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Annotations (Provenance) 17th century (867)
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Leisentrit, Johann, Autograph (59)
Puecher, Johannes Presentation inscription to E. Reinhard (59)
Reinhard, Elias Presentation inscription from J. Puecher (59)
Council of Trent -- (1545-1563 : -- Trento, Italy) (55)
Annotations (Provenance) 16th century (49)
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Thou, Jacques-Auguste de, Binding (7)
1Title:  Håe Kainåe Diathåekåe =: Novum Testamentum   
 Alt. Title:  Bible. N.T. Greek. 1624   
 Creator:  Báeze, Thâeodore de, 1519-1605 | Elzevir, Abraham, 1592-1652 | Elzevir, Bonaventure, 1583-1652 | Hope, John, -1682 | Hanrott, Howard Granville | Elliot, Charles L. 
 Publication:  Ex Officinãa Elzeviriana, Lugduni Batavorum, MDCXXIV [1624]. 
 Notes:  "The first of the Elzevir editions, printed at the press established at Leyden by Bonaventure and Abraham Elzevir ... The Elzevir text is in reality merely Beza's ..."--British and Foreign Bible Society. Historical catalogue (Darlow & Moule). Third variation of the t.p. Title in red and black (words Diathåekåe, Testamentum, and Ex Officinãa Elzeviriana printed in red). Not identified by Willems. Cf. Darlow & Moule. According to Willems, the copies with title pages in red and black were destined for Catholic countries. Cf. Willems Signatures: *p6 sA-Xp12 sYp4s(Y4 blank) 2A-2Op12 s2Pp8s. "MD" in publication date in apostrophic form. Printer's device on t.p. Head- and tailpieces; initials. 
 Extent:  [12], 863, [1] p. ; 12 cm. (12mo) 
 Subjects:  Annotations (Provenance) 17th century

Collection:  Johns Hopkins University Library 
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2Title:  The provok'd wife: a comedy. As it is acted at the New Theatre in Little Lincolns-Inn-Fields. By the author of a new comedy, call'd, The relapse, or, Virtue in danger   
 Creator:  Vanbrugh, John, 1664-1726 
 Publication:  printed for Richard Wellington at the Lute in St. Paul's church-yard: and are to be sold by Bernard Lintott at the Cross-Keys in St. Martin's-Lane, near Long-Acre, London, MDCXCVIII. [1698] 
 Notes:  Author of The relapse = Sir John Vanbrugh. First leaf bears half-title on recto and advertisements on verso. With advertisements below imprint on title page. 
 Extent:  [8], 72 p. ; 22 cm 
 Subjects:  Annotations (Provenance) 17th century

Collection:  Yale University 
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3Title:  Delle rime   
 Creator:  Bembo, Pietro, 1470-1547 
 Publication:  s.n.], Italy, MDXXXIX [1539] 
 Notes:  In verse. Signatures: A-F⁸ G¹⁰. Final p. blank. 
 Extent:  44, [14] leaves ; 16 cm (8vo) 
 Subjects:  Annotations (Provenance) 17th century

Collection:  Yale University 
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4Title:  Il pastor fido: tragicomedia pastorale   
 Alt. Title:  Pastor fido. Spanish   
 Creator:  Guarini, Battista, 1538-1612 | Suárez de Figueroa, Christóval. 
 Publication:  En casa de Pedro Patricio Mey, junto a S. Martin, Impresso en Valencia, 1609. 
 Notes:  Signatures: [dagger]⁸ A-R⁸ S⁴ (S4 blank). 
 Extent:  [16], 278, [2] p. ; 15 cm. (8vo) 
 Subjects:  Annotations (Provenance) 17th century

