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1Title:  Gio. Battista Ramvsio alli lettori ... [table of coordinates from the Arabic geographer Abu al-Fida]   
 Creator:  Abū al-Fidāʼ Ismāʻīl ibn ʻAlī, 1273-1331 | Ramusio, Giovanni Battista, 1485-1557 
 Notes:  Imprint: Venetia : Appresso i Giunti, 1606. "Queste lo[n]gitudine & latitudini, che qui sotto descriueremo, sono state cauate del libro del Signore Abilfada Ismael: vna copia del quale io mi ritrouo nelle mani: & tengo molto chara: et seruiranno ad alcune terre & luoghi nominati nel presente volume à questo sine publicate da noi, accio che'l benigno Lettore gusti in qualche parte della beltà del Libro del predetto Signore Ismael venuto diunamente in luce à nostri tempi." The source of these coordinates was apparently a manuscript of Abu al-Fida's 'Taqwim al-buldan' in the possession of Guillaume Postel (Cf. Destombes, Guillaume Postel cartographe, p. 363). 
 Extent:  fol. 18 
 Subjects:  Coordinates | Early works

Collection:  Newberry Library 
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2Title:  The principles and practice and explanation of the machinery of locomotive engines in operation on the several lines of railway: exemplified in the examples constructed by Bury, Curtis, and Kennedy, Liverpool, T.R. Crampton, London, D. Gooch, Great Western Railway, R. and W. Hawthorn, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, J. Samuel, Eastern Counties Railway, Sharpe Brothers and Co., Manchester, R. Stephenson and Co., Newcastle-upon-Tyne, E. Tayleur and Co., Warrington, with descriptive text : to which are added rules and regulations for the practical management of a locomotive engine, with experiments on the resistance of railway trains, by J. Sewell, Great Western Railway, the dimensions of the locomotive engine boiler in relation to its expansive powers, by R. Armstrong, the consumption of fuel and the evaporation of water, by E. Woods, Liverpool : completing Division A and forming the first volume of the new edition of Tredgold on the steam engine   
 Creator:  Tredgold, Thomas, 1788-1829 | Tredgold, Thomas, 1788-1829 | Weale, John | Hughes and Robinson | United States Patent Office. Scientific Library, 
 Notes:  Volume 2 has title: The principles and practice and explanation of the machinery used in steam navigation; vol. 3: The principles and practice and explanation of the construction of the steam engine. Volume 1: vi, ii, vi, 72, [2], 12, 40, 44, 68, 12, 8, 16, 4 pages, 39 leaves of plates (38 folded); vol. 2, part 1: vi, 340, [2], 42, 52, 19, [1], 5, [3] pages, 2 leaves of plates; vol. 2, part 2: ix pages, 84 leaves of plates (59 folded); vol. 3: x, 4, 32, 44, 52, 4, 8, 8, 68, 8, 15, [1], 32, 8 pages, 101 leaves of plates (63 folded). "Printed by Hughes and Robinson"--Verso of title pages vols. 1-2; "Hughes, printer, vol. 3. Originally published with title: Steam engine, by Thomas Tredgold. London : Printed for J. Taylor, 1827. 
 Extent:  3 volumes in 4, leaves of plates : illustrations ; 32 cm 
 Subjects:  Steam-engines | Locomotives | Early works

Collection:  Smithsonian Institution 
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3Title:  Aristotelis De animalibus historiae libri X: Graece et Latine   
 Alt. Title:  Historia animalium Latin & Greek   
 Creator:  Aristotle | Scaligero, Giulio Cesare, 1484-1558 | Schneider, Johann Gottlob, 1750-1822 | Hahn'sche Hofbuchhandlung 
 Notes:  "Ex Officina Tauchnitziana." Text in Greek with commentary in Latin. Errata: last leaf of volumes 1 & 4. Includes indexes. 
 Extent:  4 volumes ; 22 cm 
 Subjects:  Zoology -- Pre-Linnean works | Early works

