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1Title:  Dangerous passions. Series One, Part Three, Desire.   
 Publication:  London : BBC 2, 2005.  
 Extent:  1 DVD ( 60 min.) : sound, color, PAL 
 Subjects:  Desire | Psychology

Collection:  Wellcome Collection 
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2Title:  Desire, dialectic, and otherness: an essay on origins   
 Creator:  Desmond, William, 1951- 
 Publication:  Yale University Press, New Haven, c1987. 
 Notes:  Includes index. Bibliography: p. 247-253. 
 Extent:  x,259 p. ; 25 cm. 
 Subjects:  Dialectic | Desire | Beginning | Philosophy

Collection:  Yale University 
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3Title:  The pleasure center : trust your animal instincts / Morten L. Kringelbach.   
 Creator:  Kringelbach, Morten L. 
 Publication:  Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2009.  
 Extent:  vii, 291 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm 
 Subjects:  Pleasure | Desire | Psychology | Emotions | Sex

Collection:  Wellcome Collection 
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4Title:  What makes your brain happy and why you should do the opposite / David DiSalvo.   
 Creator:  DiSalvo, David, 1970- 
 Publication:  Amherst, N.Y. : Prometheus Books, 2011.  
 Extent:  309 pages ; 23 cm 
 Subjects:  Happiness | Logic | Desire | Neurosciences

Collection:  Wellcome Collection 
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5Title:  The psychology of wants, interests and attitudes / by Edward L. Thorndike and the staff of the Division of Psychology of the Institute of Educational Research, Teachers College, Columbia University.   
 Creator:  Thorndike, Edward L. (Edward Lee), 1874-1949.  | Columbia University. Teachers College. Institute of Psychological Research. Division of Psychology. 
 Publication:  New York ; London : D. Appleton-Century, [1935], ©1935.  
 Extent:  x, 301 pages ; 24 cm. 
 Subjects:  Desire | Learning - psychology | Association | Attitude

Collection:  Wellcome Collection 
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6Title:  Lust und Freude, ihr Wesen und ihr sittlicher Charakter: mit besonderer Berücksichtigung der Lehre des Aristoteles   
 Creator:  Cathrein, Victor, 1845-1931 
 Publication:  F. Rauch, Innsbruck, 1931. 
 Notes:  Includes bibliographic footnotes 
 Extent:  47 p. ; 23 cm. 
 Subjects:  Aristotle | Desire | Joy | Emotions | Happiness | Fleischmann Collection (CPP)

Collection:  College of Physicians of Philadelphia 
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7Title:  Guilt and desire: religious attitudes and their pathological derivatives   
 Alt. Title:  Dette et désir. English   
 Creator:  Vergote, Antoine. 
 Publication:  Yale University Press, New Haven, c1988. 
 Notes:  Translation of: Dette et désir. Includes index. 
 Extent:  x, 254 p. ; 25 cm. 
 Subjects:  Psychology, Religious | Guilt -- Religious aspects | Desire

Collection:  Yale University 
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8Title:  Visionaire. Desire. 12: fall 1994   
 Creator:  Gan, Stephen. | Kaliardos, James. | Dean, Cecilia. | Foley, Greg E., 1969- | Cunningham, William J. | Visionaire Publishing | Design and Interior Furnishings Foundation for AIDS 
 Publication:  Visionaire Publishing, New York, c1994. 
 Notes:  Title from p. [1]. "This is number [blank] published in a limited edition of 2000 numbered copies"--Verso of case cover. Photographs, prints, and prose, printed on papers of varying texture, laid in a red satin case with a red ribbon tie and bone latches. Includes a mounted, three-dimensional photograph and "Highlights from the fall-winter 1994 collections" by Bill Cunningham. 
 Extent:  [76] p. : ill. (some col.) ; 28 cm. + 
 Subjects:  Fashion -- Periodicals | Fashion photography -- Periodicals | Desire

Collection:  Yale University 
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9Title:  Three faces: expressing desire (top) and peaceful joy (bottom left), and laughing (bottom right). Engravings after C. Le Brun.   
 Creator:  Le Brun, Charles, 1619-1690. 
 Extent:  3 prints : line engraving ; each platemark approx. 19 x 14.3 cm 
 Subjects:  Facial expression | Face | Emotions | Physiognomy | Desire | Quietude | Laughter

Collection:  Wellcome Collection 
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10Title:  On balance / Adam Phillips.   
 Creator:  Phillips, Adam, 1954- 
 Publication:  London : Hamish Hamilton, 2010.  
 Extent:  xvi, 313 pages ; 23 cm 
 Subjects:  Cognitive balance | Desire | Proportion - Psychological aspects | Psychoanalysis

