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1Title:  Frontiers in science: a survey   
 Creator:  Hutchings, Edward | Pauling, Linus, 1901-1994 | Oppenheimer, J. Robert, 1904-1967 | Beadle, George Wells, 1903- | Bowen, Ira Sprague, 1898-1973 | DuBridge, Lee A. (Lee Alvin), 1901- | Sturtevant, A. H. (Alfred Henry), 1891- 
 Publication:  Basic Books, New York, [1958] 
 Extent:  362 p. illus. 21 cm. 
 Subjects:  Science | Science

Collection:  American Philosophical Society 
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2Title:  Science and the modern world   
 Creator:  Whitehead, Alfred North, 1861-1947 
 Publication:  Macmillan, New York, 1948, c1925. 
 Notes:  Includes index. 
 Extent:  xii, 304 p. ; 20 cm. 
 Subjects:  Science | Science

Collection:  College of Physicians of Philadelphia 
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3Title:  Monograph of the Science Museum of Minnesota   
 Creator:  Science Museum of Minnesota 
 Publication:  St. Paul, 1972- 
 Subjects:  Science | Science

Collection:  Drexel University 
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4Title:  Selections from the essays of Thomas Henry Huxley   
 Alt. Title:  Essays. Selections   
 Creator:  Huxley, Thomas Henry, 1825-1895 | Castell, Alburey, 1904-1987 
 Publication:  Appleton-Century-Crofts, New York, Ã1948. 
 Notes:  Includes bibliographical references (page 119). 
 Extent:  vi, 119 pages ; 18 cm 
 Subjects:  Science | Science

Collection:  Johns Hopkins University Library 
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5Title:  The World of science: an anthology for writers   
 Creator:  Leithauser, Gladys Garner. | Bell, Marilynn Powe. 
 Publication:  Holt, Rinehart, and Winston, New York, Ã1987. 
 Notes:  Includes bibliographical references. 
 Extent:  xv, 519 pages ; 25 cm 
 Subjects:  Science | Science

Collection:  Johns Hopkins University Library 
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6Title:  Procès-verbaux des séances de l'Académie tenues depuis la fondation de l'Institut jusqu'au mois d'aôut 1835   
 Creator:  Académie des sciences (France) 
 Publication:  L'Observatoire d'Abbadia, Hendaye (Basses-Pyrénées), 1910-1922. 
 Notes:  This series is designed to cover the period prior to the publication of the Comptes rendus hebdomadaires, begun in August, 1835. 
 Extent:  10 v. ; 31 cm. 
 Subjects:  Science | Science

Collection:  Linda Hall Library 
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7Title:  The mysterious universe   
 Creator:  Jeans, James, 1877-1946 
 Publication:  The Macmillan Company, The University Press, New York, Cambridge, Eng, c1932. 
 Notes:  "An expansion of the Rede lecture delivered before the University of Cambridge in November 1930"--Foreword. Includes index. 
 Extent:  x, 192 pages, 1 leaf : illustrations, frontispiece, plates, diagrams ; 21 cm 
 Subjects:  Science | Science

Collection:  Linda Hall Library 
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8Title:  The world of science   
 Creator:  Taylor, F. Sherwood (Frank Sherwood), 1897-1956 
 Publication:  W. Heinemann Ltd, London, [1936] 
 Extent:  xvi, 1064 pages illustrations, XLVIII plates on 24 leaves, diagrams 24 cm 
 Subjects:  Science | Science

Collection:  Linda Hall Library 
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9Title:  The new Prometheans: creative and destructive forces in modern science   
 Creator:  De Ropp, Robert S. 
 Publication:  Delacorte Press, New York], [1972] 
 Notes:  Includes bibliographical references. 
 Extent:  xiii, 288 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm. 
 Subjects:  Science | Science

Collection:  Linda Hall Library 
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10Title:  Science and everyday life   
 Creator:  Haldane, J. B. S. (John Burdon Sanderson), 1892-1964 
 Publication:  Macmillan, New York, 1940. 
 Notes:  Consists of articles which appeared previously in the Daily worker. 
 Extent:  284 pages ; 19 cm 
 Subjects:  Science | Science

