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1Title:  Quinti Horatii Flacci opera   
 Alt. Title:  Works. 1733   
 Creator:  Horace. | Pine, John, 1690-1756 | Pine, John, 1690-1756 | Millar, Andrew, 1705-1768 
 Publication:  Aeneis tabulis incidit Iohannes Pine, Londini, MDCCXXXIII-MDCCXXXVII. [1733-1737 i.e. 1757]. 
 Notes:  Engraved throughout. In vol. 2, p. 108, the inscription on the medal of Augustus Caesar has 'potest'. A reprint done in 1757 from the original plates for a consortium of seven publishers. Reprint information based on 2015 Lyell Lecture by Michael Suarez, drawing on MSS. in CSmH 612236. Vol 1.: [32], 176, [3], 178-264, [2] p.; v. 2: [24], 48, [3], 50-94, [3], 96-152, [3], 154-172, [3], 174-191, [15] p. With a list of subscribers in each volume. List of illustrations at the end of v. 2. Includes bibliographical references. 
 Extent:  2 v. : ill. (engraved), maps (engraved) ; 24 cm. (8vo) 
 Subjects:  Epistolary poetry, Latin | Laudatory poetry, Latin | Verse satire, Latin | Rome -- Poetry | Armorial bookplates (Provenance) | Documents

Collection:  Huntington Library 
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2Title:  Document naming Ladislaus vice-governor of the province of Benevent : manuscript, 1398   
 Creator:  LadislausKing of Naples 
 Notes:  Document naming King Ladislaus of Naples vice-governor of the province of Benevent. In the document Ladislaus is called King of Hungary, Jerusalem, Sicily, Dalmatia, Crotia, Bame[?], Serbia, Galatia, Lodomire[?], Comanie[?], Bulgaria, Provence, Forcalquiez & Piémont. Italy[?]. Dated 1398 (line 1); the document was written during the twelfth year of Ladislaus' nominal reign. The incipit is formulaic: In nomine domini nostri ihesu christi amen. Anno a nativitate ... Gothic cursive. The document is witnessed by seven signatures with notarial signets. The document is worn and faded and the writing is very difficult to read in places; it might require an ultraviolet light to read the entire document properly. There is writing on the verso, perhaps another document. This is so faded and stained that it is not decipherable without ultraviolet light. There are several stains on the document, and it has been patched in several places. There are several holes in the parchment that appear to be imperfections in the hide. The document measures approximately 55 x 38 cm. and has an irregular shape that suggests that this particular piece of hide came from the neck and forelegs of the animal. Benevent is probably Benevento in Italy. The multiple titles assigned to Ladislaus are noteworthy; according to Histoire de Provence (Book VII, p. 276), Ladislaus did not claim this many titles until 1407. 
 Extent:  1 parchment ; 55 cm. 
 Subjects:  Ladislaus, -- King of Naples | Benevento (Italy : Province) -- History -- 14th century | Documents | Manuscripts | Benevent (Province)

Collection:  University of Pennsylvania 
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3Title:  Letters from Sir John Shore Bart., Governor-General of Bengal, to The Right Hon[ora]ble Henry Dundas, President of the Board of Commissioners for the Affairs of India : manuscript, 1793-1798   
 Creator:  Teignmouth, John ShoreBaron, 1751-1834 | Melville, Henry DundasViscount, 1742-1811 
 Notes:  Bound collection of private letters from John Shore Teignmouth, Governor General of India, to Henry Dundas, President of the Board of Commissioners for the Affairs of India, dated 10 January 1793 to 17 October 1798. Also includes an Appendix consisting of copies made by Dundas of documents sent to him by Teignmouth, along with a few original documents and letters. Title taken from Dundas' manuscript title page (recto of first folio before p. 1). Most of the letters were written from Bengal. Many of the letters are written on paper that is smaller in dimensions than the volume itself. A few items are larger, and have been folded to fit. Pagination and foliation: [4] ff.; pp. 1-307, [i]; [227] ff. The letters have been paginated by Dundas, after being arranged and bound into the volume. The appendix is unnumbered. Binding: contemporary calf, with leather label on spine with the words: Governor General Sir John Shore, Jan. 1793 to Oct. 1798. The entire volume is very fragile. The cover is crumbling, and much of the paper is brittle and cracked. The spine is coming off. 
 Extent:  1 paper ; 34 cm. 
 Subjects:  India -- History -- British occupation, 1765-1947 | Correspondence | Documents | Codices | Manuscripts, European | Manuscripts, English -- 18th century

