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1Title:  Background report on Charles H. Parker: incomplete copy, after 1897   
 Creator:  International Bureau of Criminal Investigation | Darnell, Victor | Burndy Library 
 Notes:  Typescript background report on engineer Charles H. Parker commissioned by an unknown party and on letterhead of the "International Bureau of Criminal Investigation. North America Branch." The document is undated, but presumably dates to about 1897, the year of Parker's death and the last date referenced in the work (Page 18). According to the report, Parker was a draughtsman who passed himself off as a bridge engineer and building inspector, among other professions. The veracity of the report, which is incomplete and it ends in mid-sentence on the 27th page, has not been confirmed. Burndy Library Collection at the Huntington Library. Was MS Collection 73 (3). 
 Extent:  1 27 pages ; 25 cm 
 Subjects:  International Bureau of Criminal Investigation. North American Branch | Parker, Charles H | Civil engineers -- Massachusetts -- Biography | Reports United States 19th century

Collection:  Huntington Library 
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2Title:  With us always: a history of private charity and public welfare.   
 Creator:  Parker, Charles H. | Critchlow, Donald T. | Rowman and Littlefield, Inc 
 Publication:  Lanham, Md. : Rowman & Littlefield, 1998, 1998  
 Subjects:  Public welfare -- History | Charities -- History

Collection:  The Rockefeller Archive Center 
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3Title:  The reformation of community: social welfare and Calvinist charity in Holland, 1572-1620   
 Creator:  Parker, Charles H., 1958- 
 Publication:  Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, U.K, New York, 1998. 
 Notes:  Includes bibliographical references (p. 198-212) and index. 
 Extent:  xv, 221 p. : ill. ; 24 cm. 
 Subjects:  Gereformeerde Kerk in de Nederlanden -- Charities -- History -- 16th century | Gereformeerde Kerk in de Nederlanden -- Charities -- History -- 17th century | Reformed Church -- Netherlands -- Charities -- History -- 16th century | Reformed Church -- Netherlands -- Charities -- History -- 17th century | Charities -- Netherlands -- History | Public welfare -- Netherlands -- History | Netherlands -- Church history -- 16th century | Netherlands -- Church history -- 17th century

Collection:  Newberry Library 
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4Title:  Global interactions in the early modern age, 1400-1800   
 Creator:  Parker, Charles H., 1958- | Horace Howard Furness Memorial Fund 
 Publication:  Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, New York, 2010. 
 Notes:  "Interdisciplinary introduction to cross-cultural encounters in the early modern age (1400-1800) and their influences on the development of world societies. In the aftermath of Mongol expansion across Eurasia, the unprecedented rise of imperial states in the early modern period set in motion interactions between people from around the world. These included new commercial networks, large-scale migration streams, global biological exchanges, and transfers of knowledge across oceans and continents. These in turn wove together the major regions of the world. In an age of extensive cultural, political, military, and economic contact, a host of individuals, companies, tribes, states, and empires were in competition. Yet they also cooperated with one another, leading ultimately to the integration of global space"--Provided by publisher. Includes bibliographical references and index. 
 Extent:  xii, 255 p. : maps ; 24 cm. 
 Subjects:  Social history -- 16th century | Social history -- 17th century | Social history -- Medieval, 500-1500 | Acculturation -- History | Culture and globalization -- History | International cooperation -- History | World politics -- To 1900 | International relations -- History | Europe -- Relations -- Asia | Asia -- Relations -- Europe

Collection:  University of Pennsylvania 
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5Title:  The fables of Aesop   
 Alt. Title:  Aesop's fables. English. 1931   
 Creator:  Parker, Willis L. | Bennett, Charles H. (Charles Henry), 1829-1867 | Aesop. 
 Publication:  Three Sirens Press, New York, c1931. 
 Extent:  222 p. : ill. ; 22 cm. 
 Subjects:  Fables, Greek -- Translations into English | Fables, English -- Translations from Greek

