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1Title:  The novels and miscellaneous works of Daniel De Foe   
 Creator:  Defoe, Daniel, 1661?-1731 
 Publication:  Henry G. Bohn, York Street, Covent Garden, London, 1855. 
 Notes:  "London: Printed by John Smith and Co., 52, Long Acre."--half-title verso. With reproductions of original title pages. Publisher's advertisements on paste-down and free endpapers. 
 Extent:  viii, 502 p. ; 19 cm. 
 Subjects:  Bookplates (Provenance) | Bookplates (Provenance)

Collection:  Library Company 
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2Title:  Biblia Sacra ex Sebastiani Castellionis interpretatione et postrema recognitione: Praeter diss. C. Wollii de eo quod pulchrum est in hac versione iam accesserunt notae ex margine subiectae chartae geographicae et Templi Salominis delineatio. Versionem ex primis edd. emendavit et praefatus est Io. Ludolph. Bunemann. Reg. Biblioth. et Gymn. Mind. Rector. Cum privil. potentiss. pol. reg. et elect. sax   
 Alt. Title:  Bible. Latin. Castellion. 1734   
 Creator:  Castellion, Sébastien, 1515-1563 | Wolle, Christoph, 1700-1761 | Bünemann, Johann Ludolph, 1687-1759 
 Publication:  Apud Samuelem Beniamin. Walther, Lipsiae, 1734. 
 Notes:  Signatures: [pi1] a-b€ cß A-3X€ 3Y♯ (2T4 missigned Tt3) a-r€ s¡ (f3 and r3 missigned e3 and r5) )(♯ A-V€ X♯ [Y1] ([Y1] verso blank). Not in Darlow & Moule. "Adnotationes Bibliorum Sacrorum ..."--[8], 328 p. at end, with separate t.p. dated 1729. "Corrigenda."--p. [329] at end. 
 Extent:  [2], 45, [1], 1080, 284, [8], 328, [2] p., [4] leaves of plates (3 folded) : ill., maps, port. ; 19 cm. (8vo) 
 Subjects:  Bookplates (Provenance) | Bookplates (Provenance)

Collection:  Library Company 
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3Title:  The quadroone; or, St. Michael's day   
 Creator:  Ingraham, J. H. (Joseph Holt), 1809-1860 
 Publication:  Harper & Brothers, 82 Cliff-Street, New-York, 1841. 
 Notes:  "Dedicatory epistle to M.M. Noah, Esq." signed: J.H. Ingraham. Copyright 1840 by Harper & Brothers. 
 Extent:  2 v. ; 19 cm. 
 Subjects:  Fiction 1841 | Bookplates (Provenance) | Bookplates (Provenance)

Collection:  Library Company 
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4Title:  The constitution of man considered in relation to external objects   
 Creator:  Combe, George, 1788-1858 | Warne, Joseph A. (Joseph Andrews), 1795-1881 
 Publication:  Published by William D. Ticknor. Corner of Washington and School Streets, Boston, 1838. 
 Notes:  With a half-title. Copyright 1835 by William D. Ticknor. "Stereotyped by T.G. Wells & Co. Boston."--verso t.p. Includes index. 
 Extent:  xii, 412 p. ; 20 cm. 
 Subjects:  Phrenology | Human beings | Bookplates (Provenance) | Bookplates (Provenance)

Collection:  Library Company 
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5Title:  The history of France   
 Creator:  Crowe, Eyre Evans, 1799-1868 | Lardner, Dionysius, 1793-1859 
 Publication:  Carey & Lea--Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, 1831. 
 Notes:  Series t.p. has title: The Cabinet of history. Conducted by the Rev. Dionysius Lardner, ... assisted by eminent literary men. The History of Frence, by Eyre Evans Crowe. Vol. I. Signatures: [A]¡ B-U¡ V¡ W¡ X-Z¡ (Z6 blank). 
 Extent:  298 p. ; 19 cm. (12mo) 
 Subjects:  France -- History | Bookplates (Provenance) | Bookplates (Provenance)

Collection:  Library Company 
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6Title:  Horace his ode to Venus. Lib. IV. Ode I   
 Creator:  Pope, Alexander, 1688-1744 | Hoe, Robert, 1839-1909 | Horace. 
 Publication:  printed for J. Wright, and sold by J. Roberts, London, 1737. 
 Notes:  Parallel Latin and English texts. 
 Extent:  [2], 7, [1] p. ; fol. 
 Subjects:  Bookplates (Provenance