Collection:  Yale University 
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5Title:  The Countesse of Pembrokes Arcadia   
 Alt. Title:  Arcadia   
 Creator:  Sidney, PhilipSir, 1554-1586 | Stirling, William AlexanderEarl of, 1567 or 1568-1640 | Sanford, Hugh, -1607 
 Publication:  Imprinted by H.L. for Simon Waterson, London, 1622. 
 Notes:  Signatures: pi² [par.]² A-2D⁶ 2E² (2E1+[par.]⁴, *⁶) 2F-3B⁶ (pi1, blank, wanting). A reissue, with cancel title page and conjugate blank, of the 1621 Dublin edition, with the supplement by Sir William Alexander, signed S.W.A., unpaged, inserted at sig. E1, p. 362. Editor's note "To the reader" signed: H.S., i.e. Hugh Sanford. Titlepage within engraved border. 
 Extent:  [8], 588 p. ; 30 cm. (fol.) 
 Subjects:  Annotations (Provenance) 17th century

Collection:  Yale University 
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6Title:  Testamenti Veteris Biblia sacra, sive, Libri canonici: priscae Iudaeorvm ecclesiae à Deo traditi, latini recèns ex hebraeo facti, brevibúsque scholiis illustrati ab Immanuele Tremellio & Francisco Iunio. Accesserunt libri qui vulgo dicuntur Apocryphi, Latinè redditi & notis quibusdam aucti à Francisco Junio. Multo omnes quàm antè emendatiùs editi & aucti locis innumeris: quibus etiam adjunximus Novi Testamenti libros ex sermone Syro ab eodem Tremellio, & ex graeco à Theodoro Beza in latinum versos   
 Alt. Title:  Bible. Latin. Tremellius   
 Creator:  Tremellius, Immanuel, 1510-1580 | Junius, Franciscus, 1545-1602 | Bèze, Théodore de, 1519-1605 
 Publication:  Typis Wechelianis apud Claudium Marnium & haeredes Joannis Aubril, Hanoviae, 1603. 
 Notes:  [Pt. 6] has indiv. t.p.: D.N. Iesv Christi Testamentvm Novvm ... 
 Extent:  6 pt. in 1. 37 cm. 
 Subjects:  Annotations (Provenance) 17th century

Collection:  Yale University 
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7Title:  Du vray et parfaict amour   
 Creator:  Fumée, Martin, ca. 1540-ca. 1590 
 Publication:  Chez Michel Sonnius, A Paris, 1599. 
 Notes:  Signatures: A⁸ ²A¹² B-2I¹² 2K⁶. This novel is not a translation of a work by Athenagoras, but an original work by Fumée. Cf. Brunet. "Acheué d'imprimer le 25. Aoust. 1599"--Colophon. Includes index. 
 Extent:  [8], 388, [3] leaves ; 15 cm. (12mo) 
 Subjects:  Annotations (Provenance) 17th century

Collection:  Yale University 
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8Title:  Terentius cum co[m]mento: figuris [et] additionibus : Publij Terentij Aphri comicoru[m] latinorum principis comedie : cu[m] prestantissimoru[m] (videlicet Donati et Guidonis Juuenalis) oratorum commentis : insuper commentum familiarissimum Jodici Badij Asce[n]sij in Latina lingua peritissimi proprijs locis additum : eo vltra Taurapis Melchinensis in singulas comedias argumenta : insuper Pauli Malleoli Andelace[n]sis in ipsu[m?] interprete[m] & ipsius ad notame[n]ta ... : finaliter quedam que Joannes Brixiensis vir clarissimus et nominatissimus addidit   
 Alt. Title:  Works. 1522   
 Creator:  Terence. | Donatus, Aelius. | Jouenneaux, Guy, d. 1507 | Badius, Josse, 1462-1535 | Taurapes Melchinensis. | Haemmerlin, Paul. | Joannes Brixiensis. | Rémy, Jean 
 Publication:  Per Joannem Remy, Impresse Lugduni, 1522. 
 Notes:  Text surrounded on three sides by commentary. Place and printer from colophon: Lugduni per Joannem Remy. Anno ab incarnatione Domini 1522 die vero vj Octobris. Signatures: A⁶ a-x⁸ y⁶. Title in red and black, mostly within woodcut border. 
 Extent:  [6], clxxiiii leaves : ill. (woodcuts) ; 27 cm. (4to) 
 Subjects:  Annotations (Provenance) 17th century

