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1Title:  William Paul Wreden collection, 1772-1918 (inclusive)   
 Creator:  Wreden, William P. 
 Notes:  The collection consists of approximately two hundred letters and several other documents, most signed by English political figures and authors of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. 
 Extent:  .25 linear ft. 
 Subjects:  Europe | Great Britain | Autographs (manuscripts)

Collection:  Yale University 
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2Title:  Ralph B. Little collection, 1861-1965 (inclusive)   
 Creator:  Little, Ralph Bulkley 
 Notes:  Autograph collection of Ralph B. Little, containing prints and letters of American presidents and other public figures. 
 Extent:  .25 linear ft. 
 Subjects:  United States -- Politics and government | Autographs (manuscripts)

Collection:  Yale University 
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3Title:  Facsimiles of autographs and of famous documents collection, 1860-1934 (inclusive)   
 Notes:  Facsimiles of autographs and of famous documents in either printed or photostatic copies. Principal items are the Declaration of Independence, with autograph letters of the signers; the Constitution of the United States; the Emancipation Proclamation; and autographs of the founders of the Republic of Mexico. 
 Extent:  2.5 linear ft. 
 Subjects:  Mexico | United States | Autographs (manuscripts)

Collection:  Yale University 
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4Title:  Catherine Dickey autograph collection, 1756-1973 (inclusive)   
 Creator:  Dickey, Catherine 
 Notes:  The collection, compiled by Catherine Colt Dickey (Mrs. Charles D. Dickey), includes autographs of United States presidents, signers of the Declaration of Independence, government officials, military figures, industrialists, educators, explorers, authors, and other well known persons in public life. Autographs appear on various mediums: letters; postcards; photographs; handwritten and printed documents; and small blank cards specifically designed to solely capture signatures. 
 Extent:  3 linear feet. 
 Subjects:  Dickey, Catherine | United States -- Politics and government | Autographs (manuscripts)

Collection:  Yale University 
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5Title:  Diary from a Maine island vacation home, 1916-1935   
 Notes:  Diary and guest book that was kept at a summer home on a Maine island in the vicinity of Bar Harbor and the surrounding islands of Acadia National Park. The entries are anonymously written by the owner or renter who is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Recorded in the volume are the seasonal opening and closing of a summer home on an unnamed island beginning in 1916 and ending in 1935. The first entries for each year are usually in July with the last entry written in September. Autographs and lists of people who stayed and dined at the home have been recorded, including the autographs of Leopold Stokowski, Mildred (Yarnall) Garrison, Frank W. Garrison, and Leopold Seyffert. Short entries include the coming and goings of families vacationing on surrounding islands whose names are signed or mentioned in the diary. In some cases there are entries by house guests. They include the Yarnall family, the Gibbon family, and the Pepper family. Numerous entries include the islands that were encountered by sailboat or canoe. Places of note include Bartlett Island, Black Island, Hardwood Island, Sutton Island, and Blue Hill. Walking on trails, picnicking, and the weather are also written in the journal. 
 Extent:  1 
 Subjects:  Islands -- Maine -- Social life and customs -- 20th century | Diaries | Autographs (manuscripts) | Visitors' books | Manuscripts, American -- 20th century

Collection:  University of Pennsylvania 
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6Title:  Francis Campbell Macauley autograph collection and vocabulary notebooks, 1479-1896   
 Creator:  Macauley, Francis Campbell, died 1896 
 Notes:  The collection comprises the autographed manuscripts of various literary, political, and intellectual figures from the 15th to 19th centuries collected by Francis Campbell Macauley, as well as five vocabulary notebooks on the dialect of Nice compiled by him. The collection is accordingly divided into two series. The first consists of sundry manuscripts, mostly letters, but also a few clippings, poems, and other documents, featuring individual autographs. The autographs are arranged alphabetically. The second series comprises the vocabulary notebooks, which were completed before Macauley's donation of the complete collection to the University of Pennsylvania in 1896. Highlights of the collection include autographs of U.S. presidents James Buchanan, Millard Fillmore, Thomas Jefferson, and Martin Van Buren; founding father and financier Robert Morris; Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Roger B. Taney; Italian Renaissance poet Ludovico Ariosto; and French author Alexandre Dumas. Also present are several documents pertaining to events in the career of Charles Stewart McCauley, an American naval officer of the War of 1812 and the Civil War, and several letters of American naval hero Charles Stewart; both ancestors of Francis Campbell Macauley. This collection includes items that may be of incidental interest to a variety of researchers, in particular those interested in Italian literary and intellectual figures from the 15th through 19th centuries and French dialects. 
 Extent:  2 (.6 
 Subjects:  Autographs -- Collections | French language -- Dialects -- France | Manuscripts, American -- 19th century | Autographs (manuscripts) | Etymological dictionaries

