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1Title:  [John of Hoveden, Philomena]   
 Alt. Title:  Philomena   
 Creator:  Hoveden, John, -1275 | Newberry Library Manuscript. Case MS 34. 
 Publication:  Netherlands?, ca. 1450] 
 Notes:  Ms. codex Title from printed catalog. Collation: Parchment, fol. 120; 1-15⁸; quires signed a, i, etc.; pastedowns formed from first leaf of quire 1 and last leaf of quire 15. Layout: Written in 20 long lines; ruled in plummet; prickings visible in outer margins. Script: Written in lettre bâtarde media. Decoration: fol. 4, blue initials decorated with pink, green, and gold floral motifs; gold stem extended to form a bracket left acanthus border; alternating red and blue initials and paragraph marks. Origin: Written in Holland or Germany in the lower Rhine Valley in the middle of the 15th century. 
 Extent:  120 leaves : parchment ; 124 x 86 (75 x 50) mm. 
 Subjects:  Jesus Christ -- Poetry | Christian poetry, Latin (Medieval and modern) | Manuscripts, Latin (Medieval and modern) | Illuminated manuscripts Netherlands 1450 | Bastarda Netherlands 1450 | Netherlands 1450 Manuscripts

Collection:  Newberry Library 
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2Title:  Incipit speculu[m] a[n]i[m]e   
 Alt. Title:  Speculum anime   
 Creator:  Heinrichvon Langenstein, approximately 1325-1397 | Ailly, Pierre d', 1350-1420? | AmbroseSaint, Bishop of Milan, -397 | Catholic Church 
 Notes:  Contains four texts: p.3-73 Henricus de Hassia, Speculum anime; p.75-206 Petrus de Alliaco, Super septem psalmos penitentiales; p.209-275 (i.e. 277) Horae; p.276-285 (i.e. 278-287) Oratio beati Ambrosii devota ante communionem dicenda. Additions on flyleaves and on blank leaves between texts include memeoriae of SS. Sebastian, Erasmus, Christopher, Roche, Anthony abbot and confessor, Gregory, Andrew, Adrian, a table of years 1475-1500, and a mnemonic rule in Latin verse for finding Easter. First two texts single column (15 lines); remaining two texts single column (17 lines). Ruled in brown ink; textura script; rubricated. Initials: numerous one-line blue and red initials from p.209; over 110 two- or three-line initials in red and blue; 10 four-line decorated initials with flourished sprays in red, blue and green; one 7 line decorated penwork initial in red and blue. Added pagination in pencil: 1-238, 238a-b, 239-289. Gatherings of 8 leaves. Signature marks (later addition) appear at lower right corner of recto on some leaves. Catchwords appear, complete or trimmed, on the verso of the final leaf in some signatures. Added marginalia lost due to trimming at the foot of some leaves. 
 Extent:  [145] leaves (15-17 lines), bound : vellum ; 14 cm. 
 Subjects:  Bible. -- Psalms -- Commentaries -- Early works to 1800 | Soul -- Early works to 1800 | Spiritual life -- Middle Ages, 600-1500 | Books of hours -- Netherlands -- Texts -- Early works to 1800 | Initials | Manuscripts, Latin (Medieval and modern) | Prayer books | Illuminated manuscripts Netherlands Maastricht 1450 | Devotional literature Netherlands Maastrich 1450 | Netherlands 1450 Manuscripts

