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1Title:  A common place book upon the plan recommended and practised by John Locke, Esq. : manuscript, 1823   
 Creator:  Walker, Sears Cook, 1805-1853 
 Notes:  Printed title page and front matter. Imprint (Boston: Published by Cummings and Hilliard, 1821). Primarily used to record notes on a wide variety of subjects including Quakers, morality, logic, Napoleon, dueling, electricity, and Turks. The first six pages have printed instructions for creating and using a commonplace book. The succeeding 29 pages provide an index for the material on the following pages. Pages 238-247 include written longitude and latitude recordings for Philadelphia and other American cities. 
 Extent:  1 
 Subjects:  Hybrid books | Commonplace books | Manuscripts, American -- 19th century

Collection:  University of Pennsylvania 
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2Title:  [Hybrid book of letters of Poliziano, Symmachus, and Laudinus]   
 Creator:  Poliziano, Angelo, 1454-1494 | Symmachus, Quintus Aurelius, ca. 340-402 | Laudiviode Vezzano | MehmedII, Sultan of the Turks, 1432-1481 | Martens, Thierry, 1450?-1534 | Schott, Johann, 1477-1548 | Cuntius, Leonhardus | Jahn, Otto, 1813-1869 | Schennis, Friederich de, 1852-1918 
 Notes:  Collection of two published works with manuscript additions related to one of the works and manuscript annotations. The letters of Poliziano that comprise just over half the volume were published by Theodericus Martini (Thierry Martens) in Antwerp in 1514 and include letters to numerous Italian humanists, church officials, and secular leaders. Recipients include Lorenzo de' Medici (referred to in the letter as Poliziano's patron), Piero de' Medici, Giovanni Pico della Mirandola, Ludovico Sforza (Duke of Milan), Iacopo Antiquari (secretary to Ludovico Sforza), Aldo Manuzio, Jacopo Ammannati Piccolomini (Cardinal of Pavia), Francesco Piccolomini (Cardinal of Siena, later Pope Pius III), and Pope Innocent VIII. Following the printed text are manuscript copies, a few years earlier than the printed letters, of 17 letters to Poliziano or between friends of Poliziano, most of whom are represented in the printed collection, such as John II of Portugal, Lorenzo de' Medici, Ludovico Sforza, Iacopo Antiquari, Innocent VIII, Francisco Piccolomini, Battista Guarini, and Marco Lucido Fazini. The manuscript section also includes 2 orations by Poliziano. The second published work, issued by Johann Schott in Strasbourg in 1510, presents letters of the 4th-century Roman statesman Symmachus and the supposed correspondence of Mehmed II, Sultan of the Turks, written by the humanist Laudinus, also known as Laudivio de Vezzano, a popular work first published in 1473. Early annotations in 1 or 2 hands in red ink appear throughout volume except in the letters of Symmachus, dated 1511 at the end of the manuscript letters and 1512 at the end of the second published work. Many of the annotations are literary in nature, highlighting references to classical authors or proverbs and adages in the text. Later annotations added in pencil and red pencil. Title supplied by cataloger. Foliation: Paper, ii + 208 + iii; [1-208]; contemporary foliation in pencil, lower right recto. Layout: Manuscript letters written in 27-33 long lines and frame-ruled in red ink. Script: Manuscript letters written in a Gothic cursive script. Decoration: Underlining in red ink; initials touched with red ink; rubrication in red ink in manuscript letters; annotation in red ink except in Symmachus, including numerous manicules in manuscript letters; 2 later, more elaborate manicules (f. 44v, 77r). Binding: Contemporary stamped pigskin over wooden boards with a clasp; Politianus Sym[m]achus written on spine in ink in early hand. Origin: Manuscript letters copied ca. 1511 (f. 125v); annotations on last work dated 1512 (f. 208v); and first work annotated in or after 1514 (publication date). 
 Extent:  208 leaves : paper ; bound to 219 x 155 mm. 
 Subjects:  Humanism -- Italy | Hybrid books | Annotations | Manuscripts, Latin -- 16th century | Manuscripts, Renaissance