Collection:  University of Pennsylvania 
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7Title:  Kenneth Walter Cameron collection, 1753-1947   
 Creator:  Cameron, Kenneth Walter, 1908-2006 
 Notes:  Collection includes: official seals of the United States, Canadian provinces, and the British Empire, primarily on letters from government officials laid into five scrapbooks; several magazines and an atlas of Canada; chart of Scottish clans and coats of arms; wax seals of Jersey (Channel Islands), Guernsey (Channel Islands), and Gambia Colony; collections of letters and autographs of literary, historical and church figures; zoology notebooks kept by Cameron while a student at West Virginia University; manuscript by Cameron entitled "The Channel Islands." 
 Extent:  7.1 
 Subjects:  Cameron, Kenneth Walter, -- 1908-2006 | Seals (Numismatics) | Channel Islands -- History | Autographs (manuscripts) | Scrapbooks | Seals

Collection:  Yale University 
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8Title:  Eda Rothstein Rapoport papers, [ca. 1915]-1968   
 Creator:  Rapoport, Eda Rothstein, 1890-1968 
 Notes:  The Eda Rapoport Papers are comprised primarily of music manuscripts authored by Rapoport, many of which are autographs. While most of the manuscripts are undated, they are accompanied by bound albums, which contain vinyl recordings of concerts given by Rapoport throughout her career. Most of the records are labeled according to the date and piece performed, and span between 1939 and 1966. The collection also features a small selection of printed music, originally intended for commercial distribution. The first series (original accession) also contains diaries of her musical life, 1932-1948, kept by her husband, Boris Rapoport. 
 Extent:  15.93 (24 11 1 
 Subjects:  Rapoport, Boris | Rapoport, Eda Rothstein, -- 1890-1968 | Jewish composers | Music | Women composers -- United States | Autographs (manuscripts) | Diaries | Scores | Sheet music | Sound recordings

Collection:  Columbia University 
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9Title:  Rawḍat al-adhhān fī maʻrifat tashrīḥ badan al-insān   
 Alt. Title:  Tashrīḥ-i Manṣūrī   
 Creator:  Manṣūr ibn Muḥammad ibn Aḥmad, active 14th century | Jalāl al-Dīn ibn Kālīḥār al-Daylamī, active 1524 | Muḥammad Riz̤ā, active 1860 | Schoenberg, Lawrence J. 
 Publication:  Persia], A.H. 813 (1411) 
 Notes:  Ms. codex. Copy, probably in the hand of the author, of an anatomy treatise originally written in 1396, with chapters on bones, nerves, veins, arteries and muscles, and complex organs. Some marginal notes. Title from title page (f. 1r). Collation: Paper, i (later endleaf) + 30 + i (later endleaf). Layout: Written in 20 long lines. Script: Written in naskh script, probably by the author. Decoration: Full-page anatomical diagrams of bones (f. 10r) and nerves (f. 15v); full-page color anatomical diagrams of veins (f. 19v), arteries (f. 21v), and complex organs including uterus with fetus (f. 30r); geometric diagrams in red ink (f. 6r, 6v); small diagram sketched in ink in margin (f. 5v); some words in red throughout. Binding: Later red leather, undecorated; stencilled pastedowns. Origin: Written in Persia in A.H. 813 (1411; colophon, f. 29). 
 Extent:  i, 30, i leaves : paper, illustrations ; 250 x 168 (184 x 105) mm. bound to 257 x 185 mm. 
 Subjects:  Human anatomy -- Early works to 1800 | Medicine, Persian -- Early works to 1800 | Manuscripts, Persian | Manuscripts, Arabic | Manuscripts, 15th century | Manuscripts, Renaissance | Codices (bound manuscripts) | Treatises | Diagrams | Autographs (manuscripts) | Codices

