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1Title:  Picture cards. The mother and her children   
 Publication:  Thomas Nelson and Sons, London, Edinburgh, and New Yrk, London, England], [186-?] 
 Notes:  Twelve stiff paper cards, loose in paper wrapper. A colored illustration is pasted to the recto of each card above a poem, the whole appearing inside a gilt ornamental border. The versos are blank. Cover title and imprint. This title is listed in the Uniform trade list circular for Nov. 1866 and the Publishers' uniform trade list directory for 1868. 
 Extent:  12 cards : color illustrations ; 12 cm 
 Subjects:  Children -- Poetry | Mother and child -- Poetry | Chromolithographs | Juvenile literature 1860 | Poems 1860

Collection:  Library Company 
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2Title:  Mother and child   
 Creator:  Wyley, Frank A., 1905-1978 
 Notes:  Title, artist's name and production date in manuscript with pencil under image. 
 Extent:  1 print : linocut ; 27 x 21 cm 
 Subjects:  Mother and child -- Pictorial works | African American mothers -- Pictorial works | Breastfeeding -- Pictorial works | Linocuts (prints)

Collection:  Yale University 
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3Title:  Mat i ditya: [Mother and child.]   
 Creator:  Antonov, A. N. (Aleksandr Nikolaevich) | Michnik, Z. O. 
 Publication:  OGIZ, Leinigrad, 1937. 
 Extent:  339 p. illus. 23 cm. 
Collection:  NY Academy of Medicine 
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4Title:  Mat i ditya: Gigiena v obshchedostupnom izlojenii [Mother and child. Hygiene popularly presented]   
 Creator:  Juk, Vladimir N. 
 Publication:  V.I. Gubinskiy, St. Peterburg, [1905] 
 Extent:  1166 p. 24 cm. 
Collection:  NY Academy of Medicine 
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5Title:  What to tip the boatman?   
 Creator:  Mathis, Cleopatra, 1947- 
 Publication:  Sheep Meadow Press, Riverdale-on-Hudson, N.Y, c2001. 
 Extent:  ix, 77 p. ; 24 cm. 
 Subjects:  Mother and child -- Poetry | Motherhood -- Poetry | Mothers -- Poetry

Collection:  Yale University 
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6Title:  Paediatric respiratory diseases: 4th Meeting of the European Paediatric Respiratory Society, Cracow, September 22-24, 1983   
 Creator:  European Paediatric Respiratory Society. Meeting (4th : 1983 : Crakow, Poland) | Rudnik, J. (Jan), 1922- | Kurzawa, R. (Ryszard), 1949- | National Research Institute of Mother and Child (Poland). Rabka Branch 
 Publication:  National Research Institute of Mother and Child, Rabka Branch, Rabka [Poland], c1985. 
 Notes:  Includes bibliographical references. 
 Extent:  xi, 387 p. : ill. ; 25 cm. 
 Subjects:  Respiratory Tract Diseases in infancy & childhood Congresses

Collection:  NY Academy of Medicine 
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7Title:  Mat i diteiia: Mother and child   
 Publication:  Voks, Leningrad, 1933. 
 Extent:  [32] p. illus. 43 cm. 
 Subjects:  Maternal and infant welfare -- Soviet Union

Collection:  NY Academy of Medicine 
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8Title:  Wednesday's child; and House we live in: two plays   
 Creator:  Atlas, Leopold, 1907-1954 
 Publication:  French, New York, 1934. 
 Extent:  280 p. 
Collection:  Newberry Library 
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9Title:  World health report 2005: make every mother and child count   
 Creator:  World Health Organization 
 Publication:  World Health Organization, Geneva, 2005. 
 Notes:  Includes bibliographical references and index. 
 Extent:  xxiii, 229 p. : ill. ; 26 cm. 
 Subjects:  World Health | Maternal Health Services organization & administration | Child Health Services organization & administration

Collection:  NY Academy of Medicine 
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10Title:  Äideille ja tyttärille, 230 kasvi-, kala-, Iiha-, jälkiruoka- ja leivos-ohjetta: [Mothers and children; 230 vegetables-, fish, meat-, dessert- and cake-recipes]   
 Creator:  Kunnas, Hanna Helena. 
 Publication:  A.A. Karisto osakeyhtiö, Hämeenlinna, [1921] 
 Extent:  [7]-221, vii p. 20 cm. 
Collection:  NY Academy of Medicine 
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11Title:  O verdadeiro amor de mãe   
 Creator:  Cavalcante, Rodolfo Coelho, 1919-1986 
 Notes:  Cover title. Poem. "Janeiro de 1971"--Front cover. Final stanza contains acrostic: Rodolfo. 
 Extent:  8 pages ; 16 cm 
 Subjects:  Mothers -- Brazil -- Poetry | Mother and child -- Brazil -- Poetry | Children -- Brazil -- Conduct of life -- Poetry | Chapbooks, Brazilian | Mothers | Mother and child | Children Conduct of life | Chapbooks, Brazilian | Brazil | Poetry | Chapbooks Brazil Salvador 1971 | Printed ephemera Brazil Salvador 1971 | Ephemera Brazil Salvador 1971 | Acrostics Brazil Salvador 1971 | Brazil 1971 Imprints

