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1Title:  Understanding consumer behavior   
 Creator:  Grossack, Martin M. 
 Publication:  Christopher Pub. House, Boston, 1964. 
 Subjects:  Consumers -- Attitudes | Consumers

Collection:  Hagley Library 
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2Title:  Agricultural biotechnology, food safety and nutritional quality for the consumer / editor, June Fessenden MacDonald.   
 Creator:  MacDonald, June Fessenden.  | Agricultural Research Institute (U.S.)  | NABC Meeting 1990 : Cornell University) 
 Publication:  Ithaca, NY : NABC, 1990.  
 Extent:  222 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm. 
 Subjects:  Agricultural biotechnology | Food - Quality | Nutrition | Consumers - Attitudes

Collection:  Wellcome Collection 
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3Title:  Consumer attitudes about the use of biotechnology in agriculture and food production / Thomas J. Hoban IV, Patricia A. Kendall.   
 Creator:  Hoban, Thomas J.  | Kendall, Patricia A. (Patricia Ann), 1947- 
 Publication:  Raleigh, NC : North Carolina State University, 1992.  
 Extent:  103 pages : illustrations ; 28 cm 
 Subjects:  Agricultural biotechnology - Public opinion | Consumers - Attitudes | Biotechnology | Agriculture | Public Opinion

Collection:  Wellcome Collection 
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4Title:  Consumer acceptance of food biotechnology : the relation between product evaluation and acceptance / A.M. Hamstra.   
 Creator:  Hamstra, A.M.  | SWOKA. 
 Publication:  Den Haag : SWOKA, 1993.  
 Extent:  iv, 111, 14 pages : illustrations ; 30 cm. 
 Subjects:  Food - Biotechnology | Consumers - Attitudes | Food, Genetically Modified | Public Opinion

Collection:  Wellcome Collection 
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5Title:  Shopper Attitudes: a supplement to Special report 11: "Parking as a factor in business."   
 Creator:  National Research Council (U.S.) Highway Research Board. 
 Publication:  Washington, D. C, 1955. 
 Notes:  National Research Council. Publication 273a. 
 Extent:  iv, 71 p. illus. 28cm. 
 Subjects:  Automobile parking -- United States | Retail trade -- United States | Shopping | Consumers -- Attitudes | Consumers -- Research

Collection:  Hagley Library 
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6Title:  Two phase summary of progress report: consumer phase of study : NID phase of study   
 Publication:  Institute for Motivational Research, Inc, Croton-on-Hudson, N.Y, 1956. 
 Extent:  10 l. ; 28 cm. 
 Subjects:  National Institute of Drycleaning (U.S.) | Dry cleaning industry -- United States -- Public opinion | Consumers -- Attitudes

Collection:  Hagley Library 
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7Title:  A motivational research study on current consumer attitudes toward all types of drycleaning establishments   
 Publication:  Institute for Motivational Research, Inc, Croton-on-Hudson, N.Y, 1963. 
 Extent:  2 v. ; 28 cm. 
 Subjects:  National Institute of Drycleaning (U.S.) | Dry cleaning industry -- United States -- Public opinion | Consumers -- Attitudes

Collection:  Hagley Library 
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8Title:  Why smart people make big money mistakes--and how to correct them: lessons from the new science of behavioral economics   
 Creator:  Belsky, Gary. | Gilovich, Thomas. 
 Publication:  Simon & Schuster, New York, NY, 2000. 
 Notes:  "A Fireside book." U.S. Chamber of Commerce Library Collection. 
 Extent:  220 p. ; 22 cm. 
 Subjects:  Finance, Personal -- Psychological aspects | Finance, Personal -- Decision making | Investments -- Decision making | Consumers -- Attitudes | Economics -- Psychological aspects