Collection:  Yale University 
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9Title:  The Byble in Englyshe: that is to saye the content of all the holy scrypture, both of ye olde and newe testament, truly translated after the veryte of the Hebrue and Greke textes, by ye dylygent studye of dyuerse excellent learned men, expert in the forsayde tonges   
 Alt. Title:  Bible. English. Great Bible. 1539   
 Publication:  Prynted by [Francis Regnault, and in London by] Rychard Grafton [and] Edward Whitchurch. Cum priuilegio ad imprimendum solum, Paris], 1539 [April] 
 Notes:  The Great Bible version. Title pages and Kalender printed in red and black. Regnault's name from STC. Month date of publication from colophon. Signatures: *⁶ a-k⁸ l⁴; A-P⁸ Q⁴ AA-PP⁸ QQ-RR⁶ Aaa-Kkk⁸ Aa-Nn⁸. The second and third parts, "The volume of the bookes called Hagiographa", and "The newe Testament in englyshe" each have separate divisional title page and foliation beginning on A1, AA1, Aaa1, and Aa1 respectively. 
 Extent:  [6], lxxxiiij; cxxiij, [1], cxxvj, cxxxix-cxxxiiij, lxj [i.e. lxxx], ciij, [1] leaves : ill. (woodcuts) ; (fol.) 
 Subjects:  Annotations (Provenance) 17th century

Collection:  Yale University 
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10Title:  Le muse napoletane: egloche   
 Creator:  Basile, Giambattista, ca. 1575-1632 | Heredi di Francesco di Tomasi 
 Publication:  Per gli heredi di Francesco di Tomasi, In Napoli, 1660. 
 Notes:  Signatures: A-F¹² (F12 blank). Nine eclogues, each named after one of the Muses. Gian Alesio Abbatutis is a pseudonym of Giambattista Basile. Cf. BL Italian, 17th cent. "Con licenza de' Superiori. Ad istanza d'Ignatio Rispolo." 
 Extent:  141, [3] p. ; 15 cm. (12mo) 
 Subjects:  Annotations (Provenance) 17th century

Collection:  Yale University 
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11Title:  Der warhafftige Roman: worinnen unter verdeckten Nahmen und Ländern, die LiebesGeschicht und Begebenheiten hoher Stands-Personen, so wohl in- als ausserhalb des Königreichs Spanien und Italien, in einer anmuthigen Ordnung vorgestellet worden   
 Creator:  Schiele, Johann Georg 
 Publication:  In verlegung Johann Georg Schiele, Buchhändlers, Franckfurt, MDCLXVIII [1668] 
 Extent:  [8], 572, [2], 221, [1] p. : 1 ill. ; 14 cm (8vo) 
 Subjects:  Annotations (Provenance) 17th century

Collection:  Yale University 
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12Title:  Die Psalmen Davids: nach den frantzösischen Weisen gesetzt   
 Alt. Title:  Bible. O.T. Psalms. German. Paraphrases. 1641. Opitz   
 Creator:  Opitz, Martin, 1597-1639 
 Publication:  Gedruckt vnd verlegt durch Andream Hünefeldt Buchhändler, Dantzigk, 1637. 
 Notes:  With an added engraved t.p. Includes music. Signatures: (:)⁸ A-2C⁸. 
 Extent:  [16], 416 p. : music ; 17 cm. (8vo) 
 Subjects:  Annotations (Provenance) 17th century

Collection:  Yale University 
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13Title:  Tragedia   
 Creator:  Baroncini, Giuseppe. | Bottrigari, Ercole, 1531-1612 
 Publication:  Ercole Bottrigari], In Bologna, MDXLVI [1546] 
 Notes:  Errata on leaf H2. "In Bologna dil piacer mio, MDXLVI [1546]"--Colophon. Signatures: A⁶ B-G⁴ H². 
 Extent:  [64] p. ; 16 cm. 
 Subjects:  Annotations (Provenance) 17th century

