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1Title:  Writing and postcolonialism in the early republic   
 Creator:  Watts, Edward. 
 Publication:  University Press of Virginia, Charlottesville, 1998. 
 Notes:  Includes bibliographical references (p. 203-217) and index. 
 Extent:  x, 225 p. ; 24 cm. 
 Subjects:  American literature -- 1783-1850 -- History and criticism | United States -- Civilization -- 1783-1865 | Postcolonialism -- United States | Postcolonialism in literature

Collection:  Newberry Library 
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2Title:  New digital worlds: postcolonial digital humanities in theory, praxis, and pedagogy   
 Creator:  Risam, Roopika 
 Notes:  Includes bibliographical references and index. New Digital Worlds traces the formation of postcolonial studies and digital humanities as fields, identifying how they can intervene in knowledge production in the digital age. Roopika Risam examines the role of colonial violence in the development of digital archives and the possibilities of postcolonial digital archives for resisting this violence. Offering a reading of the colonialist dimensions of global organizations for digital humanities research, she explores efforts to decenter these institutions by emphasizing the local practices that subtend global formations and pedagogical approaches that support this decentering. Last, Risam attends to human futures in new digital worlds, evaluating both how algorithms and natural language processing software used in digital humanities projects produce universalist notions of the "human" and also how to resist this phenomenon. 
 Extent:  viii, 176 pages : illustrations, maps ; 23 cm 
 Subjects:  Postcolonialism -- Study and teaching | Postcolonialism in literature | Digital humanities | Digital humanities -- Study and teaching | Digital libraries | Data curation | Digital humanities | Postcolonialism in literature | Postcolonialism | Digital libraries | Data curation

Collection:  Newberry Library 
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3Title:  Colonialism and landscape: postcolonial theory and applications   
 Creator:  Sluyter, Andrew, 1958- 
 Publication:  Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Lanham, Md, c2002. 
 Notes:  Includes bibliographical references (p. 233-258) and index. 
 Extent:  xi, 267 p. : ill., maps ; 23 cm. 
 Subjects:  Nature -- Effect of human beings on | Landscape changes | Postcolonialism | Landscape changes -- America | Sustainable development | Ethnoscience

Collection:  Newberry Library 
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4Title:  Diasporas of the mind: Jewish and postcolonial writing and the nightmare of history   
 Creator:  Cheyette, Bryan. 
 Publication:  Yale University Press, New Haven, Connecticut, [2013] 
 Notes:  Includes bibliographical references (pages 282-295) and index. "Throws new light on a wide range of modern and contemporary writers - some at the heart of the canon, others more marginal - to explore the power and limitations of the diasporic imagination after the Second World War. Moving from early responses to the death camps and decolonisation, through internationally prominent literature after the Second World War, the book culminates in fresh engagements with contemporary Jewish, post-ethnic and postcolonial writers. Cheyette regards many of the 20th- and 21st-century luminaries he examines - among them Hannah Arendt, Anita Desai, Frantz Fanon, Albert Memmi, Primo Levi, Caryl Phillips, Philip Roth, Salman Rushdie, Edward Said, Zadie Smith and Muriel Spark - as critical exemplars of the diasporic imagination. Against the discrete disciplinary thinking of the academy, he elaborates and argues for a new comparative approach across Jewish and postcolonial histories and literatures."--Provided by publisher 
 Extent:  xiv, 306 pages ; 24 cm 
 Subjects:  Jewish literature -- 20th century -- History and criticism | Jewish literature -- 21st century -- History and criticism | Postcolonialism in literature | Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945), in literature

Collection:  Yale University 
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5Title:  Reading the 'new' literatures   
 Creator:  Nasta, Susheila. 
 Publication:  D.S. Brewer, Cambridge, 2000. 
 Notes:  Includes bibliographical references. 
 Extent:  172 p. ; 22 cm. 
 Subjects:  Postcolonialism | English literature -- Foreign influences | Commonwealth literature (English) -- History and criticism | English literature -- Foreign authors -- History and criticism