Collection:  Smithsonian Institution 
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4Title:  Nova plantarum genera: quae, cum consensu ampl. facult. medicae in regia acad. Upsaliensi   
 Creator:  Linné, Carl von, 1707-1778 | Dassow, Carl Magnus, 1719-1751 | Salvius, Lars, 1706-1773 | Colden, Cadwallader, 1688-1776 
 Publication:  Typis Laurentii Salvii, Holmiae, [1747] 
 Notes:  Also in Linné's Amoenitates academicae, v. 1 [ed. 1] 1749, p. 110-143: [ed. 2] 1749 and ed. 3, 1787, p. 381-417. cf. Hulth, Bibl. Linn. (1907) p. 55. The prefatory letter (p. [2]-[3], 1st group) addressed to Charles d'Horleman, and the letter on the final page (p. [2], 3rd group) signed by Nicolaus Aurelius, are both written in French. "Corollarium continens nova, in morbis specifica dicta medicamenta, ex Tr. de Plantis Coldinghamensibus in provincia Noveboracensi Americes conscr. 1742. a Codwald Colden": p. [1] (3rd group). Head- and tail-pieces. Includes bibliographical references. Signatures: )(⁴ (-)(4) A-D⁴ E² (-E2). 
 Extent:  [6], 32, [2] p. ; 22 cm., in portfolio 26 cm. (4to) 
 Subjects:  Botany -- Pre-Linnean works | Early works

Collection:  Smithsonian Institution 
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5Title:  Geographical tables of the divisions of the world   
 Creator:  Berry, William, active 1669-1708 
 Notes:  Imprint: London : Berry, 1680. 
 Extent:  1 table ; 57 x 45 cm 
 Subjects:  Geography | Tables | Early works

Collection:  Newberry Library 
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6Title:  Geographical tables of the divisions of Asia   
 Creator:  Berry, William, active 1669-1708 
 Notes:  Imprint: London : Berry, 1680. 
 Extent:  1 table ; 57 x 45 cm 
 Subjects:  Asia | Geography | Tables | Early works

Collection:  Newberry Library 
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7Title:  Geographical tables of the divisions of Africa   
 Creator:  Berry, William, active 1669-1708 
 Notes:  Imprint: London : Berry, 1680. 
 Extent:  1 table ; 57 x 45 cm 
 Subjects:  Africa | Geography | Tables | Early works

Collection:  Newberry Library 
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8Title:  Christian Friedrich Damberger's Landreise in das innere von Afrika: vom Vorgebirge der guten Hoffnung durch die Kassarey, die kèonigreiche Mataman, Angola, Massi, Monoemugi, Muschako u.a.m. ; ferner durch die wèuste Sahara und die nèordliche Barbarey bis nach Marocco. ; In den Jahren 1781 bis 1797. Zwey Theile. Mit Karte und colorirten Kupfern   
 Creator:  Taurinius, Zacharias. | Goldbach, C. F. (Christoph Friedrich), 1763-1811 | Geissler, Christian Gottfried Heinrich, 1770-1844 | Martini, Gottfried | Freeman, Arthur, 1938- | Freeman, Janet Ing | Physikalisch-èOkonomische Gesellschaft zu Kèonigsberg | Bibliotheca Fictiva: The Arthur & Janet Freeman Collection of Literary & Historical Forgery 
 Publication:  bey Gottfried Martini, Leipzig, 1801. 
 Notes:  Damberger is a pseudonym for Zacharias Taurinus. Copper engravings signed "G. Geissler fec." "Erklèarung der karte" (p. 271-278) and folded map signed C.F. Goldbach. Each part has its own t.p. The first complete edition of a fictitious voyage, written in collaboration with a certain "Magister Junge." 
 Extent:  2 v. in 1 ([1] blank leaf, [1] leaf of plates, vi, 218, 278, [3] leaves of plates, [1] blank leaf : ill., col. plates, folded col. map ; 22 cm. 
 Subjects:  Voyages, Imaginary | Early works

Collection:  Johns Hopkins University Library 
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9Title:  Italian recipe book   
 Creator:  Leoni, Antonio 
 Publication:  Special Collections 1749 
 Extent:  0.1 Cubic Feet 
 Subjects:  Cookbooks | Cooking | Early works | Italy

