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Literature (4)
1Title:  The brazen plagiarist: selected poems   
 Alt. Title:  Poems. English. Selections   
 Creator:  Dēmoula, Kikē. | Margellos, Cecile Inglessis, 1953- | Lesser, Rika. 
 Publication:  Yale University Press, New Haven, Conn, 2012. 
 Notes:  "A Margellos World Republic of Letters book." Includes bibliographical references. 
 Extent:  xliii, 338 p. ; 21 cm. 
Collection:  Yale University 
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2Title:  The Republic of letters: a republication of standard literature   
 Creator:  Nicholas, A. H.Mrs 
 Publication:  G. Dearborn [etc.], New York, 1834-36 
 Notes:  Editor: 1835- Mrs. A.H. Nicholas Vol. 1 has imprint: New-York, Published for the proprietors, 1834 
 Extent:  6 v. 24-30 cm 
 Subjects:  Literature

Collection:  Huntington Library 
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3Title:  Hocus bogus   
 Alt. Title:  Pseudo. English   
 Creator:  Gary, Romain. 
 Publication:  Yale University Press, New Haven, c2010. 
 Notes:  "Hocus Bogus first published in French as Pseudo by Mercure de France. © Mercure de France, 1976. This translation © David Bellos, 2010. Published by arrangement with the Estate of Romain Gary." Includes bibliographical references. 
 Extent:  xiii,197 p. ; 20 cm. 
Collection:  Yale University 
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4Title:  Passions   
 Alt. Title:  Zibaldone dei pensieri. Il trattato delle passioni. English   
 Creator:  Leopardi, Giacomo, 1798-1837 | Parks, Tim 
 Notes:  "Revenge-Revenge is so sweet one often wishes to be insulted so as to be able to take revenge, and I don't mean just by an old enemy, but anyone, or even (especially when in a really bad mood) by a friend.-from Passions The extraordinary quality of Giacomo Leopardi's writing and the innovative nature of his thought were never fully recognized in his lifetime. Zibaldone, his 4,500-page intellectual diary-a vast collection of thoughts on philosophy, civilization, literary criticism, linguistics, humankind and its vanities, and other varied topics-remained unpublished until more than a half-century after his death. But shortly before he died, Leopardi began to organize a small, thematic collection of his writings in an attempt to give structure and system to his philosophical musings. Now freshly translated into English by master translator, novelist, and critic Tim Parks, Leopardi's Passions presents 164 entries reflecting the full breadth of human passion. The volume offers a fascinating introduction to Leopardi's arguments and insights, as well as a glimpse of the concerns of thinkers to come, among them Nietzsche, Dostoyevsky, Wittgenstein, Gadda, and Beckett"-- 
 Extent:  xxviii, 201 pages ; 21 cm. 
 Subjects:  Leopardi, Giacomo, -- 1798-1837 | Italian literature -- History and criticism | Italian language -- 19th century

Collection:  Yale University 
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5Title:  Mesopotamia   
 Alt. Title:  Works. Selections. English   
 Creator:  Z︠H︡adan, Serhiĭ, 1974- | Z︠H︡adan, Serhiĭ, Selections., 1974- | Costigan-Humes, Reilly | Wheeler, Isaac Stackhouse | Tkacz, Virlana, 1952- | Phipps, Wanda 
 Extent:  310 pages ; 20 cm. 
Collection:  Yale University 
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6Title:  Voltaire   
 Creator:  Aldington, Richard, 1892-1962 
 Publication:  G. Routledge & sons, ltd, E. P. Dutton & co, London, New York, 1925 
 Notes:  Bibliography: p. 251-268 
 Extent:  4 p. l., 3-278 p. : front. ; 19 cm 
 Subjects:  Voltaire, -- 1694-1778

Collection:  Huntington Library 
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7Title:  Voltaire   
 Creator:  Aldington, Richard, 1892-1962 
 Publication:  G. Routledge & sons, ltd, E.P. Dutton & co, London, New York, 1925 
 Notes:  Bibliography: p. 251-268. 
 Extent:  278 p. illus. 20 cm. 
 Subjects:  Voltaire, -- 1694-1778

Collection:  Columbia University 
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8Title:  The Republic of letters: a republication of standard literature   
 Creator:  Nicholas, A. H.Mrs 
 Publication:  G. Dearborn [etc.], New York, 1834-36. 
 Notes:  Editor: 1835- Mrs. A.H. Nicholas. 
 Extent:  6 v. 24-30 cm. 
 Subjects:  Literature