Collection:  University of Pennsylvania 
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4Title:  [Carta on payments in 1419]   
 Creator:  JuanII, King of Castile and Leon, 1405-1454 | Lopez de Cordova, Martin. 
 Notes:  "Carta" on payments of 800, 960, and 1030 maravedi for armaments and a naval force of 40 ships, prepared to aid Charles VI, King of France, in 1419. The carta is addressed to King Juan's "contador," Martin Lopez de Cordova, who had been charged with the procurement. Title and description taken from Zacour-Hirsch Catalogue. Incipit: Sepan quantos esta carta vieren como yo Don Juan ... Rey de Castilla, de Leon ... et conosco que recebi de vos Martin Lopes de Cordova ... [stating the amount] que vos recebistes por mi mandado ... Ocana, 20 July 1433 [?]. Various signatures on verso. Consists of 113 lines of text. Later paper leaf with summary sewn onto upper left corner of the document. Possibly 17th century in date. In modern slipcase. Many holes. Stains. Tears and imperfections at edges. 
 Extent:  1 parchment ; 74 x 49 cm folded to 30 x 25 cm. 
 Subjects:  Charles -- VI, -- King of France, -- 1368-1422 | Castile (Spain) -- History -- John II, 1406-1454 | France -- History -- Charles VI, 1380-1422 | Documents | Manuscripts, Spanish -- 15th century | Manuscripts, Renaissance

Collection:  University of Pennsylvania 
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5Title:  [Miscellaneous documents from Spanish universities] : manuscript and printed, 1624-1854   
 Creator:  Universidad de Alcalá | Universidad de Barcelona | Universidad de Cervera | Universidad de Salamanca | Universidad de Sevilla | Universidad de Valladolid | Universidad de Zaragoza 
 Notes:  Consists of documents of various types from the Universities of Alcalá de Henares (1672); Barcelona (1624, 1854); Cervera (1729, 1792, 1826); Salamanca (1729, 1779); Sevilla (1730); Valladolid (1715); and Zaragoza (1779, 1790). Various sizes. Contains both manuscript and printed material. Title supplied by cataloger. Heading in Zacour-Hirsch Catalogue: Spanish Universities. Some of the items show some damage, especially the 1624 Barcelona document. 
 Extent:  12 paper and parchment. 
 Subjects:  Education, Higher -- Spain | Universities and colleges -- Spain | Documents | Manuscripts, Spanish -- 17th century | Manuscripts, Spanish -- 18th century | Manuscripts, Spanish -- 19th century | Manuscripts, European

Collection:  University of Pennsylvania 
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6Title:  Jan Schilt papers, 1931-1963   
 Creator:  Schilt, Jan, 1894- 
 Notes:  Collection consists of Schilt's correspondence as chairperson of Columbia's department of astronomy and director of the Yale-Columbia Southern Station as well as the Rutherford Observatory at Columbia. The majority of arranged office files are comprised of memoranda, documents, some departmental correspondence, committee reports, course material including material for student laboratory exercises. Thers is also a small sampling of Schilt's early notes as a student and reports of oo-site testing done under the auspices of the National Science Foundation. 
 Extent:  23.5 27 
 Subjects:  Columbia University. -- Observatory | Columbia University. -- Department of Astronomy | Astrometry | Astronomical observatories | Astronomical observatories -- Administration | Astronomy | Astrophysics | Photometry | Documents | Exercises | Memorandums | Notes | Office files | Reports

Collection:  Columbia University 
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7Title:  [Libro di crediti]   
 Publication:  Brescia], from 1476 to 1503. 
 Notes:  Ms. codex. Accounts of an agricultural estate (of Jacobus Sanonus?). Includes personal accounts of various debtors, with an index of names. Title from dealer's description (Zacour-Hirsch). Inscription on front cover: Jesus Maria 1496. Heading f. [i]r: Nota de la posessione de viginaro / se ritrova fin adi primo aprile 1496 / tereno vidato et campivo pertiche 864 / prati pertiche 687. Foliation: Paper, 142; [i], 1-23, [24-141]; contemporary foliation in ink, upper right recto; modern foliation in pencil, upper right recto. Script: Written in a humanistic cursive script. Binding: Contemporary vellum. Cover is a portion of a manuscript document on vellum, apparently written in Latin. Origin: Written in Brescia, from 1476 to 1503 (Zacour-Hirsch). Cover worn in places. Hole in front cover. Some stains and smudges. Five small slips of paper, contemporary with the manuscript and containing figures, etc., have been laid into the manuscript. They are located between f. 88-89, 99-100, 103-104, 115-116, and 128-129. 
 Extent:  142 leaves : paper ; 141 x 102 mm. bound to 152 x 101 mm. 
 Subjects:  Brescia (Italy) -- History -- 15th century -- Economic aspects | Brescia (Italy) -- History -- 16th century -- Economic aspects | Accounts | Credit records | Documents | Codices | Manuscripts, Italian -- 15th century | Manuscripts, Italian -- 16th century | Manuscripts, Renaissance