Collection:  Johns Hopkins University Library 
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10Title:  A compleat view of episcopacy, as exhibited from the fathers of the Christian church, until the close of the second century: containing an impartial account of them, of their writings, and of what they say concerning bishops and presbyters : with observations, and remarks, tending to shew, that they esteemed these one and the same order of ecclesiastical officers : in answer to those, who have represented it as a certain fact, universally handed down, even from the apostles days, that governing and ordaining authority was exercised by such bishops only, as were of an order superior to presbyters   
 Creator:  Chauncy, Charles, 1705-1787 | American Imprint Collection (Library of Congress) 
 Publication:  Printed by Daniel Kneeland, Boston, 1771. 
 Notes:  Signatures: [A]⁴ B-3P⁴ (3P4 verso blank). Error in paging: p. 272 misnumbered 722. Includes bibliographical references. Errata on p. 474. 
 Extent:  x, xiv, 15-474, [4] p. ; 21 cm. (8vo) 
 Subjects:  Episcopacy -- Early works to 1800 | Episcopacy | Early works

Collection:  Yale University 
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11Title:  Selected writings of Thomas Paine   
 Alt. Title:  Works. Selections. 2014   
 Creator:  Paine, Thomas, 1737-1809 | Shapiro, Ian | Calvert, Jane E., 1970- 
 Notes:  Includes bibliographical references and index. 
 Extent:  676 pages cm. 
 Subjects:  Political science -- Early works to 1800 | Early works

Collection:  Yale University 
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12Title:  Dixieme lettre ecrite à l'occasion, des miracles   
 Creator:  Voltaire, 1694-1778 
 Publication:  s.n, Genève, 1765] 
 Notes:  Half-title. Voltaire's tenth letter on Questions sur les miracles. Final page is blank. 
 Extent:  7, [1] p. ; 18 cm (8vo) 
 Subjects:  Miracles -- Early works to 1800 | Early works

Collection:  Yale University 
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13Title:  The Vertues [sic] of coffee   
 Creator:  Bodleian Library 
 Publication:  Reprinted at the Bodleian Library over against the King's Arms, Oxford, 1958. 
 Notes:  Two pamphlets, each having its own t.p. 
 Extent:  12 unnumbered pages ; 22 cm 
 Subjects:  Coffee -- Early works to 1800 | Coffee | Early works

Collection:  Yale University 
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14Title:  La vniuersal fabrica del mondo   
 Creator:  Anania, Giovanni Lorenzo d', approximately 1545- | Cacchi, Giuseppe, active 1568-1593 
 Publication:  Appresso Gioseppe Cacchij dell'Aquila, In Napoli, MDLXXIII [1573] 
 Notes:  In four parts, each with separate pagnation and signatures. "Con l'autorità de i Superiori." Signatures: a⁴ A-V⁴ X², ²A-L⁴, ³A-F⁴, ⁴A-E⁴ (³F4 blank). Woodcut device on title page, woodcut head-pieces, historiated initials. Printed marginal notes. Part 4, leaves 1-20, 6th count, describes the New World. Errata, leaves [5-6], 1st count. 
 Extent:  [6], 82, 44, 23, [3], 20 leaves ; 21 cm (4to) 
 Subjects:  Geography -- Early works to 1800 | Early works

Collection:  Yale University 
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15Title:  An essay towards an history of dancing: in which the whole art and its various excellencies are in some measure explain'd : Containing the several sorts of dancing, antique and modern, werious, scenical, grotesque, &c. with the use of it as an exercise, qualification, diversion, &c   
 Creator:  Weaver, John, 1673-1760 | Tonson, Jacob, 1656?-1736 
 Publication:  Printed for Jacob Tonson at Shakespear's-Head over-against Catherine-street in the Strand, London, 1712. 
 Extent:  [8], 172 pages ; 18 cm 
 Subjects:  Dance -- Early works to 1800 | Dance | Early works

Collection:  Yale University 
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16Title:  Les dix livres d'architecture de Vitruve: corrigez et tradvits nouvellement en françois, avec des notes & des figures   
 Alt. Title:  De architectura. French   
 Creator:  Vitruvius Pollio. | Perrault, Claude, 1613-1688 | Scotin, G. (Gérard), 1643-1715 | Edelinck, Gérard, 1640-1707 | Banck, Pieter van der, 1649-1697 | Le Clerc, Sébastien, 1637-1714 | Gantrel, Etienne, 1646-1706 | Tournier, Georges. | Grignon, Jacques. | Patigny, Jean. | Pitau, Nicholas. | Chocat de Grandmaison, Daniel, 1705-1783 | Baumont, Gabriel Le Lieupure | Burndy Library 
 Publication:  Chez Jean Baptiste Coignard, A Paris, M.DC.LXXIII [1673] 
 Notes:  First edition of the translation and commentary by Claude Perrault. Engraved half title included in pagination. Error in paging: pages 234-237 repeated in numbering. Half title signed: S. le Clerc inuentor, G. Scotin sculp. Engraved Royal arms on t.p.; engraved head- and tail-pieces, initials. Some of the engravings are signed: S. Le Clerc, G. Edelinck, P. Van der Banck, Grignon, Tournier, N. Pitau, E. Gantrel, G. Scotin. Errata: page [15], 3rd page group. Signatures: pi², ²pi² a̋1 ³pi1 i̋1 A-Q² R1 S-2K² 2L1 2M-2S² 2T1 2V-4T². Includes index. 
 Extent:  10 preliminary leaves, 325 [i.e. 329], [17] pages illustrations (engravings, woodcuts), diagrams 44 cm (folio) 
 Subjects:  Architecture -- Early works to 1800 | Early works