Collection:  Yale University 
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14Title:  Les essais de Michel seigneur de Montaigne   
 Creator:  Montaigne, Michel de, 1533-1592 | Blageart, Michel, fl. 1631-1649 
 Publication:  Chez Michel Blageart, A Paris, MDCXL [1640] 
 Notes:  Signatures: ā⁶ A-Ppp⁶ Qqq-Ttt⁴. Title in red and black; title vignette (portrait of Montaigne framed by design with laurel crown held by two angels). Error in foliation: leaf 3R₂ erroneously signed as 3Q₂. Errors in paging: nos. 202-203, 208, 230, 284, 328, 389, 395-396, 407, 453, 457, 494, 515, 597, 695, 716 misprinted as 102-103, 210, 229, 288, 338, 379, 394-395, 404, 451, 461, 492, 513, 598, 694, 756, respectively. In the Beinecke Library copy, 328 and 407 are correctly signed. Head- and tailpieces; initials. Includes bibliographical references and index. 
 Extent:  [12], 750, [14] p. ; 35 cm. (fol.) 
 Subjects:  Annotations (Provenance) 17th century

Collection:  Yale University 
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15Title:  Tablas chronologicas, en qve se contienen los svcessos eclesiasticos, y seculares de España, Africa, Indias Orientales, y Occidentales, desde su principio, hasta el año 1642. de la reparacion humana: Con los catalogos de los pontifices, emperadores, reyes, y principes del vniverso; virreyes de Indias; generales de flotas, y armadas; varones illustres en letras, y armas: observaciones curiosas de historia antigua, y moderna   
 Creator:  Clemente, Claudio, 1594?-1642 or 1643 | Miguel, Vicente José, 1670-1700 | Raynaud, Théophile, 1583-1663 | Labbe, Philippe, 1607-1667 | Dormer, Diego José, -1705 
 Publication:  Impr. de I. de Bordazar, Valencia, 1689. 
 Notes:  "Las dos primeras [tablas] son de ... Theophilo Raynaudo, y Felipe Labè ... añadidas vnas, y otras, como se notò en la prefacion, por el doctor Don Diego Joseph Dormer." 
 Extent:  275 pages 20 cm 
 Subjects:  Chronology, Historical | Annotations (Provenance) 17th century

Collection:  Yale University 
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16Title:  La gverra d'Atila, flagello di Dio: tratta dall'Archiuo de i Prencipi d'Este   
 Creator:  Thomasof Aquileia | Barbieri, Giammaria, 1519-1574 | Casola, Nicola da, active 1358 | Pigna, Giovan Battista, 1529-1575 | Rossi, Francesco de', 1503-approximately 1574 | Freeman, Arthur, 1938- | Freeman, Janet Ing | Bibliotheca Fictiva: The Arthur & Janet Freeman Collection of Literary & Historical Forgery 
 Publication:  Per Francesco de' Rossi da Valenza, In Ferrara, MDLXVIII [1568] 
 Notes:  First edition. Edited by Giovanni Maria Barbieri. According to Barbieri's preface, this is an abridgement and translation of Nicola da Casola's Provenðcal version of a Latin chronicle by Tomaso d'Aquileia. According to BM, Thomas d'Aquileia is otherwise unknown and probably apochryphal. Brunet states that, according to Haym, the work was actually written pseudonymously by Jean-Baptiste Pigna. Imprint from colophon. Signatures: [A]p4 sB-2Ip4 s*p2s. Errata: verso of last leaf. Includes index. Engraved initials. This first edition of Casola's Provenðcal mid-14th century verse epic is here in Barbieri's prose version. Barbieri (1519-1574) pioneered Provenðcal studies, when only ancient languages occupied serious philologists. To elevate Casola's Romanic vernacular text in the scholarly community, Barbieri falsely attributed the work to an apocryphal 5th-century chronicler, Thomas de Aquileia, whose supposed Latin original "inspired" Casola. The forgery remained unquestioned to the late 18th century. The editio princeps of Casola appeared in 1941, based on the manuscript Barbieri used here (Modena, Bibl. Estense W. 8, 16-17). His own manuscrips are a valuable resource for modern research in the field. 
 Extent:  [1] blank leaf, 127, [3] leaves, [1] blank leaf ; 22 cm. (4to) 
 Subjects:  Attila, -- -453 -- Early works to 1800 | Annotations (Provenance) 17th century