Collection:  Hagley Library 
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9Title:  Consumer expectations on the social accountability of business   
 Creator:  Vidal, David J. 
 Publication:  Conference Board, New York, NY, c1999. 
 Notes:  Caption title. Includes bibliographical references (p. [17]). 
 Extent:  15, [2] p. : ill. (col.) ; 28 cm. 
 Subjects:  Social responsibility of business -- Public opinion | Business ethics -- Public opinion | Public opinion -- United States | Consumer behavior -- United States | Consumers -- Attitudes | Social responsibility of business -- United States | Business ethics -- United States

Collection:  Hagley Library 
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10Title:  Fiskamin: the birth of colours = Värien synty = Färgernas födelse   
 Creator:  Aalto, Mikko | Gueissaz, Philippe | Hellman-Irizarry, Katja | Irizarry, Neff | Kyrklund, Annina 
 Extent:  167 pages : illustrations (chiefly color) ; 26 cm 
 Subjects:  Fiskars (Firm) -- History | Plastic tableware -- Finland -- History | Color in design | Color in marketing -- Finland | Product design -- Finland | Plastic tableware -- Collectors and collecting -- Finland | Consumer goods -- Finland -- History | Consumers -- Attitudes

Collection:  Yale University 
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11Title:  Konzeptionstest Akne   
 Publication:  Ernest Dichter International, Frankfurt, Germany, 1974. 
 Extent:  93 l. ; 30 cm. 
 Subjects:  Pino AG | Face -- Care and hygiene -- Equipment and supplies -- Marketing -- Germany (West) | Acne -- Treatment | Advertising -- Face -- Care and hygiene -- Equipment and supplies -- Effectiveness | Consumers -- Attitudes | Silvia Intiv (Skin care product)

Collection:  Hagley Library 
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12Title:  Ernest Dichter papers, 1936-1991 (bulk, 1956-1986)   
 Creator:  Dichter, Ernest, 1907-1991 | Institute for Research in Mass Motivations, Inc | Institute for Motivational Research, Inc | Ernest Dichter Associates International Ltd | Ernest Dichter Motivations, Inc | Dichter Institute International Ltd | Ernest Dichter International, Institut für Motiv- und Marketingforschung 
 Notes:  The business records of Ernest Dichter and the several consulting firms through which he operated fully document his role as a pioneer of motivational research, from the beginnings of his career in the United States until a few months before his death. They lay out the evolution of his pyschological thought, his methods of soliciting business and getting maximum exposure for himself and his accomplishments, his later role as a mentor and teacher, and, most importantly, the access he gained into the psyche of thousands of ordinary consumers over five decades and on five continents. However, Dichter was forced to cull his records in moving to smaller offices in the 1980s, so that much of his early correspondence, recordings, and other raw data have been lost. The Ernest Dichter Papers have been arranged in six Subgroups, which more or less reflect Dr. Dichter's own arrangement. However, researchers should be aware that Dr. Dichter kept multiple copies of his writings and associated materials in several different filing systems, including freestanding items on library shelves, papers in loose-leaf binders, and several runs of filing cabinets. Versions of the same document may typically exist in two or more of the Subgroups, and researchers are advised to check all parts of the finding aid. Subgroup A, which accounts for over half the collection, is comprised of Dr. Dichter's research proposals and studies. As such, it is both the heart of the archive and the most important part of Dichter's prodigious intellectual output, containing not merely the fullest expression of his own ideas but also an unparalleled window into consumer behavior and attitudes. Subgroup B, Publications, consists of the formally published newsletters and bulletins though which Dr. Dichter disseminated his ideas and presented the activities of himself and his Institute. There are also Japanese-language versions of two of his books and four of the Sacha children's books published in France. The rest of Dichter's books have been transferred to the general Imprints collection Subgroup C, Speeches, Quizzes & Seminars, consists of the texts of speeches, pop-psychology personality quizzes, and agendas and notes for seminars, some of which may also exist in published form. Subgroup D, Publicity, consists primarily of press cuttings and articles issued to publicize Dr. Dichter's activities, including public appearances, pronouncements, or short statements to the newspaper press and other mass media. Subgroup E, Writings & Drafts, comprises multiple drafts of some of Dichter's principal books and other writings. It also contains what Dichter referred to as his “Subject Files,” which are copies of his lesser writings and parts of the studies arranged by subject for ready reference. Subgroup F, Correspondence, contains Dichter's business correspondence and other materials created or collected in the process of running the Institute and publishing his books and newsletters. Because Dr. Dichter had such a wide range of clients over the course of his long career and maintained an interest is so many different issues, his files contain an equally wide range of embedded catalogs and publications, from a paper on counterinsurgency in Vietnam to catalogs for Brazilian diamonds and Porsche motorcycles to flyers for retirement communities. Many of the catalogs are fine examples of Continental graphic design styles of the 1970s, 80s and 90s. To improve access to this material, the most significant items have been cataloged individually in Hagley's online public access catalog (OPAC), where they may be retrieved by author, title and subject. 
 Extent:  215 
 Subjects:  Dichter, Ernest, -- 1907-1991 -- Archives | Institute for Motivational Research, Inc. -- Archives | Advertising -- Effectiveness | Consumers -- Attitudes | Employee motivation | Marketing | Motivation (Psychology) | Motivation research (Marketing) | Personality tests | Psychological tests