Collection:  Newberry Library 
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12Title:  The woman without experiences   
 Creator:  Dienstfrey, Patricia. 
 Publication:  Kelsey St. Press, Berkeley, CA, 1995. 
 Notes:  Includes bibliographical references. 
 Extent:  129 p. ; 23 cm. 
 Subjects:  Mother and child -- Poetry | Motherhood -- Poetry | Mothers -- Poetry | Women -- Poetry | Publishers' advertisements California Berkeley 1995

Collection:  Yale University 
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13Title:  The wandering young gentlewoman, or, Cat-skin   
 Publication:  Printed and sold at No. 41 Long-Lane, West-Smithfield, London, London], [between 1791 and 1803?] 
 Notes:  Date of publication from ESTC. Verse in five parts begins: "You fathers and mothers and children also,". In four columns with the title over the first two and the imprint below the last two columns; the columns are not separated by rules. 
 Extent:  1 sheet ([1] p.) ; 24 x 33 cm. 
 Subjects:  Fathers and daughters -- Early works to 1800 | Parent and child -- Early works to 1800 | Disguise -- Early works to 1800 | Domestics -- Early works to 1800 | Education -- Early works to 1800 | Single sheet verse | Broadside poems

Collection:  Yale University 
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14Title:  Facilitating attachment in the postpartum period with a demonstration of newborn behaviors   
 Creator:  Buck, Catherine Ann. 
 Publication:  s.n.], New Haven, 1983. 
 Notes:  Bibliography: leaves 85-89. 
 Extent:  x, 103 leaves ; 29 cm. 
 Subjects:  Mother and child | Infants (Newborn)

Collection:  Yale University 
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15Title:  The effect of maternal anxiety on the anxiety level and post-hospital behavior of young children   
 Creator:  Combe, Frances Susan. 
 Publication:  s.n.], New Haven, 1983. 
 Notes:  Bibliography: leaves 93-97. 
 Extent:  x, 128 leaves ; 29 cm. 
 Subjects:  Mother and child | Anxiety in children | Children -- Hospital care -- Psychological aspects

Collection:  Yale University 
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16Title:  Psychoanalytic studies of the sighted and the blind   
 Creator:  Burlingham, Dorothy T. 
 Publication:  International Universities Press, New York, [1972] 
 Notes:  Bibliography: p. 378-384. 
 Extent:  vi, 396 p. 23 cm. 
 Subjects:  Mother and child | Child psychiatry | Blind -- Psychology | Child analysis

Collection:  NY Academy of Medicine 
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17Title:  Anticipatory guidance in the postpartum period and its effect on the maternal concerns and maternal adjustment of clinic primigravidas   
 Creator:  Gardner, Susan Elizabeth. 
 Notes:  Bibliography: leaves 34-37. 
 Extent:  54 leaves ; 29 cm. 
 Subjects:  Mother and child | Pediatric nursing | Infants (Newborn) -- Health and hygiene | Infants (Newborn) -- Care

Collection:  Yale University 
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18Title:  Maternal accuracy in assessing child development: a multifactorial analysis of an inner city population   
 Creator:  Evans, David Linn. 
 Publication:  s.n.], New Haven, 1981. 
 Notes:  Bibliography: leaves 92-95. 
 Extent:  vii, 103 leaves ; 29 cm. 
 Subjects:  Mother and child | Child development

Collection:  Yale University 
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19Title:  An experimental nursing intervention designed to increase maternal recognition of neonatal temperament characteristics   
 Creator:  Briceland, Gail J. 
 Publication:  s.n.], New Haven, 1979. 
 Notes:  Title on spine: Maternal recognition of neonatal temperament characteristics. Bibliography: leaves 62-65. 
 Extent:  ix, 95 leaves ; 29 cm. 
 Subjects:  Mother and child | Infants (Newborn)

Collection:  Yale University 
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20Title:  The effect of separation of mother and infant in the early post partum period: an experimental study   
 Creator:  Lasater, Carol A. 
 Notes:  Bibliography: l. 67-71. 
 Extent:  viii, 102 l. 28 cm. 
 Subjects:  Mother and child | Infants (Newborn) | Maternal deprivation | Separation anxiety in children

Collection:  Yale University 
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