- Stinz.
Breed, Tony, 1971- Foodwise.
Capone, Rene. Legend of hedgehog boy.
Christensen, Charles "Zan." Power within.
Coatney, Cary. Playgod.
Cohen, Tyler. Primahood.
Davenport, Dave. Dogspunk comix.
Dean, Beth. Beth Dean is loose in San Francisco.
Dean, Beth. Beth Dean is pregnant with desire.
Delliquanti, Blue, 1989- O human star.
Denson, Abby. Dolltopia.
Denson, Abby. My boyfriend is a space robot!
Denson, Abby. Passing notes.
Ebersole, Dave. Dash.
Edwards, Dylan (Cartoonist), 1975- Politically inqueerect.
Edwards, Dylan (Cartoonist), 1975- Transposes.
Fair, Adam. This gay existence.
Faria, Raul. Mark of Gabriel.
Ford, Tana. 26.2.
Frankel, Josh. Water column.
Franson, Leanne, 1963- Liliane.
Gimpelevich, Calvin. Wolfmen.
Glass, J. D. Punk like me.
Grace, Sina. Books with pictures.
Gregory, Roberta. Dynamite damsels.
Gregory, Roberta. Naughty bits.
Guilmette, Gene. Protector corps.
Hall, Justin, 1971- Dirty drawings.
Hall, Justin, 1971- Glamazonia : the uncanny super-tranny.
Hall, Justin, 1971- Le Croisic : our night in a French phone booth.
Hall, Justin, 1971- Only in San Francisco.
Hall, Justin, 1971- Sacred text.
Hall, Justin, 1971- Swallowing a cobra's heart and other true travel tales.
Hall, Justin, 1971- True travel tales.
Harrison, Pam, 1964- Deviant mind.
Harrison, Pam, 1964- House of the muses : the latter days of Sappho of Lesbos.
Heagerty, Mat. Just another sheep.
Hilty, Joan, 1966-. Immola.
Johnson, Jessie. Peejoe.
Kirby, Randall. Bop comics.
Kirby, Robert, 1962- Snack pak.
Krell, Jeff, 1959- Jayson comics.
Lawrence, Tony. Western nightmares.
Le, Wei. Anatta.
Lettuce, Hedda. Dragnett.
Luce, Ed. Wuvable oaf.
Lustig, John, 1953- Last kiss.
MacDonald, Topher. Guys with swords.
MacIssac, Steve, 1969- Shirtlifter.
Mance, Ajuan. Black satyrs.
Mance, Ajuan. Little book of big black bears.
Mann, Lonnie, 1986- Thoughts from Iceland.
MariNaomi, 1973- Not-so-butch.
Marrs, Lee, 1945- My deadly darling dyke.
McWhinny, Sean Seamus. Diary of a catering whore.
McWhinny, Sean Seamus. Head trip.
Miller, Desmond. Hansel and Gretel : agents of the coven.
Morrison, Kenne. Night patrol.
Navant, Yves. Avant-garde.
Orchard, Sam, 1984- Family portraits.
Parent, Dan. Kevin Keller.
Quantic, David, 1973- Bakersfield, Earth.
Roddy, Tommy. Pride high.
Salinas, Stefan. October recital.
Sapp, Terry. Adventures of baby dyke.
Smith, Christine. Eve's apple.
Smith, Christine. Princess gals'n'pals digest.
Smith, Dusty K. Mahou shounen fight!
Smyth, Fiona, 1964- Nocturnal emissions.
Tannen, Sam. Pope and pig.
Thompson, Rebecca. Spectra : turbulent times.
Tims, Hugh. Two spirit deal.
Trujillo, Josh, 1985- Auger.
Trujillo, Josh, 1985- Love machines.
Vellekoop, Maurice, 1964- Fear comics.
Weathington, Leia. Legend of Bold Riley.
Wings, Mary, 1949- Are your highs getting you down?
Wings, Mary, 1949- Come out comix.
Worley, Rick, 1982- Waste of time.
Barr girls.
Bent comix sampler.
Boy trouble.
Cliterally speaking.
Deposit man.
Frater mine.
Gay comics.
Gay comix.
Grave impressions.
Hot head paisan.
Junkyard angels.
Leonard and Larry.
Less than hero.
Love minus zero and other stories.
Pizza and sex.
Real girl.
Strange looking exile.
Tales of the closet.
Witch dream.
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