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1Title:  A plurality of worlds   
 Alt. Title:  Entretiens sur la pluralité des mondes. English   
 Creator:  Fontenelle, (Bernard Le Bovier)M. de, 1657-1757 | Glanvill, John, 1664?-1735 | Osborne, Thomas, d. 1743 | Wellington, Richard, -1715 | Culture Class Collection (University of Pennsylvania) | French Culture Class Collection (University of Pennsylvania) 
 Publication:  Printed for R.W. and sold by Tho. Osbourne, London, 1702. 
 Notes:  Errors in pagination: ESTC reports three errors: p. 121, 135, and 141 misnumbered 101, 115, and 121, respectively; other libraries report only one error: p. 121 misnumbered 101. Title within ruled border. Signatures: A-L⁸. Advertisements for "books printed, and sold by Tho. Osborne ... and Rich. Wellington" on p. [157]-[160]. 
 Extent:  [16], 156, [4] p., [2] leaves of plates : ill. ; 16 cm. (8vo) 
 Subjects:  Plurality of worlds -- Early works to 1800 | Moon -- Early works to 1800 | Life on other planets -- Early works to 1800 | CHR 1702 | PRO Whittelsey, Elisha, 1815-1873 (autograph) (Culture Class Collection copy) | Booksellers' advertisements England London 18th century

Collection:  University of Pennsylvania 
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