Collection:  University of Pennsylvania 
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3Title:  Speculum perfectionis vene[rabilis]. Fr[ater]. Henrici Hierp   
 Alt. Title:  Spieghel der volcomenheit. Latin   
 Creator:  Herp, Hendrik, ca. 1400-1477 | Nicolini da Sabbio, Giovanni Antonio | Lorio, Lorenzo, d. 1545 
 Publication:  Per Ioan. Antonium & fratres de Sabio, Sumptu & requisitione Laurentii Lorii, Venetiis, MDxxiiij [1524] 
 Notes:  Place of printing and printers' and publisher's names from colophon on leaf O10r, which reads: Venetiis per Ioan. Antonium & fratres de Sabio. Sumptu & requisitione Laurentii Lorii. M. D. XXIIII. Signatures: [Maltese cross]⁴ A-N⁸ O¹⁰. Register on leaf O10r. Title within woodcut border; woodcut illustration and initials. Preceding this work are 8 ms. leaves containing a preface on holiness in nuns and poems attributed to Denis (Dionysus) Faucher on religious life and 2 full-page illuminations, one of a nun on the cross above a 4-line verse titled Ad scholasticam (f. 1r) and one of a skull surrounded by bones and flowers (f. 3r), both surrounded by text passages on scrolls; following the work are 8 ms. leaves of poems on the religious life, including a hymn to Saint Catherine (f. 9r-10r). These 16 ms. leaves are ruled and rubricated in red with paragraph marks in red or blue and 1- or 2-line initials in red or blue. For a fuller description of the ms. portion of this item, see record for: Faucher, Denis. Poems on monastic life. Italy, after 1524. 
 Extent:  [236] p. : ill. ; 15 cm. (8vo) 
 Subjects:  Christian life -- Early works to 1800 | CHR 1524 | Hybrid books

Collection:  University of Pennsylvania 
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4Title:  [Hybrid compendium of Ostfriesland history]   
 Creator:  Oldenhove, C. | Oldenhove, Carl | Franzius, Thomas, 1563-1614 | Christine CharlottePrincess of Ostfriesland, 1645-1699 
 Publication:  Ostfriesland, after 1718] 
 Notes:  Ms. codex. Collection of printed and manuscript works concerning the history of Ostfriesland, primarily copies of official documents. A table of contents listing both printed and manuscript items, probably in the same hand as most of the manuscript items, is at the front of the volume (f. iii verso). The manuscript items concern the balance of power in Ostfriesland, with consideration of the court (Hofgericht), chancellery (Cantzleij), estates (whose owners were the leaders of the Landtag), and the sovereign (the prince Georg Albrecht or the princess and guardian Christina Charlotte, depending on the date of the document). These complement the printed items, which have similar concerns but also document the privileges granted to the Frisians by the Holy Roman Emperors. The writer of the 1910 inscription about C. Oldenhove (f. 464r) also added several pages of notes on Frisian history at the end of the volume in Latin, with citations from scholarly or official sources (f. 456r-463v). Title supplied by cataloger. Foliation: Paper, 467; [i-iii, 1-212, 213-366 (contemporary pagination 1-264, 267-309), 367-374 (blank), 375-464]; modern foliation in pencil, lower right recto. Layout: Manuscript leaves written in 20-23 long lines. Script: Manuscript leaves written in German cursive script in the hand of C. Oldenhove (note dated 1910, f. 464r). Binding: 18th-century mottled calf, blind-tooled and -stamped, rebacked; lower cover detached. Origin: Written in Ostfriesland after 1718 (date of latest document copied, f. 213r). 
 Extent:  467 leaves : paper ; 196 x 148 mm. bound to 206 x 176 mm. 
 Subjects:  Ostfriesland (Germany) -- History -- Sources | Codices | Reports | Hybrid books | Manuscripts, German -- 18th century | Manuscripts, European

Collection:  University of Pennsylvania 
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5Title:  Historia periucunda sanctissime matris Anne   
 Creator:  Agricola, Rodolphus, 1443?-1485 | Thanner, Jakob, fl. 1498-1529 
 Publication:  Impressa [per] Jacobu[m] Thanner ... ciuem Liptzensem, Leipzig], Anno salutis dominice Millesimo qui[n]gentesimo septi[m]o [1507] 
 Notes:  Imprint from colophon on leaf B4r, which reads: Impressa [per] Jacobu[m] thanner calcographu[m] atq[ue] ciuem Liptzensem. ipso die Seueri Episcopi Anno salutis dominice Millesimo qui[n]gentesimo septi[m]o. Signatures: A⁶ B⁴. Without pagination. Bound in following this printed work are 5 late-15th-century ms. leaves containing a table of Greek letters and information on Greek diphthongs and the Grecismus Cornutus, a treatise in Latin verse on Greek grammar and words similar to the Grecismus attributed to John of Garland, with numerous interlinear notes and perhaps metrical divisions. For a fuller description of the ms. portion of this item, see record for: Grecismus Cornutus ... etc. Leipzig or Erfurt?, ca. 1475-1507. 
 Extent:  [20] p. ; 22 cm. (4to) 
 Subjects:  Anne -- (Mother of the Virgin Mary), Saint -- Early works to 1800 | CHR 1507 | Hybrid books

