Joint Atlantic Seminar for the History of the Physical Sciences

Philadelphia Area Center for History of Science, American Philosophical Society, American Institute of Physics, Chemical Heritage Foundation

Saturday, May 11, 2013 10:00 am EDT

Chemical Heritage Foundation

May 10
6:30-8:30pm Welcome Reception
May 11
9:00am Welcome 9:10 Session 1 Chair: Michael Gordin, Princeton University Genco Guralp Johns Hopkins University Understanding The Hubble Wars, 1974-1993 Peter Susalla University of Wisconsin-Madison H.P. Robertson, Allan Sandage, and the Pedagogical History of Modern Cosmology L. Ruth Rand University of Pennsylvania Expanding the Exosphere: The Environmental Politics of Astronomy, 1958-1964 10:40 Coffee Break 11:00 Session 2 Chair: Catherine Westfall, Michigan State University Layne Karafantis Johns Hopkins University "Transformed science fiction into reality": the innovation of NASA's Mission Control Operations Room Joseph Martin University of Minnesota/Colby College How Physics Became "What Physicists Do": Defining a Discipline by Convention in the 1940s Clarissa Ai Ling Lee Duke University Semi-classical Speculative Turns in the Construction of the Standard Model of Particle Physics 12:30pm Lunch on one's own 2:00 Session 3 Chair: Stuart W. Leslie, Johns Hopkins University Victoria Lee Princeton University Pure Culture: Traditional Industry and Agricultural Chemistry in Early Twentieth-Century Japan Daniel Liu University of Wisconsin-Madison Picturing Physical Chemistry in Biology: Molecules Before Molecular Biology, 1920-1950 Ann Robinson University of Massachusetts Amherst & PACHS "A Mind of Brilliant But Eccentric Characteristics": The Chemical Classification and Pedagogy of Gustavus Detlef Hinrichs 3:30 Coffee Break 3:50 Session 4 Chair: Richard Staley, University of Wisconsin-Madison Aimee Slaughter University of Minnesota American Radium Therapy, 1900-1910 Jeffrey Womack University of Houston Ethics of Uncertainty: Medicine, the Roentgen Ray, and the Erythema Dose Open Discussion 5:30-7:30 Social Hour
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