Collection:  University of Pennsylvania 
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8Title:  Gerald John Kane literary collection, 1571-1951   
 Creator:  Kane, Gerald John, 1901-1957 | Kane, Gerald John, 1901-1957 | Abbott, Lyman, 1835-1922 | Akins, Zoèe, 1886-1958 | Alden, Henry Mills, 1836-1919 | Alma-Tadema, Lawrence, 1836-1912 | Argyll, John Douglas Sutherland CampbellDuke of, 1845-1947 | Babbage, Charles, 1791-1871 | Baillie, Joanna, 1762-1851 | Blackwell, Alice Stone, 1857-1950 | Bright, John, 1811-1889 | Buckingham and Chandos, Richard Temple Nugent Brydges ChandosDuke of, 1776-1839 | Correia da Serra, Josâe Francisco, 1750-1823 | Davis, Rebecca Harding, 1831-1910 | Emerson, Ralph Waldo, 1803-1882 | Fields, Annie, 1834-1915 | Fields, James Thomas, 1817-1881 | Gilder, Richard Watson, 1844-1909 | Gladstone, W. E. (William Ewart), 1809-1898 | Greenwood, Grace, 1823-1904 | Hall, S. C.Mrs, 1800-1881 | Hall, S. C. (Samuel Carter), 1800-1889 | Holmes, Oliver Wendell, 1809-1894 | Irving, HenrySir, 1838-1905 | Marlowe, Julia, 1865-1950 | O'Connor, T. P. (Thomas Power), 1848-1929 | Peel, Arthur Wellesley, 1829-1912 | Rideing, William H. (William Henry), 1853-1918 | Sanborn, Kate, 1839-1917 | Scott, Walter, 1771-1832 | Sinclair, Upton, 1878-1968 | Stedman, Edmund Clarence, 1833-1908 | Steele, Frederick Morgan | Stoddard, Charles Warren, 1843-1909 | Thomas, Augustus, 1857-1934 | Tree, Herbert BeerbohmSir, 1852-1917 | VictoriaQueen of Great Britain, 1819-1901 | Ward, William Hayes, 1835-1916 | Wellington, Arthur WellesleyDuke of, 1769-1852 
 Notes:  This collection is what is known as an autograph collection and Kane spent years, not only collecting autographs of famous people on his own, but also acquiring the collections of other autograph seekers. This material spans multiple centuries and formats: from a 15th century manuscript on vellum to a 1951 typewritten letter. The collection includes accounts, letters, photographs, poems, government papers and royal proclamations, signed by, among others, actors and actresses, authors, explorers, kngs, magicians, queens, politicians, scientists, singers, and soldiers. Many of the famous people in this collection are also to be found in other manuscript collections in the Huntington Library. The majority of the material consists of manuscripts, letters and documents written, or signed, by famous people from the 17th-early 20th centuries; some of the material consists of only fragments or signatures, collected for the autograph value only. Among the correspondents are: Lyman Abbott, Zoèe Akins, Henry Mills Alden, Lawrence Alma-Tadema, John Douglas Sutherland Campbell (Duke of Argyll), Charles Babbage, Joanna Baillie, Alice Stone Blackwell, John Bright, Richard Temple Brydges (Duke of Buckingham and Chandos), Josâe Francisco Correia da Serra, Rebecca Harding Davis, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Annie Fields, J.T. Fields, Richard Watson Gilder, W.E. Gladstone, Grace Greenwood, Anna Maria Hall, Samuel Carter Hall, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Henry Irving, Julia Marlowe, Thomas Power O'Connor, Arthur Wellesley Peel (Viscount Peel), Kate Sanborn, Sir Walter Scott, Upton Sinclair, Herbert Beerbohm Tree, Queen Victoria, and Arthur Wellesley (Duke of Wellington). The collection also includes a small number of Ecclesiastical and Financial documents, and a larger amount of Legal, Military, and Misc. documents. The documents include accounts, certificates, commissions, Letters Patent, marriage settlements, receipts, special marriage licenses, wills, and warrants. One of the documents is related to Queen Victoria, and others are signed by various kings of France. 
 Extent:  1520 
 Subjects:  Victoria, -- Queen of Great Britain, -- 1819-1901 | Authors, American -- Correspondence | Authors, English -- Correspondence | Authors, French -- Correspondence | Autographs | Scientists -- Correspondence | Statesmen -- Great Britain -- Correspondence | Women authors -- Correspondence | World War, 1914-1918 | Great Britain -- History -- Correspondence | Accounts | Autographs | Business letters | Documents | Ephemera | Letters (correspondence) | Manuscripts | Photographs

Collection:  Huntington Library 
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9Title:  Roy A. Anderson papers, 1909-1995   
 Creator:  Anderson, Roy A. 
 Notes:  The Roy A. Anderson Papers, 1909-1995 (10 boxes) document the career and life of Anderson during the second half of the twentieth century, and the early history of Lockheed Corporation from the early 1900s into the 1990s. The collection is divided into two series, Lockheed Corporation and Personal, with the bulk of materials concentrated in the Lockheed Corporation series. The bulk of the collection consists of photographs, correspondence, clippings, and ephemera. The collection is especially rich in photographic prints of early Lockheed aircraft, employees, and customers. The collection is small; as such, it does not document the detailed activities of the Lockheed Corporation. 
 Extent:  10 
 Subjects:  Anderson, Roy A. -- Archives | Lockheed Aircraft Corporation -- History | Lockheed Corporation | Lockheed-Georgia Company | Lockheed Martin | Lockheed Missiles and Space Company | Stanford University | Aerospace industries -- United States | Airplanes | Aircraft accidents -- United States | Aircraft industry -- United States | Aircraft industry -- United States -- History -- 20th century | Burbank (Los Angeles County, Calif.) | California -- History -- 20th century | Audiocassettes | Clippings | Documents | Ephemera | Letters (correspondence) | Photographic prints | VHS