Collection:  University of Pennsylvania 
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6Title:  The manuscript receipt book and household treasury, circa 1870-1874   
 Creator:  Friends of the Library Endowment Fund | Amy Comegys Memorial Fund 
 Notes:  A printed volume with a title page, preface, table of contents, and sections with blank ruled pages used for recording recipes. The volume was published in Philadelphia by Claxton, Remsen & Haffelfinger, second edition, 1870. Illustrations for each of the twenty-two categories appear at the beginning of each section followed by blank pages. The categories in the volume are listed in the table of contents as follows: soups; fish; meats; game and poultry; made dishes; oysters, etc.; salads of all kinds; vegetables; sauces; bread, breakfast and tea cakes; plain sweet cakes; fancy cakes; pastry; puddings; dishes for dessert; preserves, marmalades, jellies, etc.; pickles; wines and cordials; beverages; potting and collaring; useful receipts; medicinal receipts. A small collection of handwritten recipes by an unknown compiler are in the volume under the following categories: soup; game and poultry; bread, breakfast and tea cakes; plain sweet cakes; fancy cakes; puddings; and dishes for dessert. The recipes are noted with dates ranging from 1867 to 1874 and some are attributed to Mary B. McQuhae-Falck of Elmira, New York. Laid in the volume are two folded leaves with eight handwritten recipes. One recipe is for soft gingerbread and the others are for cakes. There is one small clipping laid in the volume. The title page is in red and black with an illustrated border. A quotation is under each section illustration. "Household treasury" is stamped in gold on the front cover and spine. 
 Extent:  1 
 Subjects:  Cooking, American -- 19th century | Codices | Cookbooks | Recipes | Blankbooks | Hybrid books | Manuscripts, American -- 19th century

Collection:  University of Pennsylvania 
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7Title:  [Hybrid Hebrew prayerbook]   
 Creator:  Aboḥboṭ, Maimon ben Avraham, 1800-1875 | Azulai, Hayyim Joseph David, 1724-1806 | Ṭoledano, Ḥaviv, approximately 1800-1870 | Cassuto, Alfonso, 1910-1990 | Alfonso Cassuto Collection (University of Pennsylvania) 
 Publication:  Angra do Heroísmo, Terceira, 1851-1873. 
 Notes:  Manuscript prayers and hymns copied by Maimon Aboḥboṭ, bound before and after and interleaved with a Sephardic prayerbook titled Tefilat ha-ḥodesh including prayers and commentary by Hayyim Joseph David Azulai and additions by Ḥaviv Ṭoledano, published in Livorno in 1843 or 1844. Annotated with manicules and some marginal notes, including a Jewish calendar for the years 5631-5634 (1870 or 1871-1873 or 1874). A manuscript table of contents lists the manuscript additions before and after the printed text. Ms. codex. Title supplied by cataloger. Foliation: Paper, 304; [1-304], modern foliation in pencil, lower left recto; this foliation is continuous through both manuscript and printed materials. References in this record are to modern foliation. Manuscript leaves at the beginning (f. 2-19) and end (f. 284-296) have contemporary pagination in ink, 1-36 and 37-62 respectively, upper outer corners or upper center; these are the page numbers used in the left column of the partial table of contents at the front of the volume (f. 1r-1v). Layout: Written in 20-24 long lines; ruled in lead with vertical bounding lines; octavo. Script: Written in square and semi-cursive Sephardic script by Maimon Aboḥboṭ. Decoration: Cabalistic illustrations of verses arranged in the form of a menorah (f. 40r, 57r, 101r, 102r); verses in this arrangement also appear in the printed prayerbook (f. 61v). Binding: Contemporary (19th-century) calf, with M. Aboḥbot in gilt on spine. Origin: Written in Angra do Heroísmo (f. 35v and elsewhere) in Teceira (f. 303v and elsewhere), from 1851 (f. 101v) to 1873 (f. 224v, 303v); other dates in manuscript include 1872, f. 35v, 92v, 304r; 1869, f. 40r, 57r; 1851, f. 101v; 1868, f. 102r; 1864, f. 175v; 1871, f. 303v). For more detailed information on the printed portion of this item, see the record under the title Tefilat ha-ḥodesh, [1843 or 1844]. 
 Extent:  304 leaves (100 manuscript leaves) : paper ; 210 x 132 (168 x 94) mm bound to 210 x 138 mm. 
 Subjects:  Jews -- Azores -- Terceira Island | Judaism -- Sephardic rite -- Liturgy -- Texts | Hybrid books | Hymns | Prayers | Manuscripts, Hebrew -- 19th century