Collection:  University of Pennsylvania 
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10Title:  Beers family papers, 1777-1792   
 Creator:  Beers family. 
 Notes:  Journal, military papers, and financial records relating to the American Revolution as kept by Nathan Beers, paymaster and clothier of a Connecticut regiment. Also in the collection is a bill issued to Isaac Beers, and an autograph album (1860) with the signatures of Jefferson Davis, James Buchanan, William H. Seward and others. 
 Extent:  .5 linear ft. 
 Subjects:  Beers, Isaac, -- 1742?-1813 | Beers, Nathan, -- 1753-1849 | Beers family | Connecticut. -- Infantry. -- 9th Regiment, 1777-1781 | Families | Connecticut -- History -- Revolution, 1775-1783 | United States -- History -- Revolution, 1775-1783 | Autographs (manuscripts)

Collection:  Yale University 
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11Title:  Samuel Waldron Lambert papers, 1821-1939 (inclusive), 1923-1939 (bulk)   
 Creator:  Lambert, Samuel W. (Samuel Waldron), 1859-1942 
 Notes:  Chiefly correspondence relating to Lambert's activities concerning the Volstead Act and the Prohibition Amendment. Among his correspondents are Senator Hiram Bingham, Benjamin N. Cardozo, and Dr. Robert Lewis. Speeches, writings, newspaper clippings, and printed matter are also included in the papers. 
 Extent:  .75 linear ft. 
 Subjects:  Bingham, Hiram, -- 1875-1956 | Cardozo, Benjamin N. -- (Benjamin Nathan), -- 1870-1938 | Jumel, Eliza Bowen, -- 1775?-1865 | Lambert, Samuel W. -- (Samuel Waldron), -- 1859-1942 | Lambert, Samuel Waldron, -- 1897-1977 | Lewis, Robert, -- 1862-1939 | Yale College (1887- ). -- Class of 1919 | Yale University -- Students | Book collectors | Medicine | Prohibition | Scarlatina | Autographs (manuscripts)

Collection:  Yale University 
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12Title:  A brief sketch of the aeronautical career of Professor Thaddeus S.C. Lowe, scientist and inventor, 1917, August 9   
 Creator:  Lowe, Leon P. (Leon Percival), 1880-1930 
 Notes:  A brief history of T.S.C. Lowe from his study of meteorology to his position of chief of the Aeronautic Department during the U.S. Civil War and his invaluable service during the war using hot-air balloons for reconnaissance purposes. Included in this account is a mention of his later projects including a commercial hot-air ballon business, ice making and cold storage inventions, the wwater-gas process and finally the construction of the Mount Lowe Railway. Includes manuscript signature of T.S.C. Lowe in a small envelope mounted inside front cover, engraved portrait of T.S.C. Lowe, a photograph of note sent by President Lincoln regarding T.S.C. Lowe, two photographs of T.S.C. Lowe's reconnoiter balloon, and a newspaper clipping of Leon P. Lowe's obituary. 
 Extent:  1 MS. (typewritten: 11 pages); 29 cm 
 Subjects:  Lowe, Leon P. -- (Leon Percival), -- 1880-1930 | Lowe, T. S. C. -- (Thaddeus Sobieski Coulincourt), -- 1832-1913 | United States. -- Army -- Biography | Aeronautical engineers -- United States -- Biography | Balloonists -- United States -- Biography | Engineers -- United States -- Biography | Military engineers -- United States -- Biography | United States -- History -- Civil War, 1861-1865 -- Technology | Autographs (manuscripts) | Biographies (documents) | Black-and-white photographs