Collection:  Newberry Library 
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6Title:  Hell on the border: he hanged eighty-eight men. A history of the great United States criminal court at Fort Smith, Arkansas, and of crime and criminals in the Indian Territory, and the trial and punishment thereof before ... Judge Isaac C. Parker ... and by the courts of said territory, embracing the leading sentences and charges to grand and petit juries delivered by the world famous jurist--his acknowledged masterpieces, besides much other legal lore ... illustrated with over fifty fine half-tones   
 Creator:  Harman, S. W. | Sterns, C. P. | Everett D. Graff Collection of Western Americana (Newberry Library) 
 Publication:  The Phoenix publishing company, Fort Smith, Ark, [c1898] 
 Notes:  In wrappers, in case. Forms part of the Everett D. Graff Collection of Western Americana at the Newberry Library. 
 Extent:  xiii, 720 p. front., illus. (incl. ports.) 22 cm. 
 Subjects:  Parker, Isaac Charles, -- 1838-1896 | United States. -- District Court (Arkansas : Western District) | United States. -- Circuit Court (8th Circuit) | Crime -- Indian Territory | Criminals -- Indian Territory

Collection:  Newberry Library 
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7Title:  Plastics solid waste disposal by incineration or landfill   
 Creator:  Warner, Arthur J. | Parker, Charles Henry, 1906- | Baum, Bernard, 1924- | DeBell and Richardson, Inc | Manufacturing Chemists' Association (U.S.) 
 Publication:  Manufacturing Chemists' Association, Washington, [1971, 1972] 
 Notes:  Report of a research study conducted for the Manufacturing Chemists' Association by DeBell and Richardson, inc. Includes bibliographical references. 
 Extent:  1 v. (various pagings) illus. 28 cm. 
 Subjects:  Plastic scrap | Incinerators | Sanitary landfills

Collection:  Linda Hall Library 
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8Title:  Solid waste management of plastics   
 Creator:  Warner, Arthur J. | Parker, Charles Henry, 1906- | Baum, Bernard. | DeBell and Richardson, Inc | Manufacturing Chemists' Association (U.S.) 
 Publication:  Manufacturing Chemists Association, Washington, 1971] 
 Notes:  DeBell and Richardson, inc., project 1440.2, Dec. 1970. "Report of a research study conducted for the Manufacturing Chemists Association." Includes bibliography. 
 Extent:  1 v. (various pagings) illus. 28 cm. 
 Subjects:  Plastic scrap | Refuse and refuse disposal

Collection:  Linda Hall Library 
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9Title:  Morris v. Oakford: Supreme Court, July term, 1846, no. 63, error to District Court   
 Creator:  Morris, William. 
 Publication:  S.l.],  
 Notes:  Caption title. Contains also: Parsey Oakford, assignee of Isaac B. Parker vs. Daniel M'Intyre and Charles H. Rogers. 4 p. Morris v. Oakford. Defendant's paper book. 2 p. 
 Extent:  7 p. ; cm. 
Collection:  Library Company 
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10Title:  A sermon   
 Creator:  Connolly, Charles Parker 
 Publication:  Printed by the Harmon Printing Co, Leavenworth, Kansas], [1911] 
 Extent:  [9] p. 23 cm 
 Subjects:  Lincoln, Abraham, -- 1809-1865

Collection:  Huntington Library 
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11Title:  Letter: to the firm of Parker & Poor. 1820   
 Creator:  Olmsted, Charles H. 
 Extent:  1 
Collection:  University of Pennsylvania 
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12Title:  Solid waste disposal   
 Creator:  Baum, Bernard, 1924- | Parker, Charles Henry, 1906- | DeBell and Richardaun, Inc 
 Publication:  Ann Arbor Science Publishers, Ann Arbor, Mich, [1973-74] 
 Notes:  Includes bibliographical references. 
 Extent:  2 v. ill. 24 cm. 
 Subjects:  Refuse and refuse disposal | Recycling (Waste, etc.)