Collection:  Huntington Library 
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10Title:  William Jones Rhees papers, 1744-1907   
 Creator:  Rhees, William Jones, 1830-1907 | Bach, A. D. (Alexander Dallas), 1806-1867 | Schoolcraft, Henry Rowe, 1793-1864 | Dix, Dorothea Lynde, 1802-1887 | Hawkins, Benjamin, 1754-1816 | Hull, William, 1753-1825 | Irvine, William, 1741-1804 | Meigs, Return Jonathan, 1740-1823 | Smithsonian Institution | Sons of the American Revolution | United States Pension Bureau. | National Institute for the Promotion of Science 
 Notes:  Although assembled chiefly for its autograph value, the collection contains various groups of related materials. In addition to the collections of Alexander Dallas Bache, Henry Rowe Schoolcraft, National Institute for the Promotion of Sciences, and Smithsonian Institution, the collection contains correspondence of William Jones Rhees, letters and papers addressed to the United States Pension Bureau, letters and papers related to Indian affairs, and miscellaneous autograph letters and documents. Personal correspondence of William Jones Rhees and correspondence with Sons of the American Revolution, particularly the chapter at Washington, D.C. Letters and addresses to the United States Pension Bureau contain routine letters regarding pensions or applications. Letters and papers relating to Indian affairs pertain to various Indian agents and factors, including Benjamin Hawkins, William Hull, William Irvine, Return Jonathan Meigs, and others. There are also 134 letters collected chiefly for their autograph value, and receipts for Smithsonian publications. Additional photographs related to the collection are in the photograph collections: photPF 3490-3525; 3555-3577. 
 Extent:  Approx. 4,700 
 Subjects:  Bache, A. D. -- (Alexander Dallas), -- 1806-1867 -- Archives | Schoolcraft, Henry Rowe, -- 1793-1864 -- Archives | Dix, Dorothea Lynde, -- 1802-1887 -- Correspondence | Hawkins, Benjamin, -- 1754-1816 -- Correspondence | Hull, William, -- 1753-1825 -- Correspondence | Irvine, William, -- 1741-1804 -- Correspondence | Meigs, Return Jonathan, -- 1740-1823 -- Correspondence | Smithsonian Institution -- Archives | National Institute for the Promotion of Science -- Archives | Sons of the American Revolution -- Archives | United States. -- Pension Bureau -- Archives | Autographs -- Collectors and collecting -- United States | Indian agents -- Correspondence | Autographs United States | Collections United States | Letters (correspondence) United States | Personal papers United States | Professional papers United States | Documents

Collection:  Huntington Library 
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11Title:  Whittier family collection, 1831-2015 (bulk 1890-1980)   
 Creator:  Whittier (Family) 
 Notes:  This collection consists of company records, correspondence, ephemera, photographs, and audio/visual material related to the Whittier family and company. 
 Extent:  78 plus one folder. 
 Subjects:  Andrews, Abbie Crane | Andrews, Lewis Whiting | Whittier, Donald Williams | Whittier, Leland Keech | Whittier, Mericos, 1867-1925 | Whittier, Nelson Paul | Woodward, Helen Whittier | Yaw, Ellen Beach, -- 1869-1947 | Andrews family | Crane family | Whittier family | Belridge Oil Company | California Star Oil Company | Inca Oil Company | Rodeo Land and Water Company | Shell Oil Company | Nonprofit organizations | Petroleum industry and trade -- California | Real property -- California | Beverly Hills (Calif.) | Kern County (Calif.) | Business records | Clippings (information artifacts) | Documents | Genealogies (histories) | Letters (correspondence) | Photographs | Scrapbooks