Collection:  Newberry Library 
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6Title:  The postcolonial science and technology studies reader   
 Creator:  Harding, Sandra G. 
 Publication:  Duke University Press, Durham [N.C.], 2011. 
 Notes:  Includes bibliographical references and index. 
 Extent:  xiii, 476 p. : ill. ; 25 cm. 
 Subjects:  Science -- Social aspects | Feminism and science | Science and civilization | Postcolonialism

Collection:  University of Oklahoma 
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7Title:  Colonialism/postcolonialism   
 Creator:  Loomba, Ania. | Horace Howard Furness Memorial Fund | Horace Howard Furness Memorial Library (University of Pennsylvania) 
 Publication:  Routledge, London, New York, 2005. 
 Notes:  Includes bibliographical references (p. [231]-250) and index. 
 Extent:  263 p. ; 21 cm. 
 Subjects:  Postcolonialism

Collection:  University of Pennsylvania 
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8Title:  Shakespeare's Globe, global Shakespeares: transcultural adaptations of Shakespeare in postcolonial literatures   
 Creator:  Sandten, Cecile, 1966- | Horace Howard Furness Memorial Library (University of Pennsylvania) 
 Notes:  Includes bibliographical references (pages 171-184). 
 Extent:  184 pages ; 21 cm. 
 Subjects:  Shakespeare, William, -- 1564-1616 -- Adaptations -- History and criticism | Shakespeare, William, -- 1564-1616 -- Appreciation -- Commonwealth countries | Commonwealth literature (English) -- 20th century -- History and criticism | Commonwealth literature (English) -- 21st century -- History and criticism | Postcolonialism in literature

Collection:  University of Pennsylvania 
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9Title:  Postcolonial theory and criticism   
 Creator:  Parry, Benita. | Chrisman, Laura. | English Association 
 Publication:  D.S. Brewer, Cambridge, 2000. 
 Notes:  Includes bibliographical references. 
 Extent:  xi, 156 p. ; 22 cm. 
 Subjects:  Postcolonialism | Imperialism in literature | Literature, Modern -- 19th century -- History and criticism | Literature, Modern -- 20th century -- History and criticism | Developing countries -- Literatures -- History and criticism

Collection:  Newberry Library 
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10Title:  Contagion and enclaves: tropical medicine in colonial India   
 Creator:  Bhattacharya, Nandini. 
 Publication:  Liverpool University Press, Liverpool, 2012. 
 Notes:  Includes bibliographical references and index. 
 Extent:  xii, 219 p. : ill. ; 25 cm. 
 Subjects:  Medical care -- India -- History -- 19th century | Public health -- India -- History -- 19th century | India -- Social conditions -- 19th century | Segregation -- India -- History -- 19th century

Collection:  University of Oklahoma 
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11Title:  Tempest in the Caribbean   
 Creator:  Goldberg, Jonathan. | Horace Howard Furness Memorial Library (University of Pennsylvania) 
 Publication:  University of Minnesota Press, Minneapolis, c2004. 
 Notes:  Includes bibliographical references (p. 149-187) and index. 
 Extent:  xiv, 192 p. ; 23 cm. 
 Subjects:  Shakespeare, William, -- 1564-1616. -- Tempest | Shakespeare, William, -- 1564-1616 -- Adaptations -- History and criticism | Shakespeare, William, -- 1564-1616 -- Appreciation -- Caribbean Area | Shakespeare, William, -- 1564-1616 -- Knowledge -- Caribbean Area | Caribbean literature -- 20th century -- History and criticism | Postcolonialism -- Caribbean Area | Castaways in literature | Islands in literature | Caribbean Area -- Intellectual life -- 20th century | Caribbean Area -- In literature

