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1Title:  [Book of hours, use of Rome, prayerbook of Margaret of Croy]   
 Alt. Title:  Book of hours   
 Creator:  Catholic Church | Margaretof Croy, active 1450 | Newberry Library Manuscript. Case MS 56. 
 Publication:  Flanders, Netherlands, [1430]-[1450] 
 Notes:  Manuscript codex. Title from printed catalog. Collation: Parchment, fol. 1 + 212 + 1 leaves; 1-2⁶ 3⁸(-1 unidentified leaf) 4⁴ 5-14⁸ 15⁵(+5, 16th century?) 16-28⁸ 29² (2 is pastedown). Layout: Written in 19 long lines; ruled in violet ink with change in shade beginning on fol. 109r; calendar ruled for 33 lines; prickings visible in outer margins. Script: Written in gothic textualis quadrata media by two hands. 1. Decoration: Six inserted full-page miniatures, of which five are in the style of Otto von Mordrecht, accompanied by full rinceaux border with floral decoration: fol. 7r (the kiss of Judas, rabbit in outer margin, bird in lower margin); fol. 8r (Christ before Pilate); fol. 9r (the scourging of Christ); fol. 10r (Christ bearing the Cross); fol. 11r (Descent from the Cross, by another artist, bird in upper margin, dog in lower margin, fantastic bird with a human head in outer margin); fol. 12r (the Entombment); fol. 13r (not inserted bu with similar border decoration, the Coronation of the Virgin; above, an angel blowing a horn bearing a pennant with the five wounds of Christ, a fantastic animal in the upper margin, a centaur in the lower margin blowing a horn bearing a pennant with a white cross on a red ground, another centaur in the outer margin). 2. Decoration: Thirteen half-page miniatures by at least two artists accompanied by full rinceaux borders of a different style, fantastic creatures of various sorts and blue initials on grounds of gold and magenta: fol. 20v (the Crucifixion with Mary and John); fol. 22r (Pentecost); fol. 24r (the Annunciation); fol. 36r (the Visitation); fol. 43v (the Nativity); fol. 47 (the Anninciation to the Shepherds in the Field); fol. 50r (the Adoration of the Magi); fol. 53r (the Massacre of the Innocents); fol. 56r (the Presentation in the Temple); fol. 61r (the Flight into Egypt); fol. 65r (Death of the Virgin; Peter dressed as a Dominican); fol. 71r (King David in prayer, a harp at his side); fol. 83r (funeral scene in a church, two black monks in attendance). 3. Decoration: Two half-page miniatures accompanied by full acanthus spray margins, magenta initials on gold grounds: fol. 109r (Gnadenstuhl Trinity, a centaur in outer margin, a fantastic dragon-bird in lower margin); fol. 151r (Margaret of Croy kneeling befire the Pietà). 4. Decoration: Thirty-eight blue and magenta historiated initials on gold grounds 5 lines high: fol. 174v (Michael, John the Baptist); fol. 175r (Peter); fol. 175v (Paul); fol. 176r (Andrew, John the Evangelist); fol. 176v (James); fol. 177r (all apostles, Stephen); fol. 177v (Lawrence); fol. 178r (Cornelius, George); fol. 178v (Christopher); fol. 179r (Quirinus, Sebastian); fol. 179v (Erasmus); fol. 180r (the ten thousand martyrs); fol. 180v (all martyrs, Martin); fol. 181r (Anthony the Abbot); fol. 181v (Theoboldus, Nicholas); fol. 182r (Francis in a brown habit); fol. 182v (Hubert, all confessors, in the front row, a Franciscan friar in a brown habit); fol. 183r (Mary Magdalene); fol. 183v (Catherine, Barbara); fol. 184r (Agnes); fol. 184v (Apollonia); fol. 185r (Margaret, Elizabeth); fol. 185v (Ursula with her cloak above the eleven thousand virgins); fol. 186r (Cunera); fol. 186v (Dorothy, all virgins); fol. 187r (All Saints); fol. 187v (Sebastian). 5. Decoration: fol. 1r-107r, gold dentelle initials with white patterning on grounds of blue and magenta with pieces of floral decoration mark sections of text; within text, alternating blue initials with red flourishs and gold initials with black flourishs; fol. 109r-211r, blue and magenta dentelle initials with white patterning on gold grounds 4 lines high with pieces of rinceaux border mark beginnings of major texts; gold dentelle initials with white patterning on grounds of blue and magenta mark shorter texts; gold initials with red flourishes within texts. Origin: Original manuscript (fol. 1-6 and 13-107) written in Flanders, probably in Bruges, approximately 1430; inserted miniatures on fol. 7-12 resemble those produced in Utrecht approximately 1430; fol. 109-221, added approximately 1450, probably in Utrecht, presence of Cornelius and Cunera in the suffrages; this section added for Margaret of Croy, daughter of Antonoie of Croy (1385-1475), wife of Henry of Montfort (Holland). 
 Extent:  212 leaves : parchment, illustrations ; 179 x 129 (105 x 70) mm 
 Subjects:  Catholic Church -- Prayers and devotions -- Early works to 1800 | Catholic Church -- Liturgy -- Texts -- Early works to 1800 | Books of hours -- Belgium | Books of hours -- Netherlands | Manuscripts, Latin (Medieval and modern) | Illuminated manuscripts Belgium Bruges 1430 | Illuminated manuscripts Netherlands Utrecht 1450 | Textura (Gothic script) Belgium Bruges 1430 | Textura (Gothic script) Netherlands Utrecht 1450 | Devotional literature Belgium Bruges 1430 | Devotional literature Netherlands Utrecht 1450 | Belgium 1430 Manuscripts | Netherlands 1450 Manuscripts

Collection:  Newberry Library 
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