Collection:  Huntington Library 
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7Title:  The Nevv Testament of Iesus Christ faithfully translated into English, out of the authentical Latin, diligently conferred with the Greeke, and other editions in diuers languages: vvith arguments of bookes and chapters: annotations, and other helpes, for the better vnderstanding of the text, and specially for the discouerie of corruptions in diuers late translations: and for cleering controuersies in religion of these daies: by the English College then resident in Rhemes   
 Alt. Title:  Bible. New Testament. English. Douai   
 Creator:  Martin, Gregory, -1582 | Vervliet, Daniel, active 1565-1602 | Winans, Ross, 1850-1912 
 Publication:  By Daniel Vervliet, Printed at Antwerp, 1600. VVith priuilege 
 Notes:  Signatures: a-dp4s ep2s A-5Dp4s 5Ep2s The Douai version, translated from the Vulgate chiefly by Gregory Martin Includes index 
 Extent:  [36], 745, [27] p. ; (4to) 
 Subjects:  Bookplates (Provenance)

Collection:  Huntington Library 
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8Title:  The comicall satyre of euery man out of his humor. As it was first composed by the author B.I. Containing more than hath been publickely spoken or acted. VVith the seuerall character of euery person   
 Alt. Title:  Every man out of his humor   
 Creator:  Jonson, Ben, 1573?-1637 | Islip, Adam, -1639 | Holme, William | Hoe, Robert, 1839-1909 
 Publication:  Printed [by Adam Islip] for William Holme, and are to be sold at his shop at Sarjeants Inne gate in Fleetstreet, London, 1600 
 Notes:  B.I. = Ben Jonson Printer's name from STC Signatures: A-Rp4s The first leaf is blank Running title reads: Euery man out of his humor Quires A-Q have vertical chain lines 
 Extent:  [136] p. ; (4to) 
 Subjects:  Bookplates (Provenance)

Collection:  Huntington Library 
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9Title:  The courtiers academie: comprehending seuen seuerall dayes discourses: wherein be discussed, seuen noble and important arguments, worthy by all gentlemen to be perused. 1 Of beautie. 2 Of humane loue. 3 Of honour. 4 Of combate and single fight. 5 Of nobilitie. 6 Of riches. 7 Of precedence of letters or armes originally written in Italian by Count Haniball Romei, a gentleman of Ferrara, and translated into English by I.K   
 Alt. Title:  Discorsi. English   
 Creator:  Romei, Annibaleconte, active 16th century | Keper, John, 1546 or 1547- | I. K. | Hoe, Robert, 1839-1909 | Heber, Richard, 1773-1833 
 Publication:  Printed by Valentine Sims, London], [1598] 
 Notes:  A translation of: Discorsi cavallereschi I.K. = John Keper? Publication date from STC Signatures: A-Yp4s 2A-2Qp4s 
 Extent:  [8], 295, [1] p. ; (4to) 
 Subjects:  Bookplates (Provenance)

Collection:  Huntington Library 
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10Title:  Delia: Contayning certayne sonnets: vvith the complaint of Rosamond   
 Creator:  Daniel, Samuel, 1562-1619 | Ouvry, Frederic, 1814-1881 | Locker-Lampson, Frederick, 1821-1895 
 Publication:  Printed by I[ohn]. C[harlewood]. for Simon Waterson, dwelling in Paules Church-yard at the signe of the Crowne, At London, 1592 
 Notes:  Dedication signed: Samuel Danyell In verse Printer's name from STC Signatures: Ap2s B-Mp4s Many copies have A1-H2 only, completed by 2B-2Fp4s G[g]p2s of STC 6261 [Daniel, Samuel. The poetical essayes of Sam. Danyel. London : Simon Waterson, 1589]. B1r caption "To Delia". Variant: caption "TO DELIA." 
 Extent:  [92] p. ; (4to) 
 Subjects:  Bookplates (Provenance)