Collection:  University of Pennsylvania 
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12Title:  Empires of vision: a reader   
 Creator:  Jay, Martin, 1944- | Ramaswamy, Sumathi 
 Notes:  Includes bibliographical references and index. Embers of the Past is a powerful critique of historicism and modernity. Javier Sanjines C. analyses the conflict between the cultures and movements of indigenous peoples and attention to the modern nation-state in its contemporary Latin American manifestations. He contends that indigenous movements have introduced doubt into the linear course of modernity, reopening the gap between the symbolic and the real. Addressing this rupture, Sanjines argues that scholars must rethink their temporal categories. Toward that end, he engages with recent events in Latin America, particularly in Bolivia, and with Latin American intellectuals, as well as European thinkers disenchanted with modernity. Sanjines dissects the concepts of the homogeneous nation and linear time, and insists on the need to reclaim the indigenous subjectivities still labelled "premodern" and excluded from the production, distribution, and organization of knowledge. 
 Extent:  xvi, 669 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm. 
 Subjects:  Imperialism | Postcolonialism | Visual anthropology | Imperialism | Postcolonialism | Visual anthropology

Collection:  Newberry Library 
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13Title:  The postcolonial epic: from Melville to Walcott and Ghosh   
 Creator:  Roy, Sneharika 
 Notes:  Includes bibliographical references (pages188-202) and index. This book demonstrates the epic genre's enduring relevance to the Global South. It identifies a contemporary avatar of classical epic, the 'postcolonial epic', ushered in by Herman Melville's Moby Dick, a foundational text of North America, and exemplified by Derek Walcott's Caribbean masterpiece Omeros and Amitav Ghosh's South Asian saga, the Ibis trilogy. The work focuses on the epic genre's rich potential to articulate post-imperial concerns with nation and migration across the Global North-South divide. It foregrounds the genre's postcolonial shifts from politics to political economy, the subaltern reconfigurations of capitalist and imperial temporalities, and the post-structuralist preoccupation with language and representation. In addition to bringing to light hitherto unexamined North-South affiliations between Melville, Walcott and Ghosh, the book proposes a fresh approach to epic through the comparative concept of 'political epic', where an avowed national politics promoting a culture's 'pure' origins coexists uneasily with a disavowed poetics of intertextual borrowing from 'other' cultures. An important intervention in literary studies, this volume will interest scholars and researchers of postcolonial studies, especially South Asian and Caribbean literature, Global South studies, transnational studies and cultural studies. "--Provided by publisher. 
 Extent:  xiii, 208 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm. 
 Subjects:  Epic literature -- History and criticism | Postcolonialism in literature | Epic literature | Postcolonialism in literature | Criticism, interpretation, etc

Collection:  Newberry Library 
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14Title:  Crafting a republic for the world: scientific, geographic, and historiographic inventions of Colombia   
 Creator:  Del Castillo, Lina 
 Notes:  "An examination of how the development of geography practices, disciplines, and technologies intertwined with the process of modern nation-state formation in Colombia from 1821 to 1921"--Provided by publisher. Includes bibliographical references (pages 351-372) and index. 
 Extent:  xv, 382 pages : maps ; 24 cm 
 Subjects:  Colombia -- Politics and government -- 1810- | Colombia -- Geography | Geography -- Political aspects -- Colombia -- History | Science -- Political aspects -- Colombia -- History | Historiography -- Political aspects -- Colombia -- History | Elite (Social sciences) -- Colombia -- History | Republicanism -- Colombia -- History | Postcolonialism -- Colombia -- History | Nationalism -- Colombia -- History | Colombia -- Colonial influence | Colonial influence | Elite (Social sciences) | Geography | Historiography Political aspects | Nationalism | Politics and government | Postcolonialism | Republicanism | Science Political aspects | Colombia | History

Collection:  Newberry Library 
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15Title:  Port of Spain: the construction of a Caribbean city, 1888-1962   
 Creator:  Stuempfle, Stephen 
 Notes:  Includes bibliographical references (pages 439-456) and index. 
 Extent:  xiii, 465 pages : illustrations, maps ; 26 cm 
 Subjects:  Port of Spain (Trinidad and Tobago) -- History -- 19th century | Port of Spain (Trinidad and Tobago) -- History -- 20th century | Port of Spain (Trinidad and Tobago) -- Social life and customs | City planning -- History -- Social aspects -- Trinidad and Tobago -- Port of Spain | Architecture -- Trinidad and Tobago -- Port of Spain | Postcolonialism -- Trinidad and Tobago -- Port of Spain | Architecture | City planning Social aspects | Manners and customs | Postcolonialism | Trinidad and Tobago Port of Spain | History