Collection:  University of Pennsylvania 
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8Title:  The private diary : manuscript, 1818-1819   
 Creator:  Hunter, Margaret. | Lewis, Robert. 
 Notes:  Diary of a young woman of Bloomsbury, London, recording events from 12 January 1818 to 18 May 1819. The entries give details of daily life, including teaching younger brothers and a younger sister; reading; trips to museums, exhibitions, and the theater; attending church at Bedford Chapel; and visits and dinners. The last entries for 17-18 May 1819 and a loose page laid in at the end are written by Robert Lewis, Hunter's fiancé (p. 145-146). The diary is written in a commercially produced book titled The private diary : arranged, printed, and ruled, for receiving an account of every day's employment for the space of one year, with an index and appendix (London: Taylor and Hessey). The diary has a printed introduction giving instruction and encouragement to the aspiring diarist (p. v-viii). Hunter used most of the blank pages with the heading Appendix for selected expanded diary entries dating 12 January-10 October 1818 (p. 116-127), then resumed brief entries for 18 January-16 May 1819 in the remaining appendix pages and the pages with the heading Index (p. 128-145). 
 Extent:  1 
 Subjects:  English diaries -- Women authors | England -- Social life and customs -- 19th century | Hybrid books | Diaries | Manuscripts, English -- 19th century

Collection:  University of Pennsylvania 
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9Title:  Kochbuch   
 Creator:  Hess, Gertrud. 
 Publication:  Frankfurt am Main, 1926. 
 Notes:  Ms. codex. Compendium of recipes handwritten by Gertrud Hess into a ready-made blank book designed for that purpose, labeled Kochbuch (cookbook) in gilt letters on the cover. According to Hess's note on the front flyleaf, she lived at Heinestrasse 2, Frankfurt am Main, and began the book in September 1926 at a school for women (Frauenschule d. Philanthropie). On the first page with writing is a reference to the cookbook entitled Kochbuch der Koch- und Haushaltungsschule by Emma Wundt, Alice Rothmund, and Minna Künzler (Kochbuch v. Wundt, Rothmundt & Künzler, i. Karlsruhe ersch.; f. 7r), below which is a menu plan for Passover (Pesach), followed by a list of items for the Seder plate (Pesachschüssel). Several recipes are related to Passover: matzo ball soup (ff. 11v-12r); matzo shalet (Mazzaschalet; f. 150r); another recipe calling for matzos (f. 150v); apple cake (Pesachtorte; f. 151r); and a hazelnut cake (Haselnusstorte ... auch für Pesach; f. 150r). Found lying between the leaves at the back of the book is a small clipping of a recipe (Matzo-Apfel Pudding), from a German-language newspaper published in the United States, probably in New York. Next to some recipes is noted the name of the individual from whom it came (Frl. Gauss, f. 61v; Tante [aunt] Lene, f. 100r). The last recipe in the book is written mostly in English by someone other than Hess: Water Teig (dough) - Gertrud's (f. 151r); and in another a few English words are written in (f. 150v). On one otherwise blank page is a note written by a young child in English: Pooooor Mother you have nothing to cook, Love and xxxxxxxx Peter F. (f. 106r). The book's printed tabs are for the following categories: Suppen (soups); Fische (fish); Fleischspeisen (meat dishes); Braten (roasts); Saucen (sauces); Gemüse (vegetables; by hand: Reis [rice]); Kartoffelspeisen (potato dishes); Salate (salads); Mehl- und Eierspeise[n] (flour and egg dishes; by hand: Crème [cream or custard]); Gelee und Gefrorenes (jellied and frozen dishes; by hand: Kompott [compote]); Eingemachtes (pickled or preserved items); Pastete (pâté; by hand: Vorspeisen [appetizers]); Backwerk (cake and pastries); Getränke (beverages); and Diverses (miscellaneous). In the miscellaneous category are recipes mainly for puddings; cakes; pies or tarts; and custards. There are at least 5 recipes in every section, and usually 10-20, or sometimes more. Title from cover. Foliation: Paper, fol. i + 151 (76 leaves are blank). Modern foliation in pencil, upper right recto. Script: Written in a modern German hand. Binding: Modern boards. Covers are detached and gatherings loose. Origin: Written in Frankfurt am Main beginning in September 1926 (front flyleaf). 
 Extent:  151 leaves : paper ; 208 x 145-162 mm. bound to 211x 160 mm. 
 Subjects:  Cooking, German | Jewish cooking | Passover cooking | Cookbooks | Recipes | Codices | Hybrid books | Manuscripts, German -- 20th century