Collection:  Smithsonian Institution 
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17Title:  Traité élémentaire de la coupe des pierres, ou, Art du trait: ouvrage dans lequel on enseigne à tracer & à tailler   
 Creator:  Simonin, active 1792 | Delagardette, C. M. (Claude Mathieu), 1762-1805 | Joubert, F. E. (François Etienne), active 19th century | Moisy, Alexandre, 1763-approximately 1827 
 Publication:  Chez Joubert, graveur, marchand d'estampes, A Paris, MDCCXCII [1792]. 
 Notes:  Added engraved t.p. The plates are signed: Simonin inv.; Moisy sculp. Title and text printed within a double-rule border. Tail-pieces. Signatures: [A]⁴ B-K⁴ (leaf K4 blank). Includes bibliographical references. 
 Extent:  [4], 74 pages, xlix leaves of plates : illustrations ; 31 cm (4to) 
 Subjects:  Stone-cutting -- Early works to 1800 | Early works

Collection:  Smithsonian Institution 
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18Title:  Traité expérimental de l'électricité et du magnétisme, et de leurs rapports avec les phénomènes naturels: atlas, pour la seconde partie du 5e volume, le 6e et le 7e volume   
 Creator:  Becquerel, (Antoine César)M, 1788-1878 
 Extent:  28 leaves plates : illustrations ; 28 x 44 cm 
 Subjects:  Electricity -- Early works to 1850 | Magnetism | Early works

Collection:  Smithsonian Institution 
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19Title:  Des monstres et prodiges   
 Creator:  Paré, Ambroise, 1510?-1590 | Céard, Jean | Beckwith, J. Bruce, 1933- | Browning, Nancy Gay | Beckwith-Browning-Peterson Teratology Collection (Smithsonian Libraries) | Librairie Droz 
 Notes:  Includes bibliographical references (pages 203-217) and index. Bibliographical and critical edition of Paré's Monstres et Prodiges. The initial section reviews the history and sources of the text, revealing Céard's unparalleled mastery of 16th century literature related to teratology. Paré's text is based upon the chapter in the 1585 French edition of the collected works, the last published during Paré's lifetime. That chapter is compared on a word-for-word basis with all previous French editions, with extensive annotation. The 77 woodcuts from this section of the 1585 edition of Paré's works are also reproduced. Other illustrations include a reproduction of the title page of the 1573 first edition of this work, and 4 woodcuts from other books on monsters published later in the 16th century. The introduction provides insight into the background and bibliographic history of this work, and a glossary of obsolete French words used in the text. Malgaigne's otherwise excellent edition of Paré's collected works is criticized for its treatment of this chapter. 
 Extent:  L, 239 pages : illustrations ; 27 cm. 
 Subjects:  Abnormalities, Human -- Early works to 1800 | Early works

Collection:  Smithsonian Institution 
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20Title:  Generation of animals   
 Alt. Title:  Generation of animals. English & Greek   
 Creator:  Aristotle | Peck, A. L. (Arthur Leslie), 1902-1974 | Beckwith, J. Bruce, 1933- | Browning, Nancy Gay | Aristotle. | Beckwith-Browning-Peterson Teratology Collection (Smithsonian Libraries) 
 Notes:  Latin title: De animalium generatione. Side notes. Includes bibliographical references and index. 
 Extent:  [iv], v-lxxxii, 607, [1], 8 pages ; 17 cm. 
 Subjects:  Reproduction | Zoology -- Pre-Linnean works | Early works

Collection:  Smithsonian Institution 
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