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1Title:  On the current doctrines of attraction and energy - a kinetic theory of the cosmos - and an appendix on the influence of the positions and motions of the orbs of the solar system on terrestrial magnetism and allied phenomena   
 Creator:  Muirhead, Henry. | Philosophical Society of Glasgow | Burndy Library 
 Publication:  Publisher not identified], Glasgow, 1876. 
 Notes:  Caption title. Reprinted from the Proceedings of the Philosophical Society of Glasgow. "Read before the Society, March 8, 1876". Includes bibliographical references. 
 Extent:  pages 109-120 ; 22 cm. 
 Subjects:  Newtonian attraction | Force and energy | Kinetic theory of matter | Geomagnetism | Burndy Library Collection at the Huntington Library

Collection:  Huntington Library 
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