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1Title:  Oral history interview with Wallace Leslie William Sargent, 1975 June 10   
 Creator:  Sargent, Wallace Leslie William, 1935-2012 | Weart, Spencer R., 1942- 
 Notes:  Advance notice of two business days required to use audio or video tapes. Interview conducted as part of the Sources for History of Modern Astrophysics (SHMA) project. Interview conducted by Spencer Weart on 10 June 1975. Preliminary discussions of some important developments in astronomy, from stellar evolution and stellar interiors to the evolution and structure of galaxies and their importance for understanding the cosmological problem. Comments on optical astronomy, television finding and image tubes. The Palomar Sky Survey; comments on Fritz Zwicky. Changes in the social environment, competition and publication. Thoughts on the future of astronomy research. 
 Extent:  1 1 (1.0 
 Subjects:  Sargent, Wallace Leslie William, 1935-2012 | Zwicky, F. -- (Fritz), -- 1898-1974 | Astronomy | Astrophysics -- History | Cosmology | Galaxies | Stars -- Evolution | Stars -- Structure | Oral histories | Interviews | Sound recordings | Transcripts | Palomar Sky Survey

Collection:  American Institute of Physics 
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