Collection:  Huntington Library 
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11Title:  The Auld Farmer's Salutation to his Auld Mare Maggie, on giving her a ripp of corn, to hansel in the New Year, to which are added, An Address for Scotch Haggis on New-Year's Day, and Tam Samson's elegy   
 Creator:  Burns, Robert, 1759-1796 
 Publication:  Printed by C. Randall, Stirling, 1802 
 Notes:  T.p. vignette. 
 Extent:  8 p. ; 17 cm (12mo) 
 Subjects:  Bookplates (Provenance)

Collection:  Huntington Library 
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12Title:  Biblia, dat is. De gantsche H Schrifture, ver vattende alle de canonyke boecken des Oude en des Nieuwen Testaments: Door last der hoogh-mogende heeren Staten Generael vande Vereenigde Nederl. en volgens 't besluyt van de Sèynode nationael, gehouden tot Dordrecht, inde jaeren 1618. ende 1619. Uyt de Oorspronckelycke Talen, in onse Nederlandsche Tale getrouwelèyck over-geset. Ende vande Druk-fouten, en mis-stellingen, die in den eersten druk gevonden worden door gemeene ordre der Nederlandsche Kercken verbetert   
 Alt. Title:  Bible. Dutch. Statenvertaling. 1663   
 Creator:  Cappel, Helmich van, active 1643-1676 | Braat, Jacob, active 1643-1665 | Magnus, Albert, 1642-1689 | Hoe, Robert, 1839-1909 
 Publication:  By Helmich van Cappel: in Compagnie met de Weedu van Wylen Ian Barentsa Smient tot Dordrecht, Tot Gornichem, A[nn]o 1663. 
 Notes:  Engraved title page. "Het Nieuwe Testament" has a separate title page on leaf 2Z2r with imprint "Tot Dordrecht, gedruckt by Iacob Braat, voor Helmich van Cappel, boeckverkooper tot Gorinchem. Anno 1663" but has continuous foliation and signatures. "De boecken genaemt Apocryphe" has a separate half-title, foliation and signatures. "De Psalmen des Propheten Davids ..." has a separate caption title, foliation and signatures. Signatures: *-2*p8s A-Vp8s Wp8s X-2Vp8s 2Wp8s 2X-3Pp8s, (a)-(l)p8s (m)p4s, p2sA-p2sMp8s p2sNp2s. 
 Extent:  [16], 504, 91, [1], 98 leaves : music ; 21 cm (8vo) 
 Subjects:  Bookplates (Provenance)

Collection:  Huntington Library 
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13Title:  Aesopi fabulæ cu[m] interpretatione vulgari: & figuris acri cura emendatæ   
 Alt. Title:  Aesop's fables. Latin. 1522   
 Creator:  Britannico, Lodovico, 1495-1562? | Yemeniz, Nicolas, 1775-1871 
 Publication:  Impendio Ludouici Britanici [et] fratru[m], Brixiæ, 1522 
 Extent:  1 v. 8vo. 
 Subjects:  Bookplates (Provenance)

Collection:  Newberry Library 
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14Title:  Magna Carta   
 Alt. Title:  Laws, etc   
 Creator:  England | Pynson, Richard, -1530 | Winans, Ross, 1850-1912 | England 
 Publication:  Cum solerti cura ac dilige[n]tia prude[n]tissimi viri, honestissimiq[ue] Richardi Pynson, Londoån, Anno incarnationis d[omi]nice. Millesimo quinge[n]tesimo. viii. [1508] tercio id[ibus] Septe[m]bris [12 Sept.]] 
 Notes:  Caption title, p2sA1r; at head of page: Folio primo Signatures: [cross]p6s Ap8s p2sA-Np12s Imprint from colophon With a calendar (printed in red and black), a table of contents, and two final contents leaves 
 Extent:  [14], 154, [2] leaves ; (long 12mo) 
 Subjects:  Bookplates (Provenance)

Collection:  Huntington Library 
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15Title:  The vvitts: A comedie, presented at the private house in Blacke Fryers, by his Majesties servants   
 Creator:  D'Avenant, William, 1606-1668 | Hoe, Robert, 1839-1909 
 Publication:  printed [by Augustine Mathewes] for Richard Meighen, next to the Middle Temple in Fleetstreet, London, 1636 
 Notes:  Printer's name from STC Signatures: A-Kp4s A1 is a license to print. Variant: A1 is blank 
 Extent:  [80] p. ; (4to) 
 Subjects:  Bookplates (Provenance)