Collection:  Hagley Library 
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13Title:  Cellophane Division records, 1924-1949   
 Creator:  E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Company Advertising Dept. 
 Notes:  This series contains bulletins that were distributed to Du Pont's cellophane salesmen. The Cellophane Division of the Rayon Dept. became the Film Dept. in 1950, and later cellophane advertising can be found in that series. The bulletins discuss sales strategies, new products and customers, prices, and general procedures. The bulletins promote the use of cellophane for adhesive tape, but primarily as packaging. Consumer surveys and studies rate the appeal of cellophane packaging for a variety of products. Attached to many of the bulletins were cellophane advertisements and samples. The advertisements have been flattened and boxed separately, and the samples transferred to the artifact collections of the Hagley Museum. During World War II, series of bulletins like "Army-Navy Packaging News" and "Lend-Lease Information" promoted the use of cellophane to wrap army rations and first-aid materials. 
 Extent:  6.25 
 Subjects:  Borden Company | Du Pont Cellophane Company | E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Company. -- Advertising Dept | Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company | Adhesive tape | Baked products industry | Cellophane | Consumer behavior | Consumer satisfaction | Consumers -- Attitudes | Consumers -- Research | Food -- Packaging | Lend-lease operations (1941-1945) | Packaging | Plastics in packaging | Selling | Transparent tape | World War, 1939-1945 -- Equipment and supplies | Advertisements | Market surveys

Collection:  Hagley Library 
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16Title:  Agency history record   
 Creator:  E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Company Advertising Dept. 
 Notes:  Records of the Du Pont Company's Advertising Dept. were transferred to the Hagley Museum and Library in over a dozen lots between 1954 and 1982. Records received prior to 1975 were consolidated and arranged as part of Series II, Part 2. Records received subsequently have been consolidated as Accession 1803. 
 Subjects:  E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Company. -- Advertising Dept | E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Company -- Public opinion | Advertising | Advertising -- Explosives industry | Advertising -- Petroleum industry and trade | Advertising -- Plastics | Advertising -- Psychological aspects | Advertising, Direct-mail | Advertising, Magazine | Advertising, Newspaper | Advertising agencies | Advertising copy | Advertising departments | Antifreeze solutions | Blasting | Brainstorming | Cellophane | Chemicals | Consumer behavior | Consumer satisfaction | Consumers -- Attitudes | Consumers -- Research | Corfam (Artificial leather) | Corporate image | Dacron | Delrin acetal resins | Duco | Dynamite | Explosives | Fabrikoid | Freon fluorinated hydrocarbon refrigerant | Gunpowder | Gunpowder, Smokeless | Herbicides | Industrial films | Hunting -- Equipment and supplies | Leather, Artificial | Lucite | Market surveys | Marketing research | Motion pictures in advertising | Motion pictures in education | Polyethylene terephthalate | Nylon | Orlon | Paint | Pesticides | Pigments | Plastics | Psychological tests | Pyralin | Radio | Radio advertising | Rayon | Rubber, Artificial | Selling | Shooting | Social status in advertising | Teflon | Television -- Rating | Television advertising | Television in psychiatry | Television scripts | Television surveys | Trapshooting | Varnish and varnishing | Wash-and-wear clothing | Waterproofing of fabrics | Zepel fabric fluoridizer | Zerex antifreeze solution | Zerone antifreeze solution | Advertisements | Commercials | Public opinion polls | Radio scripts | Ratings reports | Samples | Screenplays | Speeches | Tear sheets | Television scripts