Collection:  Huntington Library 
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12Title:  Photographs and Papers of the Avila and Fraters Families, 1859-1917   
 Creator:  Morrison, E. G., -1888 | Rile, H. F., 1860-1949 | Wesner, Michael A. | Wolfenstein, V. (Valentin), 1844-1909 | J.B. Blanchard & Co | Sunbeam Gallery 
 Notes:  A collection of photographs and documents dating from 1859-1917, related to the Avila and Fraters families, their friends, and other native Californio families of Los Angeles. The photographs are mostly studio portraits of individuals and family groups dating from the 1860s-1890s. The collection belonged to Joseph August Fraters (1873-1936) and Petra Avila Fraters (1873-1951), and includes their wedding portrait (1898), portraits of Petra, their children Joaquin and Ysabel, and their house in Los Angeles. There are also three framed photographs of Petra and her parents Felipe Avila (1832-1900) and Prudenciana Ruiz de Avila, and four tintypes. Other people who appear in photographs are: Ernest (Anastacio) Avila; Francisca Avila; Francisco Avila; Hernaldo Avila with his wife Maud C. Gorham (born in Iowa) and four children; Lugarda and Elizabeth Avila (sisters); Luisa Avila; Tomas Avila; Susana Machado Bernard (1839-1907), with five children; T. J. Cordoza; Ernest Gibelin Du Py; Maria Elena Hurlbert; Felipe Lugo; Petra Lugo (Vignes); Serafina Macias; Sacramenta Moulton (daughter of Elijah T. Moulton); Christina Palomares; Concepcion Palomares; Francisca "Pancha" Sepulveda; Ruperto Serrano; and Hortense Yorba. There are several unidentified portraits of men, women and children. Box 2 contains Petra Avila's autograph album (1889-1896), which has handwritten notes, poems and drawings by family members and friends, with color decals of love sentiments attached to some pages. The signers added their Los Angeles neighborhoods after their names: Compton, Vernon, Florence, Green Meadows and Tajuata. Their are entries by Petra's siblings Ernest, Hernaldo, Anastacio, and Carolina Avila; P. [Pedro?] Lugo; and others with surnames that include Van Dorn, Belieu, Palomares, Schulze, Wright, Redding, Fogal, Rivera, Sanchez, Ochoa, Stoppel, Sawyer and Browning. Box 2 also includes the following documents and papers: Los Angeles County tax receipt for 7 dollars (Felipe Avila,1859); communion and confirmation certificates for Ysabel and Anastasio Avila (1875; 1878); a decorative marriage license for Joseph August Fraters and Petra Avila (1898); a wedding announcement for Hortensia Yorba and Porfirio R. Palomares (1901); San Rafael, California Carnival and Street Fair program (1902); a souvenir collection of halftone photographs of San Francisco earthquake ruins; funeral announcement in Spanish for Enrique Abila (Avila); undated clippings; and Graciosa Vejar's Immaculate Heart College graduation announcement (1913) and marriage announcement (to William Pipkin, 1917). There are also 14 programs for minstrel shows and concerts organized and performed by prisoners at San Quentin Prison, 1900-1903. The programs appear to be mimeograph copies with drawings, song titles and names of organizers and performers of the "San Quentin Band" and "San Quentin Minstrel and Comedy Company." Photographers in this collection include: J. B. Blanchard; Chalmers & Wolfe; Faber Photo Company; Frank Hardesty; John Hardy; E. G. Morrison; Parker & Co.; Reed & Connell; H. F. Rile; Rodrigo & Wolfenstein; Al. A. Simmons; Sunbeam Art Gallery; Michael A. Wesner; Valentin Wolfenstein; Boston Railroad Photo Car. 
 Extent:  59 photographs, 1 volume and approximately 50 documents in 2 boxes : chiefly albumen prints (cabinet cards and cartes-de-visite) ; prints 5 x 4 cm-15 x 20 cm; volume 12 x 17 cm. 
 Subjects:  Avila family -- Photographs | Lugo family -- Photographs | Machado family -- Photographs | Palomares family | Vejar family | Yorba family | California State Prison at San Quentin -- History | Minstrel shows | Prisoners -- Recreation -- California | Marriage licenses -- California -- Los Angeles | Mexican Americans -- California -- Los Angeles -- Photographs | Pioneers -- California -- Photographs | Los Angeles (Calif.) -- History -- 19th century | Los Angeles (Calif.) -- History -- 20th century | Autograph albums United States 19th century | Cabinet photographs | Cartes-de-visite (card photographs) | Documents | Ephemera | Photographs | Portraits | Tintypes | Legal documents California 19th century

