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1Title:  Homosexuals today   
 Creator:  Rubin, Isadore. 
 Publication:  Health Publications, New York, 1965. 
 Notes:  Includes bibliographical references. 
 Extent:  vi, 112 p. : ill. ; 22 cm. 
 Subjects:  Homosexuality | Gays

Collection:  Yale University 
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2Title:  The trouble with normal : sex, politics, and the ethics of queer life / Michael Warner.   
 Creator:  Warner, Michael, 1958- 
 Publication:  Cambridge, Mass. : Harvard University Press, 2003, ©1999.  
 Extent:  ix, 227 pages ; 22 cm 
 Subjects:  Sexual ethics | Homosexuality | Gays

Collection:  Wellcome Collection 
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3Title:  The quorum : a magazine of friendship / a facsimile edition with an introduction by Timothy d'Arch Smith.   
 Creator:  D'Arch Smith, Timothy, 1936- 
 Publication:  [New York?] : Asphodel Editions, 2001.  
 Extent:  14, 38 pages : facsimiles ; 27 cm 
 Subjects:  Gays | 20th century | Great Britain

Collection:  Wellcome Collection 
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4Title:  Conduct unbecoming: lesbians and gays in the U.S. military : Vietnam to the Persian Gulf   
 Creator:  Shilts, Randy. 
 Publication:  St. Martin's Press, New York, 1993. 
 Notes:  Includes bibliographical references and index. 
 Extent:  xiv, 784 p. ; 24 cm. 
 Subjects:  Gays | Homosexuality | Gays in the military -- United States

Collection:  Newberry Library 
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5Title:  Same sex: debating the ethics, science, and culture of homosexuality   
 Creator:  Corvino, John, 1969- 
 Publication:  Rowman & Littlefield, Lanham, Md, c1997. 
 Notes:  Includes bibliographical references (p. 345-382) and index. 
 Extent:  xxvii, 394 p. ; 24 cm. 
 Subjects:  Homosexuality | Homosexuality -- Moral and ethical aspects | Gays | Gay rights

Collection:  NY Academy of Medicine 
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6Title:  A man in leggings sits looking at a book on the floor advertising L'Androgyne, an organisation dedicated to gay and lesbian literature in Montréal, Quebec. Lithograph.   
 Publication:  Montréal (3642 St Laurent, 2e étage, Montréal [Quebec]) : L'Androgyne, [198-?]  
 Extent:  1 print : lithograph ; sheet 45.7 x 32.9 cm 
 Subjects:  Lesbians | Gays | Literature | Montréal (Québec)

Collection:  Wellcome Collection 
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7Title:  Gay portraits: a book of postcards   
 Creator:  Wilson, Robert A. (Robert Alfred), 1922-2016 | Robert A. Wilson Gertrude Stein Collection 
 Extent:  2 unnumbered pages, 30 unnumbered leaves of plates : portraits ; 13 x 18 cm 
 Subjects:  Gays -- Portraits | Postcards | Portrait photography | Gays | Portrait photography | Postcards | Portraits

Collection:  Johns Hopkins University Library 
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8Title:  Sodome   
 Creator:  Argis, Henri d' | Verlaine, Paul, 1844-1896 
 Publication:  Alphonse Piaget, Paris, 1888. 
 Extent:  x, 283 pages ; 19 cm 
 Subjects:  Intersex people -- Fiction | Gays -- Fiction | Gays | Intersex people | Fiction

Collection:  Johns Hopkins University Library 
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9Title:  Strange brother   
 Creator:  Niles, Blair | Banned Books Collection (University of Pennsylvania) 
 Notes:  The Cushing Library/Women & Gender Studies copy was acquired as part of The Don Kelly Research Collection of Gay Literature and Culture. 
 Extent:  341 pages ; 20 cm 
 Subjects:  Gays -- Fiction | Gays | Gay fiction | Fiction | Gay fiction | CHR 1949

Collection:  University of Pennsylvania 
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10Title:  Contak : adults only. No.9, 10/-.   
 Publication:  London : [publisher not identified], 1969.  
 Extent:  33 pages : black and white illustrations ; 22 cm 
 Subjects:  Sex | Small-space advertising | Personals | Heterosexuals | Gays | Lesbians | Bisexuals

Collection:  Wellcome Collection 
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11Title:  Details of the Billy Boy Festival II on Friday 1 September 1995 at the "Alten Schlachthof" ("Old Slaughterhouse") in Berlin. Lithograph.   
 Publication:  [Berlin] : [publisher not identified], [19]95.  
 Extent:  1 print : lithograph, printed in black on red ; sheet 61 x 42.9 cm 
 Subjects:  AIDS (Disease) | AIDS (Disease) - Prevention | Festivals | Gays | Berlin (Germany)

Collection:  Wellcome Collection 
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12Title:  A black and white target circle with a pink centre and the message in French: "Homosexuals: 20,000 live in anger" representing an advertisement for a gay pride event organised by ACT UP on Saturday 22 June, 1996. Colour lithograph.   
 Publication:  [Paris] : ACT UP, [19]96.  
 Extent:  1 print : lithograph, printed in black, white and pink ; sheet 40 x 59.9 cm 
 Subjects:  AIDS (Disease) | AIDS (Disease) - Prevention | Gays | Anger | Paris (France)

Collection:  Wellcome Collection 
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13Title:  A red rose with an open mouth baring fangs at the centre, surrounded by blackened thorny rose leaves, representing a response to insults directed at homosexuals; an advertisement for a 'Queer-Party' on 31 December 1994 at S036 in Berlin. Colour lithograph.   
 Publication:  [Berlin] (Oranienstr. 190) : S036, [19]94.  
 Extent:  1 print : lithograph, printed in colours ; sheet 58.6 x 41.8 cm 
 Subjects:  New Year | Benefit performances | Gays | Homophobia | Roses | Berlin (Germany)

Collection:  Wellcome Collection 
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14Title:  A green field littered with a variety of figures with fireworks representing a celebration of Canberra's gay and lesbian community by the AIDS Action Council and Department of Health and Community Care. Colour lithograph by Kath McCann, 1995.   
 Publication:  [Canberra, Australia] : AIDS Action Council : Department of Health and Community Care [Canberra], '95[1995]  
 Extent:  1 print : lithograph, printed in colours ; sheet 59.3 x 41.8 cm 
 Subjects:  AIDS (Disease) | AIDS (Disease) - Prevention | Gays | Lesbians | Canberra (A.C.T.)