Collection:  Newberry Library 
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16Title:  Colonialism and postcolonial development: Spanish America in comparative perspective   
 Creator:  Mahoney, James, 1968- 
 Publication:  Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, New York, 2010. 
 Notes:  Includes bibliographical references (p. 357-382) and index. In this comparative-historical analysis of Spanish America, Mahoney offers a new theory of colonialism and postcolonial development. He explores why certain kinds of societies are subject to certain kinds of colonialism and why these forms of colonialism give rise to countries with differing levels of economic prosperity and social well-being. Mahoney contends that differences in the extent of colonialism are best explained by the potentially evolving fit between the institutions of the colonizing nation and those of the colonized society. Moreover, he shows how institutions forged under colonialism bring countries to relative levels of development that may prove remarkably enduring in the postcolonial period. The argument is sure to stir discussion and debate, both among experts on Spanish America who believe that development is not tightly bound by the colonial past, and among scholars of colonialism who suggest that the institutional identity of the colonizing nation is of little consequence. -- Publisher description. 
 Extent:  xvii, 400 p. : ill., maps ; 24 cm. 
 Subjects:  Spain -- Colonies -- America -- Administration | Latin America -- Colonization | Postcolonialism -- Latin America | Comparative government | Latin America -- Foreign relations -- Spain | Spain -- Foreign relations -- Latin America | Colonies Administration | Colonization | Comparative government | International relations | Postcolonialism | Latin America | Spain

Collection:  Newberry Library 
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17Title:  The Latin American cultural studies reader   
 Creator:  Sarto, Ana del, 1967- | Ríos, Alicia, 1958- | Trigo, Abril 
 Publication:  Duke University Press, Durham [N.C.], 2004. 
 Notes:  Includes bibliographical references (p. [765]-804) and index. The Latin American Cultural Studies Reader brings together thirty-six field-defining essays by the most prominent theorists of Latin American cultural studies. Written over the past several decades, these essays provide an assessment of Latin American cultural studies, an account of the field's historical formation, and an outline of its significant ideological and methodological trends and theoretical controversies. With many essays appearing in English for the first time, the collection offers a comprehensive view of the specific problems, topics, and methodologies that characterize Latin American cultural studies vis-à-vis British and U.S. cultural studies. Divided into sections preceded by brief introductory essays, this volume traces the complex development of Latin American cultural studies from its roots in literary criticism and the economic, social, political, and cultural transformations wrought by neoliberal policies in the 1970s. It tracks the impassioned debates within the field during the early 1990s; explores different theoretical trends, including studies of postcolonialism, the subaltern, and globalization; and reflects on the significance of Latin American cultural studies for cultural studies projects outside Latin America. 
 Extent:  818 p. : ill., maps ; 25 cm. 
 Subjects:  Latin America -- Civilization | Culture -- Study and teaching

Collection:  Newberry Library 
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18Title:  Colonial and global interfacings: imperial hegemonies and democratizing resistances   
 Creator:  Backhaus, Gary, 1953- | Murungi, John, 1943- 
 Publication:  Cambridge Scholars Pub, Newcastle, U.K, 2007. 
 Notes:  Includes bibliographical references (p. [245]-268) and index. 
 Extent:  xxix, 280 p. : ill., maps ; 22 cm. 
 Subjects:  Postcolonialism | Colonization | Imperialism

Collection:  Newberry Library 
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19Title:  Unfinished awakenings: afterlives of the Naḥda and postcolonialism in Arabic literature, 1894-2008   
 Creator:  McManus, Anne-Marie E. 
 Extent:  195 leaves ; 29 cm 
Collection:  Yale University 
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20Title:  Post-colonial Shakespeares   
 Creator:  Loomba, Ania. | Orkin, Martin. | Horace Howard Furness Memorial Library (University of Pennsylvania) 
 Publication:  Routledege, London, 1998. 
 Notes:  Includes bibliographical references ([277]-298) and index. 
 Extent:  xi, 308 p. : ill. ; 20 cm. 
 Subjects:  Shakespeare, William, -- 1564-1616 -- Criticism and interpretation | Postcolonialism

Collection:  University of Pennsylvania 
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