Collection:  Newberry Library 
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3Title:  [Book of hours, use of Rome, prayerbook of Margaret of Croy]   
 Alt. Title:  Book of hours   
 Creator:  Catholic Church | Margaretof Croy, active 1450 | Newberry Library Manuscript. Case MS 56. 
 Publication:  Flanders, Netherlands, [1430]-[1450] 
 Notes:  Manuscript codex. Title from printed catalog. Collation: Parchment, fol. 1 + 212 + 1 leaves; 1-2⁶ 3⁸(-1 unidentified leaf) 4⁴ 5-14⁸ 15⁵(+5, 16th century?) 16-28⁸ 29² (2 is pastedown). Layout: Written in 19 long lines; ruled in violet ink with change in shade beginning on fol. 109r; calendar ruled for 33 lines; prickings visible in outer margins. Script: Written in gothic textualis quadrata media by two hands. 1. Decoration: Six inserted full-page miniatures, of which five are in the style of Otto von Mordrecht, accompanied by full rinceaux border with floral decoration: fol. 7r (the kiss of Judas, rabbit in outer margin, bird in lower margin); fol. 8r (Christ before Pilate); fol. 9r (the scourging of Christ); fol. 10r (Christ bearing the Cross); fol. 11r (Descent from the Cross, by another artist, bird in upper margin, dog in lower margin, fantastic bird with a human head in outer margin); fol. 12r (the Entombment); fol. 13r (not inserted bu with similar border decoration, the Coronation of the Virgin; above, an angel blowing a horn bearing a pennant with the five wounds of Christ, a fantastic animal in the upper margin, a centaur in the lower margin blowing a horn bearing a pennant with a white cross on a red ground, another centaur in the outer margin). 2. Decoration: Thirteen half-page miniatures by at least two artists accompanied by full rinceaux borders of a different style, fantastic creatures of various sorts and blue initials on grounds of gold and magenta: fol. 20v (the Crucifixion with Mary and John); fol. 22r (Pentecost); fol. 24r (the Annunciation); fol. 36r (the Visitation); fol. 43v (the Nativity); fol. 47 (the Anninciation to the Shepherds in the Field); fol. 50r (the Adoration of the Magi); fol. 53r (the Massacre of the Innocents); fol. 56r (the Presentation in the Temple); fol. 61r (the Flight into Egypt); fol. 65r (Death of the Virgin; Peter dressed as a Dominican); fol. 71r (King David in prayer, a harp at his side); fol. 83r (funeral scene in a church, two black monks in attendance). 3. Decoration: Two half-page miniatures accompanied by full acanthus spray margins, magenta initials on gold grounds: fol. 109r (Gnadenstuhl Trinity, a centaur in outer margin, a fantastic dragon-bird in lower margin); fol. 151r (Margaret of Croy kneeling befire the Pietà). 4. Decoration: Thirty-eight blue and magenta historiated initials on gold grounds 5 lines high: fol. 174v (Michael, John the Baptist); fol. 175r (Peter); fol. 175v (Paul); fol. 176r (Andrew, John the Evangelist); fol. 176v (James); fol. 177r (all apostles, Stephen); fol. 177v (Lawrence); fol. 178r (Cornelius, George); fol. 178v (Christopher); fol. 179r (Quirinus, Sebastian); fol. 179v (Erasmus); fol. 180r (the ten thousand martyrs); fol. 180v (all martyrs, Martin); fol. 181r (Anthony the Abbot); fol. 181v (Theoboldus, Nicholas); fol. 182r (Francis in a brown habit); fol. 182v (Hubert, all confessors, in the front row, a Franciscan friar in a brown habit); fol. 183r (Mary Magdalene); fol. 183v (Catherine, Barbara); fol. 184r (Agnes); fol. 184v (Apollonia); fol. 185r (Margaret, Elizabeth); fol. 185v (Ursula with her cloak above the eleven thousand virgins); fol. 186r (Cunera); fol. 186v (Dorothy, all virgins); fol. 187r (All Saints); fol. 187v (Sebastian). 5. Decoration: fol. 1r-107r, gold dentelle initials with white patterning on grounds of blue and magenta with pieces of floral decoration mark sections of text; within text, alternating blue initials with red flourishs and gold initials with black flourishs; fol. 109r-211r, blue and magenta dentelle initials with white patterning on gold grounds 4 lines high with pieces of rinceaux border mark beginnings of major texts; gold dentelle initials with white patterning on grounds of blue and magenta mark shorter texts; gold initials with red flourishes within texts. Origin: Original manuscript (fol. 1-6 and 13-107) written in Flanders, probably in Bruges, approximately 1430; inserted miniatures on fol. 7-12 resemble those produced in Utrecht approximately 1430; fol. 109-221, added approximately 1450, probably in Utrecht, presence of Cornelius and Cunera in the suffrages; this section added for Margaret of Croy, daughter of Antonoie of Croy (1385-1475), wife of Henry of Montfort (Holland). 
 Extent:  212 leaves : parchment, illustrations ; 179 x 129 (105 x 70) mm 
 Subjects:  Catholic Church -- Prayers and devotions -- Early works to 1800 | Catholic Church -- Liturgy -- Texts -- Early works to 1800 | Books of hours -- Belgium | Books of hours -- Netherlands | Manuscripts, Latin (Medieval and modern) | Illuminated manuscripts Belgium Bruges 1430 | Illuminated manuscripts Netherlands Utrecht 1450 | Textura (Gothic script) Belgium Bruges 1430 | Textura (Gothic script) Netherlands Utrecht 1450 | Devotional literature Belgium Bruges 1430 | Devotional literature Netherlands Utrecht 1450 | Belgium 1430 Manuscripts | Netherlands 1450 Manuscripts

Collection:  Newberry Library 
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