Collection:  Huntington Library 
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14Title:  Mary Bridges-Adams Collection on British Labour Movement and Russian Socialists, 1905-1939   
 Creator:  Bridges-Adams, Mary. 
 Notes:  The collection consists of Mary Bridges-Adams and Georgii Chicherin materials. The Bridges-Adams papers contain correspondence and documents related to her activity as a labour movement activist and to the Russian Political Prisoners and Exiles Relief Committee in London, the revolutionary movement in Russia, the campaign against repatriation and the right of asylum, and social and educational matters. The correspondence contains letters from prominent people, such as Winston Churchill, Georgii Chicherin, Sir Victor Horsley, Henry Mayers Hyndman, Aleksandra Kollontai, Maksim Litvinov, Edward Lyulph Stanley (Fourth Baron Sheffield), Frances Evelyn Maynard Greville, Countess of Warwick. The remainder of the correspondence includes letters from socialist individuals and organizations. There are also some of Bridges-Adams' writings, printed ephemera, newspaper clippings, and other related materials. The Chicherin papers mostly contain materials related to the time of his emigration and his life in Great Britain. There is correspondence, drafts and copies of speeches and articles, reports, minutes of meetings, accounts for various activities, notes, a few documents related to his deportation, and printed ephemera and newspaper clippings. Chicherin corresponded with a number of prominent people including Robert Applegarth, Sergei Bagotskii, Fenner Brockway, Fedor Dan, Aleksandra Kollontai, A. Lozovskii, Iulii Martov, S. Semkovskii, Philip Snowden. Oversize materials have been separated and stored in Flat box #4 of the Bakhmeteff Archive Flat box collection. References are provided. There are cross-references provided throughout the finding aid. When the cross-reference refers to another item within the same series, the reference includes the specific name or title and box and folder number (this also applies to the references within same subseries). If the cross-reference is to an item in another series, the reference includes the series number, series name, folder title, and box and folder numbers (this also applies to references to the items in another subseries). 
 Extent:  3 (3 1 
 Subjects:  Applegarth, Robert, -- 1834-1924 | Bagot͡skiĭ, S. -- (Sergeĭ), -- 1879-1953 | Brockway, Fenner, -- 1888-1988 | Churchill, Winston, -- 1874-1965 | Chicherin, G. -- (Georgiĭ), -- 1872-1936 | Dan, F. -- (Fedor), -- 1871-1947 | Horsley, Victor, -- Sir, -- 1857-1916 | Hyndman, H. M. -- (Henry Mayers), -- 1842-1921 | Kollontaĭ, A. -- (Aleksandra), -- 1872-1952 | Litvinov, M. M. -- (Maksim Maksimovich), -- 1876-1951 | Lozovskiĭ, A., -- 1878-1952 | Martov, L., -- 1873-1923 | Semkovskiĭ, S | Snowden, Philip Snowden, -- Viscount, -- 1864-1937 | Stanley, Edward Lyulph, -- 1839-1925 | Warwick, Frances Evelyn Maynard Greville, -- Countess of, -- 1861-1938 | Rossiĭskai͡a sot͡sial-demokraticheskai͡a rabochai͡a partii͡a | Education -- Great Britain | Labour Party (Great Britain) | Political activists -- Great Britain | Russians -- Great Britain -- Politics and government | Socialist Movement (Great Britain) | Socialists -- Great Britain | Women political activists -- Great Britain | Women socialists -- Great Britain | Correspondence | Manuscripts | Documents

Collection:  Columbia University 
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15Title:  Babson College's Grace K. Babson Collection of the Works of Sir Isaac Newton: Manuscripts, 1660-1750 (bulk 1660-1726)   
 Creator:  Newton, Isaac, 1642-1727 
 Notes:  Most of the manuscripts in this collection came from Sotheby's 1936 Portsmouth sale of Newton's papers. They include correspondence, research notes, and documents, over 30 of which are in Newton's hand. The collection demonstrates the wide range of Newton's activities: his extensive studies of alchemy and theology, his work for the Royal Mint and the Royal Society, as well as his personal records. Highlights include: "A Treatise or Remarks on Solomon's Temple," with commentary and six sketches of plans and architectural details drawn by Newton, "Praxis," considered one of his most important alchemical manuscripts, and an illustrated alchemical text picturing the Philosopher's Stone. Another notable manuscript is "Lib. Chem," Newton's inventory of over 100 alchemical books in his personal library, with shelf marks. The collection also contains correspondence and documents written by Newton's contemporaries. Of particular note is a letter from Gottfried Leibniz to Nicolas Bernoulli written in June 1713, in which Leibniz entreats Bernoulli to help justify his claim to priority over Newton in the discovery of the calculus. Newton's Representation of the gold, and silver coin, 1717 has been separately cataloged as mssHM 76721, but is housed with this collection. 
 Extent:  54 
 Subjects:  Bernoulli, Nicolas, -- 1687-1759 | Biot, Jean-Baptiste, -- 1774-1862 | Brougham and Vaux, Henry Brougham, -- Baron, -- 1778-1868 | Castillon, Jean, -- 1708-1791 | Mairan, Dortous de, -- 1678-1771 | Flamsteed, John, -- 1646-1719 | George, -- Prince, consort of Anne, Queen of Great Britain, -- 1653-1708 | Hevelius, Johannes, -- 1611-1687 | Hooke, Robert, -- 1635-1703 | Jacquier, Franðcois, -- 1711-1788 | Le Neve, Peter, -- 1661-1729 | Leibniz, Gottfried Wilhelm, -- Freiherr von, -- 1646-1716 | Maupertuis, -- 1698-1759 | Menshikov, Aleksandr Danilovich, -- 1673-1729 | Newton, Isaac, -- 1642-1727 | Newton, John, -- 1651-1734 | Oldenburg, Henry, -- approximately 1615-1677 | Great Britain. -- Royal Mint | Royal Society (Great Britain) | Alchemy -- Early works to 1800 | Coinage -- Great Britain -- Early works to 1800 | Liturgics -- Early works to 1800 | Metals -- Early works to 1800 | Minerals -- Early works to 1800 | Theology, Doctrinal -- Early works to 1800 | Great Britain -- History -- Stuarts, 1603-1714 | Great Britain -- History -- 18th century | Correspondence (letters) | Documents | Notes | Trade cards (advertising)