Collection:  Hagley Library 
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17Title:  Records, 1897-1972   
 Creator:  Quaker Lace Company 
 Notes:  The records represent a fraction of the total Quaker Lace archive which was salvaged from the 4th & Lehigh mill during the liquidation of the company.  
 Extent:  28 
 Subjects:  Bromley, Charles S., 1906?-1956 | Bromley, Henry S., -- 1887-1973 | Bromley, John, -- 1893-1962 | Bromley, John B., Jr | Bromley, Joseph H. -- (Joseph Henry), -- 1858-1931 | Bromley, Richard N., b. ca. 1914 | American Tariff League | Chamber of Commerce of Philadelphia | Chamber of Commerce of Philadelphia and Board of Trade | Home Window Decorating Guild | J. Walter Thompson Company | Lehigh Manufacturing Company | Mayfair Mills Incorporated | National Association of Manufacturers (U.S.) | North American Lace Company | Pennsylvania Employer-Wage Earner Job Protection Association | Philadelphia Textile Institute Foundation | Quaker Hosiery Company | Quaker Lace Company | Research Institute of America | Riverside Mills, Inc | Smokey Mountains Hosiery Mills (Kingsport, Tenn.) | United States. -- Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 | United States. -- Labor Management Relations Act, 1947 | Van Pelt Realty Corporation | William Ewart & Sons, New York, Ltd | Advertising | Consumer behavior | Consumers -- Attitudes | Cooperative advertising | Draperies | Hosiery industry | Lace and lacemaking | Lace industry | Lace makers | Selling | Tablecloths | Textile design | Textile industry -- Pennsylvania | Textile industry -- Tennessee | Textile machinery | Textile workers | Traveling sales personnel | Women consumers | Women in advertising | Philadelphia (Pa.) -- Textile industry | Forecasts | Market surveys | Payrolls | Personnel records | Samples | Scrapbooks

Collection:  Hagley Library 
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18Title:  Records, 1979-1989   
 Creator:  DuPont External Affairs 
 Notes:  The records of DuPont External Affairs are divided into two subgroups that reflect the department's principal functions, advertising and public affairs. The advertising group is further divided into the records of the Corporate Marketing Research Division and of the Accounting Section of the Marketing Communications Division.  
 Extent:  19 
 Subjects:  Batten, Barton, Durstine & Osborn, Inc | Burke International Research, Inc | Conoco Inc | Dunlop Tire and Rubber Corporation | E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Company. -- Advertising Dept | E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Company. -- Corporate Marketing Research Division | E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Company. -- Marketing Communications Dept | E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Company. -- Marketing Communications Division | JRP Marketing Research Services, Inc | Marketing Research Council of America | National Family Opinion, inc | NFO Research, Inc | New England Nuclear Corporation | Yankelovich, Clancy, Shulman | Yankelovich, Skelly and White, inc | Du Pont context | Du Pont today | Advertising | Advertising -- Clothing and dress | Advertising -- House furnishings | Advertising -- Plastics | Advertising departments | African American consumers | Agricultural chemicals | Antron nylon fiber | Architects | Asian American consumers | Bathing suits | Bedding | Biomedical materials | Carpet fibers | Carpets, Stain-resistant | Centrifuges | Chemical industry | Clothing and dress | Color in clothing | Color in the textile industries | Color preferences | Consumer behavior | Consumer satisfaction | Consumers -- Attitudes | Consumers -- Research | Consumers' preferences | Corian | Corporate image | Corporations -- Public relations | Dacron | Department stores | Drugs | Herbicides | Hispanic American consumers | Interior decorators | Industrial publicity | Jeans (Clothing) | Luggage | Lycra spandex fiber | Market surveys | Marketing | Marketing research | Mattresses | Medical technology | Men's clothing | Monece bicomponent fabric | Nomex aramid fiber | Nuclear medicine | Nylon | Orlon | Pajamas | Pantyhose | Paperboard | Pharmaceutical industry | Pillows | Press releases | Public opinion | Raidiology, Medical | Rug and carpet industry | Samples (Commerce) | Selling | Selling -- Clothing | SilverStone non-stick finishes | Soybean industry -- South America | Spandex | Stainmaster carpet fiber | Sweaters | Synthetic fabrics | Tablecloths | Tear sheets | Textile fibers, Synthetic | Tire fabrics | Tyvek olefin fiber | Underwear | Wallboard | Women consumers

