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1Title:  Topological algebras   
 Creator:  Beckenstein, Edward, 1940- | Narici, Lawrence | Suffel, Charles 
 Publication:  North-Holland Pub. Co, sole distributors for the U.S.A. and Canada, Elsevier/North Holland, Amsterdam, New York, New York, 1977. 
 Notes:  Includes index. Bibliography: p. 349-362. 
 Extent:  xii, 370 p. ; 24 cm. 
 Subjects:  Topological algebras

Collection:  Linda Hall Library 
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2Title:  Functional analysis and valuation theory   
 Creator:  Narici, Lawrence | Beckenstein, Edward, 1940- | Bachman, George, 1929- 
 Publication:  M. Dekker, New York, 1971. 
 Notes:  Bibliography: p. 178-185. 
 Extent:  vi, 192 p. ; 24 cm. 
 Subjects:  Normed linear spaces | Topological algebras

Collection:  Linda Hall Library 
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3Title:  Teoria operatorilor şi algebre de operatori   
 Creator:  Vasilescu, Florian-Horia, 1941- 
 Publication:  Editura Academiei Republicii Socialiste România, Bucuresti, 1973. 
 Notes:  With a summary in English. Includes bibliographies. 
 Extent:  479 p. 21cm. 
 Subjects:  Operator theory | Topological algebras | Measure theory

Collection:  Linda Hall Library 
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4Title:  Special topics in topological algebras   
 Alt. Title:  Leçons sur certaines algebres topologiques   
 Creator:  Guichardet, A. (Alain) 
 Publication:  Gordon and Breach, New York, [1968] 
 Notes:  Translation of Leçons sur certaines algebres topologiques. Includes bibliographies. 
 Extent:  vii, 192 p. 24 cm. 
 Subjects:  Banach algebras | Von Neumann algebras | Topological algebras | Analytic functions

Collection:  Linda Hall Library 
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