Collection:  University of Pennsylvania 
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10Title:  [Annotated copy of Terence's works]   
 Creator:  Terence. | Olinger, Jean Jules, 1883-1956 
 Publication:  Leipzig?, after 1512] 
 Notes:  Ms. codex. Printed edition of the comedies of Terence (Pub[lii] Terentii comici nobilissimi sex q[uae] exta[n]t fabule ..., Leipzig: Melchior Lotters, 1512) with extensive interlinear and marginal annotations, including summaries of each scene. Numerous marginal notes damaged by trimming. Title supplied by cataloger. Collation: Paper, 108; 1-18⁶; gatherings have printed signatures A-I, K-S; [1-108], modern foliation in pencil, lower right recto. Script: Annotations written in Gothic cursive with some notes in a calligraphic script, in multiple hands. Decoration: Underlining of short passages of printed text in red, green, or blue ink in a section from the end of Eunuchus into the beginning of Adelphi (f. 38r-57r); marginal notes in red ink in Eunuchus (f. 25r-35v); initials touched with red on one page (f. 38v) ; various manicules throughout. Binding: Later parchment. Origin: Probably written in Leipzig, soon after the publication of the printed work in June 1512 (Zacour-Hirsch). Printed edition is cataloged separately under the title Pub. Terentij comici nobilissimi sex: q[uae] exta[n]t: fabul[ae]. 
 Extent:  108 leaves : paper ; 278 x 190 mm. bound to 285 x 211 mm. 
 Subjects:  Humanism -- Germany | Latin drama (Comedy) -- Early works to 1800 | Codices | Annotations | Plays (document genre) | Hybrid books | Manuscripts, Latin -- 16th century | Manuscripts, Renaissance

Collection:  University of Pennsylvania 
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11Title:  Physica   
 Creator:  Schlitzweg, Georg. | Bragard, Ph. (Philippe) 
 Publication:  Aachen, 1725?] 
 Notes:  Ms. codex. Notes for a course of lectures in natural philosophy from the Jesuit College at Aachen, followed by 2 lists printed in Cologne titled Theses ex philosophia naturali and Theses ex universa philosophia, with the names of the students defending the theses. Title from spine. Foliation: Paper, i + 355 + i; [1-355]; modern foliation in pencil, lower right recto. Layout: Written in 24-38 long lines. Script: Written in a cursive script. Decoration: Many (often unfinished) decorative or calligraphic headings in ink, silver paint, and gray wash, some incorporating pictures of animals such as a bird (f. 16r ) or a snake (f. 205r, 218v); decorative frame in ink and silver for title page with no text (f. 1r). Binding: Contemporary sheep; gilt spine with label Physica and gilt page edges; marbled paper pastedowns. Origin: Written in Aachen, probably in 1725 (date on printed lists, f.348r, 350r). 
 Extent:  355 leaves : paper ; 200 x 152 (161 x 123) mm. bound to 205 x 177 mm. 
 Subjects:  Physics -- Early works to 1800 | Physical sciences -- Early works to 1800 | Codices | Lecture notes | Hybrid books | Manuscripts, Latin -- 18th century | Manuscripts, European

Collection:  University of Pennsylvania 
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12Title:  Thomas Dove lecture notes, 1809   
 Creator:  Dove, Thomas. | Haighton, John, 1755-1823 | Guy's Hospital 
 Notes:  A bound volume containing John Haighton's Syllabus of the lectures on midwifery, reprinted in London in 1803, interleaved with the manuscript notes of Thomas Dove, who signed and dated the first flyleaf and also annotated the printed pages. According to the printed title page, the lectures were delivered at Guy's Hospital and Dr. Haighton's medical theater, both in the Southwark section of London. 
 Extent:  1 
 Subjects:  Medicine -- Study and teaching -- 19th century | Midwifery | Obstetrics | Lecture notes | Syllabi | Hybrid books | Manuscripts, English -- 19th century

Collection:  University of Pennsylvania 
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13Title:  Contre-partie du manuscrit de Lamothe   
 Creator:  Rérolle, Antoine Joseph, 1850-1924 | Jansen op de Haar, G.A. 
 Publication:  Autun, [before 1908] 
 Notes:  Ms. codex. Compilation by a modern owner of information related to a 15th-century book of hours for the Use of Bourges (Ms. Codex 1869, University of Pennsylvania). The contents include a handwritten account of the acquisition and condition of the medieval manuscript; a transcription of its liturgical calendar; printed texts matching those of the manuscript cut from 19th-century liturgical or devotional books, with annotations; an alphabetical index of abbreviations used in the manuscript; and a table of contents for the manuscript. Title from title page (f. 1r). Foliation: Paper, i + 184; modern foliation in pencil, lower right recto; quires, generally bifolia except for a few larger gatherings, are numbered 1-81 in ink, lower center first recto; references in this record are to the modern foliation. Script: Written in cursive script. Binding: Late 19th or early 20th-century morocco; gilt spine with title Contre partie du manuscrit de La Mothe. Origin: Written and compiled in Autun by Antoine Joseph Rérolle, before 1908 (signatures, front flyleaf verso, f. i verso, 2v, 9v, 92v, 138r, 143r, 178r; signature dated 1906, f. 138r; and dated signatures in Ms. Codex 1869, University of Pennsylvania). Purchased together with Book of hours: Use of Bourges, Ms. Codex 1869, University of Pennsylvania. 
 Extent:  185 leaves : paper ; 180 x 115 mm bound to 185 x 123 mm. 
 Subjects:  Catholic Church -- Prayers and devotions | Codices | Hybrid books | Manuscripts, French -- 20th century | Manuscripts, Latin -- 20th century | Manuscripts, European