Collection:  Huntington Library 
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16Title:  Pantagruel's voyage to the oracle of the bottle: Being the fourth and fifth books of the works of Francis Rabelais, M.D. With the Pantagruelian prognostication, and other pieces in verse and prose by that author: also his historical letters. Compleating all his works that are extant. Never before printed in English. Done out of French by Mr. Motteux. With explanatory remarks on every chapter by the same hand   
 Alt. Title:  Gargantua et Pantagruel. 4.-5. Livre. English   
 Creator:  Rabelais, Franðcois, approximately 1490-1553? | Motteux, Peter Anthony, 1660-1718 | Rabelais, Franðcois, approximately 1490-1553? | Halsey, Frederic R. (Frederic Robert), 1847-1918 
 Publication:  printed for Richard Baldwin, near the Oxford-Arms in Warwick-Lane, London, 1694 
 Notes:  A translation, by Peter Anthony Motteux, of books 4 and 5 of: Rabelais, Francois. Gargantua et Pantagruel The 4 pages between xiii and xii are numbered iii, v, vii, and ix "The most certain, true, and infallible Pantagruelian prognostication" (divisional title page; p2sK11r) has continuous pagination and register; "Letters written by Francis Rabelais, M.D. during his stay in Italy, in the year 1536" (caption title; p3sA1r) has separate pagination and register With 7 final contents leaves "These two books were apparently issued together"--Pforzheimer catalogue Variant: "In some copies the last line of the imprint repeats the 'Ox' of 'Oxford'"--cf. Pforzheimer catalogue 
 Extent:  [6], xiii, [4], xii-cxxxix, clx-cxliv, [40], 272; [14], 262; 34, [14] p. : ill. (woodcut) ; 12mo 
 Subjects:  Bookplates (Provenance)

Collection:  Huntington Library 
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17Title:  The works of Dr Jonathan Swift   
 Alt. Title:  Works. 1761   
 Creator:  Swift, Jonathan, 1667-1745 
 Publication:  Printed for A. Donaldson, Edinburgh, 1761. 
 Notes:  Includes index. 
 Extent:  8 v. ; 18 cm. 
 Subjects:  Bookplates (Provenance)

Collection:  Library Company 
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18Title:  The Iliad of Homer   
 Alt. Title:  Iliad. English. 1767   
 Creator:  Homer. | Pope, Alexander, 1688-1744 
 Publication:  printed by Robert and Andrew Foulis, Glasgow, 1767. 
 Extent:  4 v. ; 14 cm. 
 Subjects:  Bookplates (Provenance)

Collection:  Library Company 
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19Title:  Declaration of Independence and Washington's farewell address   
 Creator:  Washington, George, 1732-1799 | United States 
 Publication:  Published by Charles A. Cummings, 20 Washington Street, Boston, Boston], 1855.. 
 Extent:  48 p. , [1] leaf of plates : port. ; 13 cm. 
 Subjects:  Bookplates (Provenance)

Collection:  Library Company 
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20Title:  The vision of Pierce Plowman: newlye imprynted after the authours olde copy, with a brefe summary of the principall matters set before euery part called passus. Wherevnto is also annexed the Crede of Pierce Plowman, neuer imprinted with the booke before   
 Alt. Title:  Piers Plowman   
 Creator:  Langland, William, 1330?-1400? | Rogers, Owen, active 16th century | Winans, Ross, 1850-1912 
 Publication:  by Owen Rogers, dwellyng neare vnto great saint Bartelmewes gate, at the sygne of the spred Egle, Imprynted at London, The yere of our Lorde God, a thousand, fyue hundred, thre score and one. [1561] The. xxi. daye of the moneth of Februarye 
 Notes:  Attributed to William Langland The B text; in verse At foot of title: Cnm [sic] priuilegio ad imprimendum solum Signatures: [cross]p2s A-2Hp4s p2sIp2s; A-Dp4s "Pierce the Ploughmans crede", author unknown, has separate divisional title and register. It is reprinted from STC 19904 The last leaf is blank 
 Extent:  [288] p. ; (4to) 
 Subjects:  Bookplates (Provenance)

Collection:  Huntington Library 
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