Collection:  Huntington Library 
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16Title:  Willis M. Hawkins papers, 1949-1998   
 Creator:  Hawkins, Willis M. 
 Notes:  The Willis M. Hawkins Papers, 1920-2009 (80 boxes) document the successful aerospace engineering career of Hawkins at Lockheed, the relationships between industry, military, and government, and the development of airplanes, missile systems, and space vehicles during the second half of the 20th century. Effort was made to maintain the original order in which the collection arrived at The Huntington Library and the arrangement reflects Hawkins' organization of materials largely by subject, project, or organization. The bulk of collection materials date from the 1950s to the early 1990s and consists of correspondence, memoranda, presentation and meeting materials, reports, blueprints, clippings, speeches, writings, and ephemera. The collection is especially rich in correspondence; in addition to Hawkins' incoming and outgoing correspondence is the copied correspondence of other Lockheed executives with whom Hawkins worked closely during his tenure. Hawkins' involvement in consulting and professional organizations was often in conjunction with his role at Lockheed, and researchers should thus be aware that materials are often dispersed through the series. For example, materials related to specific committees are frequently represented in both the Correspondence and Consulting Files Series. 
 Extent:  80 
 Subjects:  Hawkins, Willis M. -- Archives | Aerospace Industries Association of America | Aerospace Technical Council (Aerospace Industries Association of America) | Assembly of Mathematical and Physical Sciences (U.S.). -- Naval Studies Board | Assembly of Mathematical and Physical Sciences (U.S.). -- Space Science Board | Lockheed Aircraft Corporation | Lockheed-California Company | Lockheed Corporation | Lockheed Martin | Lockheed Missiles and Space Company | NASA Advisory Council | National Research Council (U.S.) | National Research Council (U.S.). -- Aeronautics and Space Engineering Board | National Research Council (U.S.). -- Board on Army Science and Technology | United States. -- Army Scientific Advisory Panel | United States. -- National Aeronautics and Space Administration | United States. -- National Aeronautics and Space Administration. -- Aerospace Safety Advisory Panel | Aeronautical engineers -- United States | Aeronautics -- United States | Aerospace engineering -- United States | Aerospace engineers -- United States | Aerospace industries -- Employees | Aerospace industries -- United States | Aircraft industry -- Employees | Aircraft industry -- Military aspects | Aircraft industry -- United States -- History -- 20th century | Airplanes | Airplanes -- Design and construction | Airplanes, Military | Antisubmarine aircraft | Ballistic missiles | Cheyenne (Attack helicopter) | Constellation (Transport planes) | Engineering -- United States | Engineers -- United States | Hydrogen as fuel | Intercontinental ballistic missiles | Jet planes, Military | Liquid hydrogen | Lockheed aircraft | Supersonic transport planes | Stealth aircraft | Burbank (Los Angeles County, Calif.) | California -- History -- 1950- | Awards | Clippings | Documents | Ephemera | Letters (correspondence) | Negatives (photographic) | Photocopies | Photographic prints | Scrapbooks | Technical drawings