Collection:  Linda Hall Library 
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13Title:  [Collection of billheads of pharmaceutical firms and related businesses, United States, 1886-1899]   
 Creator:  Dunston, G. H. (George H.) | Falls City Litho. Co | Gast Banknote & Lithographing Co | Ketterlinus Printing House | Pioneer Press Co. (St. Paul, Minn.) 
 Notes:  Some items contain manuscript notes and/or stamps acknowledging receipt of payments and terms of sale. Printers include Falls City Litho. Co. Louisville, KY; Ketterlinus, Phila; Gast, St. LS. N.Y; G.H. Dunston, Buffalo, N.Y.; and Lith. Pioneer Press Co., St. Paul, Minn. Collection of billheads, dated between 1886 and 1899, containing decorative and ornate lettering, ornamented type, vignette illustrations, and pictorial details. Illustrations depict exteriors of storefronts and factories (some adorned in signage); mortars and pestles, including a trademark with an eagle perched on the tool; and an allegorical scene juxtaposing a mule caravan in tropical setting with a "Quinine Chemical Works." Pictorial details include floral and cloud imagery, frames, and flourishes. Firms represented include New York Quinine Chemical Works (N.Y.); Nichols & Harris (New London, Conn.); Noyes Brothers & Cutler (St. Paul, Minn.); Ohio Truss Co. (Cincinnati); Gilbert R. Parker (Johnston, R.I.); Charles H. Pleasants (N.Y.); Plimpton Cowan & Co. (Buffalo, N.Y.); John B. Raser (Reading, Pa.); Raynolds & Churchill (Burlington, Ia.); Robert Baker & Co. (Philadelphia); R. W. Robinson & Son (N.Y.); and Rodgers, Tedford & Co. (Knoxville, Tenn.). Billed patrons include The Resinol Chemical Co., Baltimore, Md.; C. D. Clark; A. Hirschle Smith, Amenia, N.D.; C. H. Case, Jefferson, Ohio; Walter W. Place; [New York] Dept. of Public Charities & Correction; A. E. Phillips, Sinclairville, N.Y.; J. F. Wagonhurst, Mertztown, Pa.; J. S. Banes, Villisca, Ia.; J. F. Wagernhuss (i.e., Wagonhurst?); E. S. Stokes; and Marion Roberts. 
 Extent:  12 prints: lithographs, relief prints, and photomechanical prints; 36 x 22 cm. (14 x 8.5 in.) or smaller. 
 Subjects:  Parker, Gilbert R | Pleasants, Charles H | Raser, John B., b. ca. 1851 | New York Quinine Chemical Works | Nichols & Harris (New London, Conn.) | Noyes Brothers & Cutler | Ohio Truss Co | Plimpton Cowan & Co | Raynolds & Churchill | Robert Barker & Co | R.W. Robinson & Son | Rodgers, Tedford & Co | Decorations and ornmentations | Factories United States | Horse-drawn vehicles -- United States | Laborers United States | Mortars & pestles | Medical supplies industry Ohio Cincinatti | Pharmaceutical industry Connecticut New London | Pharmaceutical industry Iowa Burlington | Pharmaceutical industry Minnesota St. Paul | Pharmaceutical industry New York (State) New York | Pharmaceutical industry Pennsylvania Philadelphia | Pharmaceutical industry Rhode Island Johnston | Pharmaceutical industry Tennessee Knoxville | Pharmacists | Storefronts United States | Trademarks | Tropics | Billheads 1880-1900 | Lithographs 1880-1900 | Photomechanical prints 1880-1900 | Relief prints 1880-1900 | Philadelphia artists

Collection:  Library Company 
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14Title:  Plastics waste disposal practices in landfill, incineration, pyrolysis, and recycle   
 Creator:  Baum, Bernard, 1924- | Parker, Charles Henry, 1906- | Warner, Arthur J. | DeBell and Richardson, Inc | Manufacturing Chemists' Association (U.S.) 
 Publication:  Manufacturing Chemists Association], Washington, 1972 [c1973] 
 Notes:  "Prepared for Manufacturing Chemists Association." Supplements Solid waste management of plastics by A. J. Warner, C. H. Parker [and] B. Baum, published in 1971. Includes bibliographical references. 
 Extent:  iii, 83 p. illus. 29 cm. 
 Subjects:  Refuse and refuse disposal | Plastic scrap

Collection:  Linda Hall Library 
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15Title:  Peter Gray and Sons (Firm)   
 Creator:  Peter Gray and Sons (Firm) | Williams, Charles H. 
 Publication:  Boston, MA, 1903 
 Notes:  Manual explaining how to use a colored lantern to test the color vision of employees. Instructions for using lantern for testing color perception. For railway or marine service 
 Extent:  1 item 
 Subjects:  Color Vision | Color Vision Defects | Eye Diseases | Education, Medical | Pamphlets