Collection:  Huntington Library 
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13Title:  Thompson Westcott scrapbooks of Charles Durang's history of Philadelphia theater between the years 1749 and 1855, 1868   
 Creator:  Durang, Charles. | Westcott, Thompson. 
 Notes:  Processing Information: Formerly Dewey 812 P54D. Durang's history of Philadelphia theater was published in the Sunday dispatch in three series, each bearing a different title: The Philadelphia stage: from 1749 to 1821 (first series, 75 installments published from May 7, 1854 to October 7, 1855); The Philadelphia stage from 1749 to 1855 (second series, 56 installments published from June 29, 1856 to August 2, 1857); and The Philadelphia stage from the year 1749 to the year 1855 (third series, 136 installments published from July 8, 1860 to April 19, 1863). The three series were distributed by Westcott among the six volumes so that each volume contains a similar number of pages. Volume I covers the years from 1749 to 1817-18; volume II from 1817-18 to 1826-27; volume III from 1826-27 to 1831-32; volume IV from 1831-32 to 1841-42; volume V from 1841-42 to 1849-50; and volume VI from 1849-50 to 1855. All the scrapbooks include page numbers, a handwritten index, and a list of portraits. Westcott inserted portraits and other images, as well as personal correspondence, playbills, and additional clippings relating to Durang's chapters, resulting in a remarkably thorough representation of the history of Philadelphia's theater history. The chronological order in which Durang presents the historical events, combined with the author's limited use of narrative flashbacks and flash-forwards, makes the indexes useful to locate any mention or image of a given figure or institution active or relevant in a specific period of time. Please see the container list for more detailed information on each volume. 
 Extent:  6 (2 
 Subjects:  Arch Street Theatre (Philadelphia, Pa.) | Chestnut Street Theatre (Philadelphia, Pa.) | Walnut Street Theatre (Philadelphia, Pa.) | Actors | Actors -- Portraits | Circus -- History | Drama -- History and criticism | Performing arts | Theater | Theater -- Pennsylvania -- Philadelphia -- 19th century | Theater -- United States -- History -- 19th century | Philadelphia (Pa.) -- History | Philadelphia (Pa.) -- Social life and customs | Manuscripts, American -- 19th century | Autographs (manuscripts) | Correspondence | Engravings (prints) | Albums (Books)

Collection:  University of Pennsylvania 
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14Title:  William Appleton Aiken papers, 1891-1971 (inclusive)   
 Creator:  Aiken, William Appleton, 1907-1957 
 Notes:  The papers consist of correspondence, writings, research materials, and autograph letters relating to the literary work of William Appleton Aiken on the life of Daniel Fitch, second Earl of Nottingham. Also included are Aiken's personal papers including his diaries as an army intelligence officer in the Middle East during World War II and an exhibition scrapbook prepared by the Overseas Branch of the Office of War Information. 
 Extent:  9.5 linear ft. 
 Subjects:  Aiken, William Appleton, -- 1907-1957 | Jackson, Stuart W. -- (Stuart Wells), -- 1875- | Moody, Paul D. -- (Paul Dwight), -- 1879-1947 | Notestein, Wallace, -- 1878-1969 | Nottingham, Daniel Finch, -- Earl of, -- 1647-1730 | Osler, A. May | Trevelyan, George Macaulay, -- 1876-1962 | Lehigh University -- Faculty | Military intelligence | World War, 1939-1945 -- Military intelligence | Europe | Great Britain -- Politics and government -- 18th century | Great Britain | Middle East | Autographs (manuscripts)

Collection:  Yale University 
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15Title:  Isaac Mann autograph collection, ca. 1750-1831   
 Creator:  Mann, Isaac, 1785-1831 
 Notes:  The collection consists of 86 documents, mostly letters, gathered by Mann for their signatures. Most of the individuals represented are clergymen or preachers, particularly Baptists, and include Abraham Booth, Christmas Evans, Samuel Kilpin, John Ryland, and Basil Woodd. 
 Extent:  0.50 
 Subjects:  Binney, Thomas, -- 1798-1874 -- Autograph | Booth, Abraham, -- 1734-1806 -- Autograph | Evans, Christmas, -- 1766-1838 -- Autograph | Gibbons, Thomas, -- 1720-1785 -- Autograph | Kilpin, S(Samuel), -- 1774-1830 -- Autograph | Mann, Isaac, -- 1785-1831 | Pearce, Samuel, -- 1766-1799 -- Autograph | Raffles, Thomas, -- 1788-1863 -- Autograph | Ryland, John, -- 1753-1825 -- Autograph | Stennett, Samuel, -- 1727-1795 -- Autograph | Woodd, Basil, -- 1760-1831 -- Autograph | Clergy -- England -- Autographs | Autographs (manuscripts)

