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The Consortium invites scholars to join our topical working groups for challenging and collegial discussion of interesting publications in their fields and of each others’ works-in-progress.

Each group meets monthly. All interested scholars are welcome to participate via online video conferencing.

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Upcoming Meetings

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Thursday, June 2, 2022 12:00 pm EDT

Join us for an amazing Lightning Round followed by Q&A session.
. Angélica Márquez Osuna (Harvard University): "Improving the Hive House: Technology and Beekeping in the Nineteenth-Century Yucatán Peninsula"
. Jorge Laris (El Colegio de México): "El mercurio y la revolución permanente de las ciencias en la modernidad temprana" 
. Tamara Araya Fuentes (Casa Oswaldo Cruz/Fiocruz): "Esclavitud y enfermedad en el Chile tardío colonial"

Friday, June 3, 2022 12:00 pm EDT

James Elkins and Erna Fiorentini, authors of Visual Worlds: Looking, Images, Visual Disciplines, will be joining us on June 3rd at 12:00pm EDT to discuss their recently published textbook. This is a rich resource for anyone researching or teaching visual culture, covering topics such as animal vision, Theories of the Gaze, Wunderkammer Projects, Battlefield visualizations, Neuronavigation and Operational Images, and much, much more.

Thursday, June 9, 2022 10:00 am EDT

Melanie Boehi (University of the Witwatersrand), Phakamani m’Africa Xaba (Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden), and Luciano Concheiro San Vicente (The National Autonomous University of Mexico): Reimagining Botanical Gardens and Urban Parks in a Time of Crisis

Friday, June 10, 2022 11:00 am EDT

Yan Liu (University at Buffalo, SUNY)
“Scent from Afar: A Transcultural History of Aromatics in Medieval China”
Comment by William Tullett (Anglia Ruskin University)

Friday, June 10, 2022 1:00 pm EDT

Guest: Dr. Sarah Fuchs. Assistant Professor of Music History and Cultures (Syracuse University)
Reading TBA!

Friday, June 10, 2022 4:00 pm EDT

Maria John (Assistant Professor of History and Director of the Native American and Indigenous Studies Program, University of Massachusetts Boston), "Whose Responsibility? Federal Government Policy and the (Mis)management of Indigenous Healthcare, 1950–1970” 
Comment by Tess Lanzarotta, Postdoctoral Fellow, Science and Human Culture Program, Northwestern University

Friday, June 17, 2022 12:00 pm EDT

Guest: Gustavo Caponi, Federal University of Santa Catarina, Santa Catarina (SC), Brazil. 
Title of the presentation: "Georges Cuvier e Étienne Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire em On the Origin Of Species"
Reading: "CAPONI, 2022 _ Cuvier and Geoffroy in On the Origin of Species".  (The text is attached)

Monday, June 20, 2022 10:00 am EDT

Speaker: Dr Ranee Prakash, Senior Curator - Flowering Plants, Dept of Life Sciences. Natural History Museum, London
Title: Ethnobotanical insights from an historical herbarium: the Samuel Browne collections from Early Modern India
Abstract: TBA

Tuesday, June 21, 2022 2:00 pm EDT

"Teaching Ocean History"
Join us as a panel of historians discuss their experiences teaching the history of oceans to students in various academic contexts. We will also precirculate their syllabi for discussion.
Helen Rozwadowski (University of Connecticut, Avery Point)
Samantha Muka (Stevens Institute of Technology)
Jonathan Galka (Harvard University) 
Jack Bouchard (Rutgers University)

Thursday, June 23, 2022 1:00 pm EDT

Thursday, 6/23/22, 1:00pm-2:30pm EDT

#1-Yohad Zacaria, University of Chile.  "Urban, environmental, and technological impact of electrification in Chile, 19th and 20th centuries"
#2-Lucas Erichsen. TBA


Friday, June 24, 2022 12:00 pm EDT

Elise Burton (University of Toronto), "A Lexicon of Science"

Thursday, July 14, 2022 10:00 am EDT

Maxmillian J Chuhila (University of Dar es Salaam): Green Imperialism and Biomedical Campaigns in Colonial Tanganyika

Friday, July 15, 2022 12:00 pm EDT

Guest: Marius Turda, Oxford Brookes University, UK.
Title of the presentation: “We are not alone”: Legacies of Eugenics"
Reading: Text will be attached soon.

Tuesday, July 19, 2022 2:00 pm EDT

"Oceans in Museums"
Join us as a panel of museum professionals share their favorite objects and collections, discuss the challenges of curating ocean exhibits, and share resources for researchers. 

Friday, August 19, 2022 12:00 pm EDT

Guest: Marcelo Lima Loreto, PhD at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Research Fellow at CHSTM, US.
Title of the presentation: "Repercussions of Lysenkoism in Brazil [Manuscript of the book]"
Reading: Text will be attached soon. Doctoral thesis can be accessed here.

Friday, September 9, 2022 11:00 am EDT

Daniel Trambaiolo (Hong Kong University)
“Manufacturing and Marketing Medicines in Tokugawa Japan”
Comment by Yan Liu (University at Buffalo, SUNY)

Friday, September 16, 2022 12:00 pm EDT


Friday, October 14, 2022 11:00 am EDT

Lavinia Maddaluno (Ca’ Foscari, University of Venice)
“Water Management and Public Health in Spanish Milan”

Friday, October 21, 2022 12:00 pm EDT

Pamela Block (Stony Brook University, New York, US)
Richard Scotch (University of Texas at Dallas, US)
Allison C. Carey (Shippensburg University, PA, US)
Title of the presentation: "Allies and Obstacles: Disability Activism and Parents of Children with Disabilities"

Friday, November 11, 2022 11:00 am EST

Ben Breen (University of California, Santa Cruz)
"Colonial Magic and Spaces of Healing in the Seventeenth Century"
Comment by Philippa Carter (University of Cambridge)

Friday, November 18, 2022 12:00 pm EST

Guest: Thomas F. Glick, Professor of History, Emeritus, at Boston University, US. 
Personal website:
Title of the presentation: "Darwin and Darwinism in Uruguay”
Reading: Text will be attached soon.

Friday, December 9, 2022 11:00 am EST

Meredith Gamer (Columbia University)
“William Hunter's Bedside Manner”

Friday, December 16, 2022 12:00 pm EST

Guest: Henrique Caldeira, PhD candidate, Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil.
Title of the presentation: "The Creation-Evolution Controversy in Brazil (1960-1990)"
Reading: Text will be attached soon.

Friday, February 17, 2023 12:00 pm EST

Guest: Jorge Quetzal Argueta Prado, México. [Still to be confirmed]
Title of the presentation: The title will be announced soon.
Reading: Text will be attached soon.