Collection:  Wellcome Collection 
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15Title:  Profile of a man with information about a drop-in group for Latino gay men; advertisement by the Latino AIDS Project. Lithograph.   
 Creator:  San Francisco (Calif.). Department of Public Health. 
 Publication:  [California] : Latino AIDS Project, [between 1990 and 1999]  
 Extent:  1 print : lithograph ; sheet 43.1 x 35.4 cm 
 Subjects:  AIDS (Disease) | Latin Americans | Gays | Helplines | Self-help groups | California

Collection:  Wellcome Collection 
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16Title:  We've been here all along: Wisconsin's early gay history   
 Creator:  Wagner, R. Richard(Sociologist) 
 Notes:  "The first of two groundbreaking volumes on gay history in Wisconsin. We've Been Here All Along provides an illuminating and nuanced picture of Wisconsin's gay history from the reporting on the Oscar Wilde trials of 1895 to the landmark Stonewall Riots of 1969. Throughout these decades, gay Wisconsinites developed identities, created support networks, and found ways to thrive in their communities despite various forms of suppression--from the anti-vice crusades of the early twentieth century to the post-war labeling of homosexuality as an illness to the Lavender Scare of the 1950s. In We've Been Here All Along, R. Richard Wagner draws on historical research and materials from his own extensive archive to uncover previously hidden stories of gay Wisconsinites. This book honors their legacy and confirms that they have been foundational to the development and evolution of the state since its earliest days"-- "Much of gay history as recorded and written appears to happen only on the coasts. Without denying the significance of developments in major cities on the coasts, there remains a largely untold story of gay history in the upper Midwest. And the Wisconsin gay community's roots extend back to the pre-Stonewall era. Positive identity affirmation and the establishing of social networks during that time would lead to astounding accomplishments in both state and national gay rights after Stonewall. In 1982 the state would pass the nation's first gay rights bill, the result of decades of activism, nonpartisan political efforts, and the support of the church. This first volume in a two-book history tells the stories of those pre-Stonewall efforts"-- Includes bibliographical references (pages 364-414) and index. 
 Extent:  431 pages : illustrations, map ; 24 cm 
 Subjects:  Gays -- Wisconsin -- History | Homosexuality -- Wisconsin -- History | Gay community -- Wisconsin -- History | Gay community | Gays | Homosexuality | Wisconsin | History

Collection:  Newberry Library 
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17Title:  AIDS, identity, and community: the HIV epidemic and lesbians and gay men   
 Creator:  Herek, Gregory M. | Greene, Beverly. | Society for the Psychological Study of Lesbian and Gay Issues 
 Publication:  Sage Publications, Thousand Oaks, Calif, c1995. 
 Notes:  "Sponsored by the Society for the Psychological Study of Lesbian and Gay Issues, Division 44 of the American Psychological Association." Includes bibliographical references and index. 
 Extent:  xii, 239 p. ; 24 cm. 
 Subjects:  Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome | HIV Infections | Homosexuality | Social Conditions | AIDS (Disease) -- Social aspects | Gays

Collection:  NY Academy of Medicine 
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18Title:  A red ribbon with a message to keep up the fight against AIDS by the AIDS Committee of Toronto. Colour lithograph, 1993.   
 Creator:  AIDS Committee of Toronto. 
 Publication:  Toronto (P.O. Box 55, Station F, Toronto, Ontario, M4& 2L4) : AIDS Committee of Toronto, [1993]  
 Extent:  1 print : lithograph, printed in red and purple ; sheet 60.5 x 33.9 cm 
 Subjects:  AIDS (Disease) | HIV infections | Safe sex in AIDS prevention | Gays | Lesbians | Toronto (Ont.)

Collection:  Wellcome Collection 
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19Title:  A hand behind a microphone with erect penises as fingers, the central finger wearing a condom; advertising safe sex for lesbians and homosexuals. Colour lithograph for the SAD Schorer Stichting.   
 Creator:  Schorerstichting. 
 Publication:  [Amsterdam] : SAD Schorer Stichting, [between 1990 and 1999]  
 Extent:  1 print : lithograph, printed in brown and pink on black ; sheet 65 x 46.4 cm 
 Subjects:  AIDS (Disease) | Safe sex in AIDS prevention | Penis | Condoms | Lesbians | Gays | Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Collection:  Wellcome Collection 
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20Title:  The sun wearing a headband with a star, against a backdrop of hearts; advertising a Christopher Street Day Gala in Cologne on 7 July 1995. Colour lithograph by Gerhard Malcherek, 1995.   
 Publication:  Köln : Produktion: Agentur Helmut Sohnle, 1995.  
 Extent:  1 print : lithograph, printed in colours ; sheet 59.4 x 41.9 cm 
 Subjects:  AIDS (Disease) | AIDS (Disease) - Prevention | Festivals | Parties | Lesbians | Gays | Cologne (Germany)

Collection:  Wellcome Collection 
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