Collection:  Yale University 
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17Title:  Bacon-Schneeloch family papers, 1875-1935 (inclusive)   
 Creator:  Bacon family. 
 Notes:  The papers consist of family correspondence, autograph albums, diaries, notebooks, financial records, photographs and memorabilia, principally of Leonard Woolsey Bacon, a physician, and of his first wife, Emma Waleska Schneeloch. The largest part of the papers is made up of Bacon's prescription books (1892-1937) containing diagnosis, prescriptions, and name, age and occupation for each patient. Also in the papers are the financial records of his practice (1907-1919) which, together with the prescription books, make an important record of the practice of medicine in New Haven in that period. In the family correspondence is a long series of letters (1886-1892) from Leonard Bacon to Emma Schneeloch during their courtship. Much of the correspondence is made up of letters from various members of the Bacon family who were opposed to the marriage. Emma Schneeloch sang with her sister, Emilie, with a band that traveled to the West in 1891. A diary kept by Emilie of this trip is in the papers. Also included are student papers from Vassar (ca. 1917-1921) and other memorabilia kept by Emma Waleska Bacon Evans, daughter of Leonard and Emma Bacon. 
 Extent:  6.5 linear ft. (9 boxes) 
 Subjects:  Bacon family | Bacon, Emma Waleska Schneeloch, -- 1862-1925 | Bacon, Leonard Woolsey, -- 1830-1907 | Bacon, Leonard Woolsey, -- 1865-1939 | Bacon, Susan Almira, -- 1869-1946 | Bacon, Susan Bacon, -- 1835-1887 | Busse, Emilie Auguste Schneeloch | Dwight, Timothy, -- 1828-1916 | Evans, Emma Waleska Bacon, -- 1897- | Evans, Waleska Bacon, -- 1923- | Schneeloch family | Schneeloch, Emilie Elisabeth Neumann | Courtship | Emigration and immigration | Families | Medicine -- Formulae, receipts, prescriptions | Medicine -- Connecticut -- New Haven | Music | Europe | Germany | New Haven (Conn.) | West (U.S.) | Autographs (manuscripts) | Diaries

Collection:  Yale University 
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18Title:  Joseph Spence papers, 1649-1859 (bulk 1739-1768)   
 Creator:  Spence, Joseph, 1699-1768 
 Notes:  The papers include correspondence, personal papers, notes and memoranda, and related papers. Much of the material concerns Spence's Anecdotes, including manuscripts of his notes on conversations with Alexander Pope, memoranda on Stephen Duck and other authors, and notes on Spence's reading. There are also extensive notes on English gardens, shorter writings by Spence, and drafts of works which appeared in his Moralities (1753, under the pseudonym of Sir Harry Beaumont). The correspondence principally concerns personal and business matters, including the settlement of Spence's estate. Series VIII, Derby Anecdotes (Oversize) contains a large paper extra-illustrated set of the Anecdotes (1820) with autograph documents bound in,including autographs of Eustace Budgell, Colley Cibber, William Congreve, George II, Charles Montagu, Earl of Halifax, David Mallet, Alexander Pope, Sir William Trumbull, and Joseph Warton. 
 Extent:  7.75 
 Subjects:  Budgell, Eustace, -- 1686-1737 -- Autograph | Cibber, Colley, -- 1671-1757 -- Autograph | Cocchi, Antonio, -- 1695-1758 | Congreve, William, -- 1670-1729 -- Autograph | Dodsley, James, -- 1724-1797 | Duck, Stephen, -- 1705-1756 | Lawman, Mary | Lee, Harry, -- 1721-1789 | Lowth, Robert, -- 1710-1787 | Mallet, David, -- 1705?-1765 -- Autograph | Halifax, Charles Montagu, -- Earl of, -- 1661-1715 -- Autograph | Pope, Alexander, -- 1688-1744 | Richardson, Samuel, -- 1689-1761 | Ridley, Glocester, -- 1702-1774 | Rolle, Edward, -- 1703-1791 | Spence, Joseph, -- 1699-1768 | Trumbull, William, -- Sir, -- 1639-1716 -- Autograph | Warton, Joseph, -- 1722-1800 -- Autograph | Authors, English | English literature -- Anecdotes | English literature -- 18th century | Gardens -- England -- Design | Gardens, English -- Design | Literature -- Anecdotes | Europe -- Description and travel -- Early works to 1800 | Europe -- Description and travel | Great Britain -- Intellectual life -- 18th century | Autographs (manuscripts)