Collection:  Wellcome Collection 
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11Title:  Head of a woman expressing desire (left); head of a woman expressing hope (right). Etching by B. Picart, 1713, after C. Le Brun.   
 Creator:  Le Brun, Charles, 1619-1690.  | Picart, Bernard, 1673-1733. 
 Publication:  [Amsterdam (Sur La. cingel vis a vis le marche aux pommes a l'etoile)] : [chez B. Picart le Rom], [1713]  
 Extent:  2 prints : etching ; platemark (L): 9.4 x 6 cm 
 Subjects:  Physiognomy | Face | Emotions | Facial expression | Desire | Hope

Collection:  Wellcome Collection 
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12Title:  Neurotransmitter in limbic areas of a human brain, PET   
 Creator:  Dr Jim Myers, Imperial College London 
 Subjects:  Neurone | Addiction | Processing | Structure | Network | Desire | Multi-coloured

Collection:  Wellcome Collection 
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13Title:  A female face expressing desire. Lithograph by P. Simonau, 1822, after C. Le Brun.   
 Creator:  Le Brun, Charles, 1619-1690.  | Simonau, P., active 1822. 
 Publication:  London (45, Essex Street, Strand) : P. Simonau, 1822.  
 Extent:  1 print : lithograph 
 Subjects:  Physiognomy | Emotions | Face | Facial expression | Desire

Collection:  Wellcome Collection 
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14Title:  A woman's face expressing desire (left) and a man's face expressing 'joy with tranquility' (right). Engraving, c. 1760, after C. Le Brun.   
 Creator:  Le Brun, Charles, 1619-1690.  | Tinney, John, 1706?-1761. 
 Publication:  [London] (near Serjeants Inn, Fleet Street) : Robert Sayer.  
 Extent:  1 print : line engraving with etching ; platemark 12.2 x 18.3 cm 
 Subjects:  Physiognomy | Face | Emotions | Facial expression | Desire | Quietude | Happiness

Collection:  Wellcome Collection 
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15Title:  A woman with bulging eyes, expressing desire through her face. Crayon manner print by W. Hebert, c. 1770, after C. Le Brun.   
 Creator:  Le Brun, Charles, 1619-1690.  | Hebert, William, fl. 18th century. 
 Publication:  London (no. 69, St. Pauls Church Yard) : Carington Bowles.  
 Extent:  1 print : etching, in sanguine ; platemark 24.3 x 20.8 cm 
 Subjects:  Physiognomy | Emotions | Face | Facial expression | Desire

Collection:  Wellcome Collection 
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16Title:  Novvelles pensees svr les cavses de la lvmiere: dv desbordement dv Nil, et de l'amovr d'inclination   
 Creator:  La Chambre, Marin Cureau de, 1594-1669 
 Publication:  P. Rocolet, Paris, 1634. 
 Notes:  Readex Microprint edition. 
 Extent:  [12] p.., 131 p, [1] p.. 17 p, [6] p.., 112 p. 
 Subjects:  Light -- Early works to 1800 | Sexual ethics | Desire | Floods -- Nile River

Collection:  American Philosophical Society 
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17Title:  Freud and the desire of the psychoanalyst   
 Alt. Title:  Freud et le désir du psychanalyste. English   
 Creator:  Cottet, Serge. | Khiara, Beatrice. | Holland, John. | Gilbert, Kate. 
 Publication:  Karnac, London, 2012. 
 Notes:  "The first edition of this work was published by Editions Navarin in 1982 as Freud et le désir de [i.e. du] psychanalyste"--T.p. verso. Includes bibliographical references (p. 179-187) and index. 
 Extent:  xxv, 195 p. ; 23 cm. 
 Subjects:  Freud, Sigmund, -- 1856-1939 -- Psychology | Psychoanalysts -- Psychology | Motivation (Psychology) | Desire

Collection:  University of Oklahoma 
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18Title:  Unmastered : a book on desire, most difficult to tell / Katherine Angel.   
 Creator:  Angel, Katherine 
 Publication:  London, England : Allen Lane, an imprint of Penguin Books, 2012.  
 Extent:  347 pages ; 20 cm 
 Subjects:  Sex | Desire | Sex | Sexual Behavior | Angel, Katherine Sexual behavior.

Collection:  Wellcome Collection 
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19Title:  How sexual desire works : the enigmatic urge / Frederick Toates, the Open University, United Kingdom.   
 Creator:  Toates, F. M. (Frederick M.) 
 Publication:  Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press, [2014]  
 Extent:  xii, 499 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm 
 Subjects:  Desire | Lust | Sex (Psychology) | Sex addiction | Sex | Sexual excitement

Collection:  Wellcome Collection 
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20Title:  Six faces expressing human passions: profiles and frontal views of admiration, desire and veneration. Pen drawing after C. Le Brun.   
 Creator:  Le Brun, Charles, 1619-1690. 
 Publication:  1821  
 Extent:  1 drawing : pen and ink 
 Subjects:  Physiognomy | Face | Facial expression | Emotions | Piety | Worship | Desire | Respect

Collection:  Wellcome Collection 
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