Collection:  University of Pennsylvania 
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14Title:  [Carpentry accounts and almanac]   
 Creator:  Phillips, John. | Elias, A. C. 
 Publication:  England], 1698. 
 Notes:  Ms. codex. Accounts of an English carpenter for the year 1698, interleaved with Fly : an almanack for the year of our Lord God 1698 ... (Cambridge: John Hayes, 1698). The calendar pages of the almanac are separated by gatherings of blank leaves on which Phillips entered payments and receipts for vendors to sign in acknowledgment of payment for those months. The entries include payments from Sir Rushout Cullen, third Baronet, of Upton, Ratley, Warwickshire and Isleham, Cambridgeshire (f. 3r, 33v, 100r) and references to other customers from Stratford and Evesham (Warwickshire) and Stanton (Gloucestershire). The supplies and jobs recorded include timber; work on doors, windows, walls, pediments, and roofs; and construction of furniture, including tables and boxes for books with the formats of the books and the dimensions of the boxes noted (f. 30v-31r). Title supplied by cataloger. Foliation: Modern foliation in pencil, 1-100, lower right recto. Script: Written in secretary script by John Phillips with signatures of vendors, laborers, or creditors acknowledging receipt of payment. Decoration: Simple diagrams of a table (f. 29v), book boxes (f. 30v-31r), possibly a door (f. 78r), and "Doctor Washbourne his house" (f. 98r). Binding: Original (late 17th-century) leather over cardboard; very simple blind-tooling; flap on lower cover. Origin: Written in England (possibly Warwickshire) throughout 1698. 
 Extent:  100 leaves : paper ; 136 x 90 mm bound to 140 x 95 mm. 
 Subjects:  Carpentry -- England -- Early works to 1800 | Codices | Accounts | Almanacs | Manuscripts, English -- 17th century | Manuscripts, European | Hybrid books

Collection:  University of Pennsylvania 
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15Title:  Compilation chronologique contenant un recueil en abregé des ordonnances, edits, declarations et lettres patentes des Rois de France: le tout rangé par ordre alphabetique des matieres [et] des noms   
 Creator:  Blanchard, Guillaume | Marilyn Kramer Weitzman Fund | Julia B. Leisenring Book Fund | Flora E. Haney Fund | Edward W. Lanius Book Fund for Romance Language Collections 
 Publication:  Paris, [1715-1724] 
 Notes:  Ms. codex. Entries from Guillaume Blanchard's chronological compilation of summaries of thousands of French royal ordonnances and acts issued from 987 to 1715, cut out from the printed edition (Paris: Chez la veuve Moreau, 1715) by Blanchard himself and arranged alphabetically by subject in four volumes. Hundreds of additional slips are tipped onto the left edge of columns. Approximately forty slips are no longer present, most with a mark of cancellation in ink in the blank space left behind. Subjects range widely, from Academies to Ypres. The fifth volume is an index to the subject arrangement of the set with additional entries for personal names, places, and subjects underlined in the printed slips, resulting in an index half again as large as the subject index printed with the 1715 Compilation. The preliminary leaves of the 1715 Compilation are bound in at the beginning of Volume 1 (p. i-viii), together with a foldout letterpress royal genealogy (p. ix); the subject index of the 1715 Compilation is bound in at the end of Volume 5 (p. [291-334]). Manuscript bifolium laid into Volume 3 (between p. [1160]-1161) presents additional entries for the Prevosts des Marêchaux (Volume 3, p. 1157-1165). Title from altered printed caption title (Volume 1, p. 1); alternate titles from spine and supplied by cataloger. Pagination: Paper, 917 leaves in five volumes; contemporary pagination in ink, Volumes 1-4 (recto numbers only), modern pagination in pencil, Volume 5, upper outer corners; Volume 1: [i-xviii], 1-18, 18-19, 19-82, 95-400, [i-ii]; Volume 2: [i-iv], 401-556, 573-576, 557-572, 577-832, [i-ii]; Volume 3: [i-iv], 833-918, 921-1192, [i-ii]; Volume 4: [i-iv], 1193-1488, [i-iv]; Volume 5: [i-ii, 1-334, i-ii]. Layout: Clippings from the printed Compilation chronologique pasted in two columns, with topic glosses written in the margins, Volumes 1-4; index consisting of manuscript entries pasted in two columns, Volume 5. Script: Marginal topic glosses, additions or corrections to slips, and the index to names and subjects (Volume 5) written in a cursive script. Binding: Contemporary (first quarter 18th century) mottled calf, rubbed; upper joints cracked, Volume 1; both joints cracked, Volume 2; lower joint cracked, Volume 4; lower joint broken, Volume 5; flat spines gilt with gilt-lettered morocco labels; marbled endpapers. Origin: Compiled in Paris between 1715 (publication of Compilation chronologique) and 1724 (death of Guillaume Blanchard). 
 Extent:  5 volumes (205, 209, 182, 152, 169 leaves) : paper ; 380 x 245 (300 x 175) mm bound to 400 x 270 mm + 
 Subjects:  France -- Politics and government | Codices | Indexes (reference sources) | Manuscripts, French 18th century | Manuscripts, European | Hybrid books