Collection:  College of Physicians of Philadelphia 
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16Title:  The fables of Aesop   
 Creator:  Aesop. | Parker, Willis L. | Bennett, Charles H. (Charles Henry), 1829-1867 
 Publication:  Illustrated Editions Co, New York, [c1931] 
 Extent:  2 p. l., 11-222 p. incl. plates. front. 25 cm. 
 Subjects:  Fables

Collection:  Columbia University 
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17Title:  The life and missionary labours of that holy man, Francis Xavier: commonly called the apostle of the Indies   
 Publication:  Published by Thomas Bakewell, Paul and Thomas, printers, New-York, 1814. 
 Notes:  Shaw and Shoemaker 31930. 
 Extent:  vi, [7]-180 p. : front. (port.) ; 15 cm 
 Subjects:  Francis Xavier, -- Saint, -- 1506-1552 | Missionaries -- Biography | Missions, Spanish -- Biography | Olmsted, Charles H. Presentation inscription to Yale University Library | Parker, Peter, Ownership (Medical copy) | New York. New York. 1814

Collection:  Yale University 
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18Title:  A Township map of the state of Iowa   
 Creator:  Henn, Williams & Co. (Fairfield, Iowa) | Desilver, Charles. | Parker, Nathan H. (Nathan Howe) | Keen & Lee 
 Publication:  Henn, Williams & Co. ; Chicago : Keen and Lee ; Philadelphia : Charles Desilver, Fairfield, Iowa, 1856. 
 Notes:  'Entered according to act of Congress by Keen and Lee in the year 1856 in ... Illinois.' In Parker, Nathan H. Iowa as it is in 1855 ... (Chicago: Keen and Lee, 1856) at end [Graff 5172]. Cf. OCLC 28023795. 
 Extent:  1 map : hand col. ; 50 x 84 cm. 
 Subjects:  Iowa Maps 1856

Collection:  Newberry Library 
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19Title:  [First-] Twenty-seventh annual report of the Massachusetts Highway commission   
 Creator:  Massachusetts Highway Commission. | Perkins, Geo. A. (George Augustus), 1813-1895 | McClintock, William Edward, 1848- | Shaler, Nathaniel Southgate, 1841-1906 | Mendenhall, Thomas C. (Thomas Corwin), 1841-1924 | Ross, Charles Wilson, 1849- | Parker, Harold, 1854- | Manning, John H., approximately 1820 | Sohier, William Davies, 1858- | Kemp, Frank Dickerman, 1862- | Synan, James W. 
 Publication:  Boston, Wright & Potter printing co., state printers, 1893-1920. 
 Notes:  Report year irregular: ends November 30, 1906-1919. 1893 has title: Report of the Commission to improve the highways of the commonwealth. In 2 parts each year, 1905/06-1911/12. Pt. I. State highways and motor vehicles. Pt. II. Supervision of telephone and telegraph companies. Continued by the Annual report of the Department of public works ... relating to the Division of highways and the registry of motor vehicles (Massachusetts. Dept. of public works) Commissioners: G. A. Perkins, W. E. McClintock, N. S. Shaler, 1893-1895.--T.C. Mendenhall, N. S. Shaler, W. E. McClintock, 1896-1898.--T. C. Mendenhall, W. E. McClintock, C. W. Ross, 1899.--W. E. McClintock, Harold Parker, J. H. Manning, 1900-1907.--Harold Parker, J. H. Manning, W. D. Sohier, 1908.--Harold Parker, W. D. Sohier, F. D. Kemp, 1909-1910.--W. D. Sohier, F. D. Kemp, 1911.--W. D. Sohier, F. D. Kemp, J. W. Synan, 1912-1919. 
 Extent:  27 v. illus., plates, tables (part fold.) profiles, fold. charts. 24 cm. 
 Subjects:  Roads -- Massachusetts | Highway law -- Massachusetts | Automobiles | Telephone -- Massachusetts | Telegraph -- Massachusetts

Collection:  Johns Hopkins University Library 
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20Title:  Essays in modern European historiography   
 Creator:  Halperin, Samuel William. 
 Publication:  University of Chicago Press, Chicago, [1970] 
 Notes:  Includes bibliographical references. 
 Extent:  xxii, 378 p. 21 cm. 
 Subjects:  Historians

Collection:  Newberry Library 
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