Collection:  Linda Hall Library 
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11Title:  Psychology in scientific thinking   
 Creator:  Friedlander, Ernst. 
 Publication:  Philosophical Library, New York, [1965] 
 Notes:  Bibliography: p. 135-143. 
 Extent:  143 p. illus. 22 cm. 
 Subjects:  Science | Science

Collection:  NY Academy of Medicine 
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12Title:  Frontiers in science: a survey   
 Creator:  Hutchings, Edward 
 Publication:  Basic Books, New York, [1958] 
 Notes:  History of Science Coll. copy gift of Duane H.D. Roller. 
 Extent:  362 p. illus. 21 cm. 
 Subjects:  Science | Science

Collection:  University of Oklahoma 
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13Title:  Science : not just for scientists : a series of essays / British Science Association.   
 Creator:  British Science Association 
 Publication:  London : British Science Association, 2015.  
 Extent:  33 pages : black and white illustrations ; 21 cm 
 Subjects:  Science | Science

Collection:  Wellcome Collection 
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14Title:  New fragments   
 Creator:  Tyndall, John, 1820-1893 
 Publication:  D. Appleton, New York, 1896. 
 Extent:  500 p. ; 21 cm. 
 Subjects:  Science | Science | 1896

Collection:  American Institute of Physics 
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15Title:  Vorträge und reden   
 Creator:  Helmholtz, Hermann von, 1821-1894 
 Publication:  F. Vieweg, Braunschweig, 1903. 
 Notes:  Includes bibliographical referencs. 
 Extent:  2 v. : il., port. ; octavo. 
 Subjects:  Science | Science | Darwinism

Collection:  American Philosophical Society 
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16Title:  Library of useful knowledge. Natural philosophy   
 Creator:  Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge (Great Britain) 
 Publication:  Baldwin and Cradock, London, 1829-38. 
 Notes:  On t.-p. of v. 4: Under the superintendence of the Society for the diffusion of useful knowledge. 
 Extent:  4 v. illus., tables, diagrs. 22 cm. 
 Subjects:  Science | Physics | Sciences

Collection:  Columbia University 
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17Title:  Newton: texts, backgrounds, commentaries   
 Creator:  Newton, Isaac, 1642-1727 | Cohen, I. Bernard, 1914-2003 | Westfall, Richard S. 
 Publication:  W.W. Norton, New York, NY, ©1995. 
 Notes:  Gift of Marilyn Bailey Ogilvie. Includes bibliographical references (pages 435-436). Contains a comprehensive collection of the life and works of Sir Isaac Newton covering his thoughts on alchemy and theory of matter, theology, mathematics, and other achievements and includes introductory essay, textual annotation, and chronology. 
 Extent:  xv, 436 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm. 
 Subjects:  Newton, Isaac, -- 1642-1727 | Science | Science | Science history | Science

Collection:  University of Oklahoma 
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18Title:  The Advance of science   
 Creator:  Davis, Watson, 1896-1967 | Science Service | Edgar Fahs Smith Memorial Collection (University of Pennsylvania) 
 Publication:  Doubleday, Doran & Company, Inc, Garden City, N.Y, 1934. 
 Notes:  "This volume is a collaboration resulting from the efforts of the editorial members of the Science service staff."--Preface. Includes index. 
 Extent:  xiv pages, 1 leaf, 400 pages illustrations, plates 
 Subjects:  Science | Science | Ciencia | Science | Popular Work | CHR 1934

Collection:  University of Pennsylvania 
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19Title:  Ecsite Network 2015.   
 Creator:  Wellcome Trust (London, England) 
 Publication:  [Belgium] : Ecsite, 2015.  
 Extent:  1 folded sheet : black and white illustrations ; 80 x 60 (folded to 20 x 20 cm) 
 Subjects:  Science | Science | Ecsite

Collection:  Wellcome Collection 
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20Title:  What I require from life: writings on science and life from J. B. S. Haldane.   
 Creator:  Haldane, J. B. S. | Oxford University Press 
 Publication:  Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2009, 2009  
 Subjects:  Science

Collection:  The Rockefeller Archive Center 
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