Collection:  University of Pennsylvania 
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16Title:  [Copies of correspondence and documents concerning the 1691 war between the Duchy of Savoy and France]   
 Publication:  Savoy, ca. 1690-1692],  
 Notes:  Ms. codex. Bound collection of copies of correspondence and other miscellaneous items originally written in Turin or Milan. Copied without signatures or addresses on varied sizes of paper, with the larger documents folded. Generally but not entirely arranged in chronological order. Includes two printed items: Relatione di quanto è successo nell'assedio di Cuneo (Milan, 1691; ff. 54-57); and Lettera di Monsu il Marchese di Louvoi (Turin, 1691; ff. 113-116). Title supplied by cataloger. Foliation: Paper, i + 124 + i; [1-124], modern foliation in pencil, upper right or upper center recto. Script: Written in cursive script by numerous hands. Binding: Contemporary (late 17th-century) paper over boards with paste paper spine and remnants of 2 pairs of cloth ties. Origin: Written in Savoy (Zacour-Hirsch), copied from originals mostly written in Turin and Milan from 1690 to 1692. Some items have pulled loose from the binding and some have lost text due to trimming of the leaves. The edges of most leaves are worn and frayed. Many stains and smudges. Some leaves show damage due to oxidation of ink. A list of edible gifts for Pope Innocent XII dated 1696 formerly laid in this manuscript has been cataloged and housed separately as Misc Mss 30, University of Pennsylvania. 
 Extent:  124 leaves : paper ; 145-305 x 100-202 mm. bound to 209 x 160 mm. (large items folded) 
 Subjects:  France -- History -- 17th century | Savoy (France and Italy) -- History -- 17th century | Codices | Hybrid books | Manuscripts, Italian -- 17th century | Manuscripts, European

Collection:  University of Pennsylvania 
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17Title:  [Sermons]   
 Notes:  Ms. codex. Manuscript sermons, interleaved with a printed Greek lectionary text. Title supplied by cataloger. Spine title: Evangelia et Epistolae. Foliation: iii (modern paper) + i (earlier parchment) + 189 + i (earlier parchment) + iv (modern paper); [1-189]; modern foliation in pencil, lower right recto. The printed text is paginated 1-158, [2]. Script: Written in various cursive scripts, with many of the sermons appearing to be in the same hand and the notes appearing to be in several other hands. Binding: 19th-century[?] vellum, splitting at upper hinge. Front and back endleaves include a reused parchment leaf from an earlier Latin text. Origin: No date or place given for the sermons. The printed text was produced in Antwerp in 1564 (f. 5r). Interleaved with a printed lectionary text in Greek with Latin headings. In general, each printed leaf is separated from the next by at least one or two manuscript leaves. The manuscript leaves are the same height as the printed leaves, but often of slightly greater width. The manuscript text is generally written out to the edges of the leaf, leaving no margins and no gutter. Thus on many leaves the wearing of the edges has obscured portions of the text. The printed Greek lectionary text has a separate record. To obtain it, do a keyword search for the phrase Ms. Codex 216. 
 Extent:  115 leaves : paper ; 171 x 108 mm. bound to 174 x 120 mm. 
 Subjects:  Catholic Church -- Sermons | Sermons, English -- 16th century | Codices | Sermons | Hybrid books | Manuscripts, English -- 16th century | Manuscripts, Renaissance

Collection:  University of Pennsylvania 
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18Title:  Honda Shōjō nikki   
 Alt. Title:  Diaries. Selections. April, 1948   
 Creator:  Honda, Shōjō, 1929-2015 | Mitsubutsu Rōjin | Honda, Tamon | Rev. Shojo Honda Collection (University of Pennsylvania) 
 Publication:  Japan], Shōwa 23-nen 4-gatsu [April 1948] 
 Notes:  Diary of the Reverend Shojo Honda, April 1-31, 1948, to which are appended transcriptions of poems in classical Japanese and Chinese. Recorded in a commercially produced account book "Keizai chūshin benri nikki" with preface dated Shōwa 5 [1930] by "Mitsubutsu Rōjin", identified as a professor of medicine. One leaf has been torn out between the first two extant leaves after the preface. 
 Extent:  1 150 x 100 mm bound to 150 x 100 mm. 
 Subjects:  Honda, Shōjō, -- 1929-2015 -- Diaries | Diaries | Account books | Poems | Manuscripts, Japanese -- 20th century | Manuscripts, Chinese -- 20th century | Hybrid books