Collection:  Hagley Library 
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19Title:  Irv Koons Papers 1946-1996 (bulk 1955-1985)   
 Creator:  Koons, Irv, 1922- 
 Notes:  The Irv Koons archive includes marketing research studies, business correspondence, public relations files, and material from the designer's packaging courses. In addition to this textual component, the archive contains original artwork, sketches, comprehensives, mock-ups, and final product packaging. The photographic collection contains a set of 6,000 slides, as well as numerous negatives, color transparencies, and prints which document all of Koons's major design projects over the course of his long career as a package designer. The slides are accompanied by a 330 page narrative prepared from Koons's personal notes. There are also approximately 1,350 artifacts consisting of lucite models for bottle designs and numerous product samples, as well as a collection of historical packaging materials that document the evolution of package design and provided Koons with inspiration for his own projects. The collection is divided into six series which are arranged by design project. These materials document not only the career of Irv Koons, but also the growth and development of the packaging industry in the second half of the twentieth century. Series I consists of Irv Koons's business records. These files are divided into three sub-series which contain correspondence with clients, marketing research studies, and public relations material. Sub-Series A consists of correspondence files which relate primarily to routine matters such as design schedules and billing procedures. Sub-Series B contains marketing research studies which provide detailed assessments of consumer attitudes and preferences as well as presenting strategies for improving products' market position relative to leading competitors. Sub-Series C contains Koons's advertising and public relations files which consist of packaging articles, journal reprints and trade publications, as well as the designer's speeches and presentations. In addition, this sub-series includes files from the International Design Assistance Commission's volunteer program which provided design assistance for developing nations, and the Package Designers Council ceremony honoring Irv Koons as Packaging Person of the Year. Series II consists of teaching materials used by Irv Koons in his packaging seminars, particularly the Fundamental of Packaging Seminar, an intensive three day course developed as part of a curriculum for design professionals offered by New York University's School of Continuing Education. This course briefly covered the history of packaging and every aspect of the design process from research and development through final production. It was based on earlier seminars which Koons had conducted under the auspices of the Package Designers Council. In addition to Koons's syllabus, lecture notes, and supplementary course materials, the records in this series include seminar and conference bulletins, packaging and design newsletters, a clippings file, conference papers, and manufacturers' catalogs and product specifications for various packaging materials. Series III contains artwork created by Irv Koons Associates which document each stage of the creative process from development of the initial concept through creation of the final design approved for production. This series contains rough and finished sketches, comprehensives, mock-ups, mechanicals, and finished artwork for numerous package design projects. These materials are arranged alphabetically by company and grouped by media. Series IV contains final product packaging as it would be presented to consumers in a retail setting. This packaging represents the culmination of the design process and documents the evolution of marketing strategies and design concepts for leading brands in numerous product categories. These materials are arranged alphabetically by company. Series V consists of photographic materials. These materials are divided into four