Collection:  Yale University 
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19Title:  Pierce-Dahlgren-Vinton family papers, 1792-1936 (inclusive)   
 Creator:  Pierce family. 
 Notes:  The principal figure in these papers is Sarah Madeleine Vinton Dahlgren, whose daughter, Ulrica Dahlgren married Josiah Pierce (1861-1902). More than half the papers consists of family correspondence chiefly for the years 1824-1873. Also in included are sketchbooks, memoirs, genealogical materials, account books, legal records and autographs of Civil War generals and admirals. 
 Extent:  7.25 linear ft. 
 Subjects:  Bureau, John Peter Romaine, -- 1770-1854 | Dahlgren family | Dahlgren, John Adolphus Bernard, -- 1809-1870 | Dahlgren, Madeleine Vinton, -- 1825-1898 | Dahlgren, Ulric, -- 1842-1864 | Goddard, Daniel Convers, -- 1822-1852 | Pierce family | Pierce, Eliza West, -- 1859-1877 | Pierce, Eliza, -- 1838-1879 | Pierce, Evelina Lewis, -- 1795-1870 | Pierce, Franklin, -- 1804-1869 | Pierce, George Washington, -- 1836-1910 | Pierce, Josiah, -- 1792-1866 | Pierce, Josiah, -- 1827-1913 | Pierce, Josiah, -- 1861-1902 | Pierce, Lewis, -- b. 1832 | Pierce, Martha Derby Lander, -- 1834-1873 | Vinton family | Vinton, Romaine Madeleine Bureau, -- 1802-1831 | Vinton, Samuel Finley, -- 1792-1862 | Armed Forces | Courtship | Engineering | Families | Women | Europe | Ohio -- Description and travel | Saint Petersburg (Russia) -- Description and travel | Soviet Union | United States -- History -- Civil War, 1861-1865 | Washington (D.C.) -- Social life and customs | Account books | Autobiographies (documents) | Autographs (manuscripts) | Diaries

Collection:  Yale University 
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20Title:  Morris Tyler family collection of John James Audubon, 1697-1982 (bulk 1820-1855)   
 Creator:  Audubon, John James, 1785-1851 
 Notes:  The Morris Tyler Family Collection of John James Audubon consists of correspondence of John James Audubon and members of his family, third party correspondence that relates to Audubon and his work, manuscripts by Audubon and others, and a small amount of family papers. Also included are research files about Audubon compiled by the Morris Tyler family, descendants of Audubon, and a nineteenth century autograph collection presumably amassed by a family member. The John James Audubon component of the collection includes correspondence among family members; letters by and to others including many naturalists and ornithologists; and third party correspondence that relates to Audubon including numerous letters of introduction written on his behalf. The bulk of the correspondence dates from the late 1820s through the 1840s when Audubon was producing and promoting Birds of America and working on The Viviparous Quadrupeds of North America. Much of the correspondence concerns these ventures. There is extensive manuscript material for The Viviparous Quadrupeds of North America in the collection and lesser amounts for Ornithological Biography, as well as several manuscripts by family members and others that relate to Audubon and his work. Family papers include legal and financial materials, maps and floor plans, and printed items. The autograph collection includes letters and documents signed by U. S. Presidents, military officials, cabinet officers, governors, authors, college presidents, and other prominent nineteenth century figures. Included in the autograph collection are groups of letters to several nineteenth century booksellers and publishers. 
 Extent:  12.3 linear ft. (19 boxes) 
 Subjects:  Abert, John James, -- 1788-1863 | Audubon family | Audubon, John James, -- 1785-1851 | Audubon, John Woodhouse, -- 1812-1862 | Audubon, Lucy Green Bakewell, -- 1788-1874 | Audubon, Victor Gifford, -- 1809-1860 | Bachman, John, -- 1790-1874 | Baird, Spencer Fullerton, -- 1823-1887 | Bakewell, Thomas Woodhouse, -- 1861-1909 | Bakewell, William Gifford | Bonaparte, Charles Lucian, -- 1803-1857 | Clay, Henry, -- 1777-1852 | Fleming, William, -- 1791-1866 | Harlan, Richard, -- 1796-1843 | Harris, Edward, -- 1799-1863 | Havell, Robert, -- 1793-1878 | Heppenstall, Rayner, -- 1911-1981 | Howe, Hezekiah, -- 1775-1838 | Kidd, John Bartholomew | Morton, Samuel George, -- 1799-1851 | James Munroe and Company | Smith, English & Co | Birds -- North America | Booksellers and bookselling -- Connecticut -- New Haven | Mammals -- United States | Natural history -- United States | Ornithologists -- United States | Publishers and publishing -- Connecticut -- New Haven | Publishers and publishing -- Massachusetts -- Boston | Publishers and publishing -- Pennsylvania -- Philadelphia | Wildlife artists -- United States | Autographs (manuscripts) | Scrapbooks

Collection:  Yale University 
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