Collection:  Library Company 
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9Title:  Patronage and services in the Republic of Letters: the network of Theodorus Janssonius van Almeloveen (1657-1712)   
 Alt. Title:  Patronage en dienstverlening. English   
 Creator:  Verheesen-Stegeman, Saskia, 1968- | Kelly, Mary | Hyams, Phil 
 Publication:  Apa-Holland Universiteits Pers, Amsterdam, 2005. 
 Notes:  "Translated from the Dutch by Mary Kelly & Phil Hyams"--T.p verso. Includes bibliographical references (p. 573-599) and index. 
 Extent:  xvi, 612 p. : facsims. ; 23 cm. 
 Subjects:  Almeloveen, Theodoor Jansson ab, -- 1657-1712 | Almeloveen, Theodoor Jansson ab, -- 1657-1712 -- Correspondence | Physicians -- Netherlands -- Biography | Scholars -- Europe -- Biography | Republic of Letters (Society) -- History

Collection:  Newberry Library 
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10Title:  Republic of letters   
 Alt. Title:  Republic of letters (New York, N.Y. : 1834)   
 Publication:  William Pearson, New York, 1834-36. 
 Notes:  Title from caption. "A republication of standard literature." 
 Extent:  6 v. 24-30 cm. 
 Subjects:  Literature -- Periodicals | CHR 1834 | Forrest, Edwin, Estate of (Donor) | Liggett, William (Inscription) (v. 3)

Collection:  University of Pennsylvania 
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11Title:  The black envelope   
 Alt. Title:  Plicul negru. English   
 Creator:  Manea, Norman. | Camiller, Patrick 
 Extent:  321 pages ; 20 cm. 
Collection:  Yale University 
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12Title:  Globetrotter   
 Alt. Title:  Svetski putnik. English   
 Creator:  Albahari, David, 1948- | Elias-Bursać, Ellen. 
 Extent:  207 pages ; 20 cm. 
Collection:  Yale University 
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13Title:  Love letter in cuneiform   
 Alt. Title:  Milostný dopis klinovým písmem. English   
 Creator:  Zmeškal, Tomáš, 1966- | Zucker, Alex 
 Extent:  viii, 315 pages ; 20 cm. 
Collection:  Yale University 
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14Title:  After the circus: a novel   
 Alt. Title:  Cirque passe. English   
 Creator:  Modiano, Patrick, 1945- | Polizzotti, Mark 
 Extent:  197 pages ; 20 cm. 
Collection:  Yale University 
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15Title:  Mountains of parnassus   
 Alt. Title:  Góry Parnasu. English   
 Creator:  Miłosz, Czesław | Bill, Stanley 
 Extent:  xxx, 149 pages ; 20 cm. 
Collection:  Yale University 
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16Title:  At twilight they return: a novel in ten tales   
 Alt. Title:  Kai me to phōs tou lykou epanerchontai. English   
 Creator:  Zatelē, Zyranna | Connolly, David, 1954- 
 Extent:  519 pages ; 24 cm. 
Collection:  Yale University 
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17Title:  Blameless   
 Alt. Title:  Non luogo a procedere. English   
 Creator:  Magris, Claudio | Appel, Anne Milano 
 Extent:  xii, 349 pages : illustrations ; 20 cm. 
Collection:  Yale University 
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18Title:  Selected poems   
 Alt. Title:  Poems. Selections   
 Creator:  Ó Ríordáin, Seán, 1916-1977 | Sewell, Frank, 1968- 
 Publication:  Yale University Press, New Haven, Ct, c2014. 
 Notes:  Includes bibliographical references. 
 Extent:  xxxiii, 252 p. ; 21 cm. 
Collection:  Yale University 
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19Title:  Notturno   
 Creator:  D'Annunzio, Gabriele, 1863-1938 | Sartarelli, Stephen, 1954- 
 Publication:  Yale University Press, New Haven, CT, c2011. 
 Notes:  Includes bibliographical references. 
 Extent:  xiv, 329 p. ; 20 cm. 
Collection:  Yale University 
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20Title:  Like a straw bird it follows me and other poems   
 Alt. Title:  Ka-ṭayr min al-qashsh yatbaʻunī. English   
 Creator:  Zaqṭān, Ghassān. | Joudah, Fady, 1971- 
 Publication:  Yale University Press, New Haven, c2012. 
 Notes:  Includes bibliographical references. 
 Extent:  xxi, 121 p. ; 20 cm. 
Collection:  Yale University 
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