sub-series containing slides, negatives, transparencies, and prints. Each sub-series is organized alphabetically by company, as well as according to the size of the image. The slide collection contains more than 6,000 images and is accompanied by a 330 page business narrative. All of the photographic materials are located in Hagley's Pictorial Collections Dept. Series VI contains artifacts from Irv Koons's personal packaging collection. Included in this series are lucite models for bottle designs and numerous product samples designed by Irv Koons Associates, as well as a collection of historical packaging that documents changes in packaging design and served as a source of inspiration for Koons's own projects. These materials are part of the Hagley Museum Division Collections and are housed at the Hall of Records. For access, please contact Curator of Museum Collections. Advance notice is required. 
 Extent:  68.5 
 Subjects:  Koons, Irv, -- 1922- | Abbotts Dairies, Inc | ALPO Petfoods, Inc | Alusuisse (Firm) | American Can Company | American Cyanamid Company | American Home Products Corporation | American White Cross Laboratories, Inc | Beecham International Holdings S.A | Beech-Nut, Inc | Bet ha-sefer le-musmakhim be-minhal ʻasaḳim ʻal sh. Liʼon Reḳanaṭi | Beverage World (Firm) | Bristol-Myers Company | Brown-Forman Distillers Corporation | Cadbury Schweppes | C.F. Mueller Co | C.H. Knorr GmbH | Chas. F. Cates & Sons, Inc | Chesebrough-Pond's | Chun King Corporation | CIBA-GEIGY Corporation | Clairol, Inc | Colgate-Palmolive Company | Community Newspaper Publishers, Inc | Consolidated Cigar Corporation | Cosmair, Inc | Coty, Inc | CPC International. -- Best Foods Division | Dairylea Cooperative Incorporated | Fairmont Foods Company | Federation of Jewish Philanthropies of New York | General Foods Corporation | Gillette Company | Gulf & Western Industries | Hiram Walker-Gooderham & Worts Limited | Hudson Pulp & Paper Corporation | Hunt Foods Company | Ideal Toy Corporation | Johnson & Johnson | Joseph E. Seagram & Sons, Inc | Luden's, Inc | Maryland Cup Corporation | McCormick & Co | Milton Bradley Company | Mobil Chemical Company | Mobilization for Youth | Nabisco Brands, Inc | New York University -- School of Continuing Education | Package Designers Council | Packaging Institute, U.S.A | Procter & Gamble Company | Quality Importers, Inc | Revlon, Inc | Schenley Imports Company | Scott Paper Company | Sieper Werke GmbH | Solo Products Corporation | Statewide Savings & Loan Association (Jersey City, N.J.) | Stellenbosch Farmers' Winery | Sunshine Biscuits, Inc | Superior's Brand Meats, Inc | Thomas J. Lipton, Inc | Union of American Hebrew Congregations | Union Carbide Corporation | United Nations | United States -- Dept. of Commerce | United States -- Dept. of State | Warner-Lambert Company | Wasa International | W.A. Sheaffer Pen Company | West Virginia Pulp and Paper Company | Wilson Manufacturing Corporation | The Middletown daily record | Band-Aid bandages | Brand loyalty | Brand name products | Brylcreem hair preparation | Camay soap | Comet cleaning compound | Consumer behavior | Consumer goods | Consumer panels | Consumer satisfaction | Consumerism | Consumers -- Attitudes | Consumers -- Research | Consumers' preferences | Corporate image | Crest toothpaste | Dash detergent | Dawn detergent | Dixie cups | Dutch Masters cigars | El Producto cigars | Graphic arts | Gulden's mustard | H-O prepared cereal | Hefty paper cups | Hefty paper plates | Industrial design coordination | Industrial designers | Jewish charities | Knorr sauces | Luden's cough drops | Market surveys | Marketing research | Muriel cigars | Numero Uno cologne | Oxydol detergent | Packaging -- Glass | Packaging -- Paper | Packaging -- Paperboard | Packaging -- Plastics | Point-of-purchase displays | Product coding | Scotties tissue paper | Seagram whiskey | Southern Comfort bourbon whiskey | Trade associations | Trademark infringement | Trademarks | Wishbone salad dressing

Collection:  Hagley Library 
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