Collection:  Johns Hopkins University Library 
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17Title:  The Bible, that is, the Holy Scriptures contained in the Old & New Testament   
 Alt. Title:  Bible. English. Geneva. 1607   
 Creator:  Barker, Robert, -1645 | Gilby, Anthony, approximately 1510-1585 | Hole, William, -1624 | Junius, Franciscus, 1545-1602 | Sampson, Thomas, 1517?-1589 | Tomson, Laurence, 1539-1608 | Whittingham, William, -1579 
 Notes:  The Geneva version of the Old Testament, translated by William Whittingham, Anthony Gilby, Thomas Sampson, and perhaps others, with Laurence Tomson's revision of the Geneva version of the New Testament and his translation of Franciscus Junius' translation of Revelation. Title within ornamental architectural border. The title page is engraved and signed "Guilielmus Hole fecit"; at foot: Cum privilegio. Colophon: Imprinted at London by Robert Barker, printer to the Kings Most Excellent Maiestie. 1607. Numerous errors in foliation. New Testament has special title page only: The New Testament of Ovr Lord Iesus Christ, translated out of Greeke by Theod. Beza. Wherevnto are adioyned briefe summaries of doctrine vpon the Euangelists and Acts of the apostles ... by the said Theod. Beza. And also short expositions on the phrases and hard places, taken out of the large annotations of the foresaid author and Ioach. Camerarius, by P. Lo. Villerius. Englished by L. Tomson. Together with the annotations of Fr. Ivnivs vpon the Reuelation of St. Iohn ... "Another edition of Tomson's Genevan Bible as printed in 1599"--Brit. mus. Catalogue. Signatures: [par.]⁴ A-3L⁶ 3M-3O⁸ 3P-5E⁶ 5F⁴. Includes indexes. 
 Extent:  [4], 294, 294-299, 301-361, [1], 359-362, 361-444, 135, [7] leaves : illustrations (woodcuts), maps ; 33 cm (fol.) 
 Subjects:  Annotations (Provenance) 17th century | Manuscript waste (Binding)

Collection:  Yale University 
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18Title:  Summa bullarij earumue Summorum Pontificum constitutionum: quae ad communem Ecclesiae vsum ... emanarunt   
 Creator:  Quaranta, Stefano | Agostino, Prospero d'. | Giunta, Bernardo, active 1567-1627 | Catholic Church Pope (1605-1621 : Paul V) 
 Publication:  Apud Iuntas, Venetiis, MDCXVI [1616] 
 Notes:  Signatures: [superscript pi]A⁴, A-2K⁸ (2K8v blank). 
 Extent:  [8], 527, [1] pages ; 22 cm (4to) 
 Subjects:  Bulls, Papal -- Early works to 1800 | Annotations (Provenance) 17th century

Collection:  Yale University 
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19Title:  Rime del sig. Numidio Paluzzi   
 Alt. Title:  Poems. Selections   
 Creator:  Paluzzi, Numidio. | Berardelli, Alessandro. 
 Publication:  dal Ciotti, In Venetia, 1626. 
 Notes:  Engraved t.p. Dedication signed: Alessandro Berardelli. Signatures: A-F¹² (F12 blank). 
 Extent:  [12], 130, [2] p. ; 14 cm. (12mo) 
 Subjects:  Corboli, S. Autograph | Annotations (Provenance) 17th century

Collection:  Yale University 
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20Title:  D. Aegidii Strauchii, prof. Antehac Witt. Astrognosia, synoptice et methodice in usum gymnaiorum & academiarum adornata: addita sunt Asterismorum et planetarum schemata, Aereis Laminis expressa   
 Creator:  Strauch, Aegidius, 1632-1682 
 Publication:  Impensis D.J.A. Quenstedt, et Christiani Heinr. Schumacheri, typis Christiani Fincelii, Wittemberg, anno 1684. 
 Notes:  Title in red and black, fore-edge folds. Engraved astronomical plates bound in at end. References to plates appear parenthetically in text. Signatures: )(⁴ A-H¹² I⁸. 
 Extent:  [10], 208 p., XXXV, [1] leaves of plates : ill. ; 15 cm (12mo) 
 Subjects:  Astronomy -- Early works to 1800 | Annotations (Provenance) 17th century

Collection:  Yale University 
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