Collection:  University of Pennsylvania 
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19Title:  [Notes on cabala]   
 Creator:  Rainsford, Charles, 1728-1809 | Northumberland, Hugh PercyDuke of, 1742-1817 | Charles Rainsford Collection of Alchemical and Occult Manuscripts (University of Pennsylvania) 
 Publication:  England], circa 1783. 
 Notes:  Ms. codex. Notes on cabala collected by Charles Rainsford and copied into a commonplace book containing 10 introductory pages of printed material including a title page, introduction, and template for an alphabetical index, partially filled in by Rainsford. Sections include how to predict a plentiful or scarce season by observing the type of insect on an oak apple (p. 24), notes on the Persian magi (p. 22), the origin of the Evil Principle (p. 94), the Symbols of Pythagoras (p. 127), and writings on the book of Enoch and the seventy-two divine names of angels (p. 162). Title supplied by cataloger. Pagination: Paper, i (contemporary paper) + 191 + i (contemporary paper) leaves; [x], 1-4, 4-5, 5, 7-98, 100-184, [185-372]; contemporary pagination in ink, upper outer corners. Script: Written in a cursive script in the hand of Charles Rainsford. Binding: Contemporary half leather. Origin: Written in England circa 1783 (printed title page, p. i). 
 Extent:  191 leaves : paper ; 245 x 185 mm. bound to 251 x 205 mm. 
 Subjects:  Cabala -- Early works to 1800 | Occultism -- Early works to 1800 | Codices | Hybrid books | Manuscripts, English -- 18th century | Manuscripts, European

Collection:  University of Pennsylvania 
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20Title:  Wiederholter Abdruck: Eines so genanten Hoch-Furstl. Oistfriessländischen Vormundschafftlichen publicirten vnd dem Collegio Administratorum & Deputatorum eingschickten Landtages schlusses und Abscheides de dato Stickhausen den 23. Augusti 1684. : Nebst angefügten Anmerckungen, dadurch klärlich angewiesen wirdt, das derselbe mit dieser Graffschafft Oistfriesslandt fundamental gesetzen und des Landes privilegien nicht bestehen könne : Welchen ... der Stände Resolution, vom 22. Augusti 1684. beygefüget ist, mit zu ende befindlichen beylagen   
 Publication:  s.n.], S.l, Gedruckt in Jahre 1684. 
 Notes:  Signatures: A-V⁴ W⁴ X-2D⁴ 2E². Without pagination. Initials. Loci sigilli at ends of some documents. Penn Libraries copy bound as f. 99r-212v of Ms. Codex 1631 with: Privilegium Caroli Magni imperatoris. [S.l. : s.n., 16--?] (f. 1r-12v) -- Franzius, Thomas. Des Ostfriesischen Cantzelars Thomae Frantzij Getreuwer Rath, wie eine bestendige, feste regierung in Ostfriesslandt einzuführen sey. [S.l. : s.n.], Gedrückt im Jahr 1662 (f. 13r-62v) -- Christine Charlotte, Princess of Ostfriesland. Abtruck Sichern An die Romisch. Keiserl. Majest. Von Ihr. Furstl. Gn. die Furstl. Frauw Wittibe zu Oistfriesslandt sub dato 18 Decemb. 1666 abgelassenen, und den 28. January. ubergebenen Schreibens. [S.l. : s.n., ca. 1667] (f. 63r-98v) -- Ein mit Landes fundamentalen Gesetzen und Praejudiciis dicasterii illustrirter kurtzer Bericht, was es mit der Jurisdiction des ostfriesischen Hoffgerichts ... [manuscript] (f. 213r-366r) -- Nachricht dessen was zwischen Seiner Hochfürstlichen Durchl. zu Ostfriessland und dero Landes Ständen, sodann dem ostfriesischen Hoffgerichte, wegen des in Anno 1718 inhaftiert gewesenen Liefke Gerdes verhandelt worden [manuscript] (f. 375r-448r) -- Bedenken Domini Assessoris Feltmanni [?] über zweij von ihre Hochfürstl. Durchl. Anno 1689, den 12ten Junij, und 1690, den 10ten Julij, an das Hoffgericht abgelassene Schreiben [manuscript] (f. 449r-455r) -- Notizen zur friesischen Geschichte [manuscript] (f. 456r-463v). For a fuller description of the ms. portion of this item, see record for: Hybrid compendium of Ostfriesland history. Ostfriesland, after 1718. 
 Extent:  [228] p. ; 21 cm. (4to) 
 Subjects:  Law -- Germany -- Ostfriesland -- Early works to 1800 | Ostfriesland (Germany) -- History -- Sources | CHR 1684 | PRO Oldenhove, Carolus (former owner) (inscription) | Codices | Reports | Hybrid books

Collection:  University of Pennsylvania 
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