Collection:  Huntington Library 
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17Title:  Albert R. Hibbs papers, 1884-2009   
 Creator:  Hibbs, Albert R. 
 Notes:  The Albert R. Hibbs Papers, 1884-2009 (80 boxes) document the personal life and career of Hibbs as a manager and scientist at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), the relationships between JPL, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), and the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), and the development of the solar system exploration programs. Hibbs' consulting work for television and radio programs, Biosphere 2, and Morgantown Area Rapid Transit System (MARTS) are also documented. Although the collection arrived at The Huntington in disarray, original order of the materials was maintained when possible and the arrangement reflects Hibbs' general organization by correspondent, subject, or format of materials. The collection is divided into ten series: Audio Visual Materials, Consulting Files, Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), Notebooks, Personal Files, Photographs and Negatives, Presentations and Speeches, Publications and Writings, Teaching Files, and Oversize. The bulk of collection materials date from 1931 to 1999 and consists of audio and video tapes, clippings, correspondence, memoranda, notes, photographs, publications, speeches, and writings. As the collection is arranged by both subject and format of the materials, researchers should be aware that materials are often dispersed through the series. For example, materials related to specific subjects are frequently represented in the JPL and Notebooks Series; similarly, Hibbs' friendship and collaboration with Roy L. Walford is documented in the Correspondence and Aging Research and Writings subseries of the Personal Series, in the Space Bioshpheres Ventures subseries of the Consulting series, as well as in the Audio Visual Materials Series. Correspondence is also dispersed throughout the series. 
 Extent:  80 
 Subjects:  Hibbs, Albert R. -- Archives | Feynman, Richard P. -- (Richard Phillips), -- 1918-1988 | Walford, Roy L | California Institute of Technology | California Institute of Technology. -- Division of Physics, Mathematics and Astronomy | Earthwatch (Organization) | GeoSphere Project | Jet Propulsion Laboratory (U.S.) | United States. -- Arms Control and Disarmament Agency | United States. -- National Aeronautics and Space Administration | Asteroids | Astronautical laboratories | Biosphere 2 (Project) | Comets | Explorer 1 (Artificial satellite) | Explorer 1 (Artificial satellite) -- Orbit | Kinetic art | Satellite image maps | Satellites | Solar system | Space flight | Space flight to asteroids | Space flight to Jupiter | Space flight to Mars | Space flight to Mercury | Space flight to the moon | Space flight to the moon on television | Space flight to Saturn | Space flight to Venus | Space industrialization | Outer space -- Civilian use | Outer space -- Exploration | Science -- Study and teaching (Elementary) -- United States | Science -- Study and teaching (Higher) -- United States | Science television programs | Surveyor Program (U.S.) | Viking Mars Program (U.S.) | Voyager Project | Chillicothe (Ross County, Ohio) | Pasadena (Calif.) | Audiocassettes | Audiotapes | Astrophotographs | Awards | Cellulose nitrate film | Clippings | Documents | DVDs | Ephemera | Letters (correspondence) | Lithographs | Negatives (photographic) | Photocopies | Photographic prints | Scrapbooks | Space photographs | VHS

Collection:  Huntington Library 
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18Title:  Frances Perkins papers, ca.1895-1965   
 Creator:  Perkins, Frances, 1880-1965 
 Notes:  Correspondence, manuscripts, notes, drafts of speeches, appointment books, subject files, documents, photographs, memorabilia and printed materials. Major correspondents in this collection are: Grace Abbott; Arthur J. Altmeyer; Robert T. Amis; Clara M. Beyer; Maty W. Dewson; James A. Farley; Felix Frankfurter; Warner W. Gardner; Carter Goodrich; William Green; Sidney Hillman; Albert Ford Hinrichs; Cordell Hull; Harold Ickes; Hugh S. Johnson; Paul Kellogg; Mary LaDame; Herbert H. Lehman; Katharine F. Lenroot; John L. Lewis; Isador Lubin; Daniel W. McCormack; Frank W. Persons; Gerard D. Reilly; Eleanor Roosevelt; Franklin Delano Roosevelt; John R. Steelman; Lillian Wald; Henry A. Wallace; L. Metcalf Walling; Leo Wolman; and Mary E. Woolley. The Coggeshall addition must be checked in addition to the main sequence. 
 Extent:  71 170 1 
 Subjects:  Abbott, Grace, -- 1878-1939 | Wallace, Henry Agard, -- 188-1965 | Wald, Lillian D., -- 1867-1940 | Roosevelt, Franklin D. -- (Franklin Delano), -- 1882-1945 | Roosevelt, Eleanor, -- 1884-1962 | Frankfurter, Felix, -- 1882-1965 | Goodrich, Carter, -- 1897-1971 | Green, William | Hull, Cordell, -- 1871-1955 | Lehman, Herbert H. -- (Herbert Henry), -- 1878-1963 | Wandersee, Winifred D | United States. -- Department of Labor | United States Civil Service Commission | New York (State). -- Industrial Commission | Democratic Party (U.S.) | National Consumers' League | Conference of Governors on Unemployment and Other Interstate Industrial Problems -- (1931 : -- Albany, N.Y.) | New Deal, 1933-1939 | Emigration and immigration | Civil defense | State governments -- Officials and employees | World War, 1939-1945 | Women -- Political activity -- New York (State) | Women -- Political activity -- United States | Strikes and lockouts -- United States | Labor unions | Unemployment -- New York (State) | World War, 1939-1945 -- Economic aspects -- United States | Working class -- United States | Civil defense -- United States | New York (State) -- Economic conditions | United States -- Economic conditions -- 1918-1945 | United States -- Economic policy -- 1933-1945 | United States -- Public welfare -- 20th century | Accounts | Addresses | Announcements | Annual reports | Appointment books | Articles | Bibliographies | Biographies | Budgets | Calendars | Calling cards | Carbon copies | Card files | Christmas cards | Documents | Drafts | Drawings | Essays | Fiction | Financial records | Interviews | Lecture notes | Lectures | Lists | Memorabilia | Memorandums | Mimeograph copies | Microfilms | Minutes | Notebooks | Notes | Obituaries | Oral histories | Outlines | Pamphlets | Photographs | Poems | Press releases | Proceedings | Proofs | Reports | Scrapbooks | Scripts | Speeches | Stats | Stories | Summaries | Testimonies

Collection:  Columbia University 
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