Masculinities in Science


Philadelphia Area Center for History of Science

Thursday, May 31, 2012 1:00 pm EDT

Chemical Heritage Foundation, 315 Chestnut St.

Program Thursday, May 31: Afternoon

  • 1:30pm Introductions Robert Nye (Oregon State University) and Erika Milam (University of Maryland)

Part 1. Scientific Constructions of Masculinities

  • 2:00pm Leah DeVun, Rutgers University Hermaphrodites in Medieval Surgical Manuals
  • 2:45pm Alexandra Rutherford, York University Masculinity and Objectivity in mid-20th Century American Psychology: Edwin Boring and the ‘Woman Problem’ Revisited
  • 3:45pm Nathan Ha, UCLA Kurt Freund, Penile Plethysmography, and Late-Twentieth Century Sexology

Friday, June 1: Morning Part 2. Masculine Scientific Cultures

  • 9:00am Zeb Tortorici, Stanford University Surgeons, Medical Examinations, and Criminal Sexuality in New Spain
  • 9:45am Mary Terrall, UCLA Masculine Knowledge for the Public Good: The Scientific Household of Réaumur
  • 10:45am Michael Robinson, University of Hartford Manliness and Exploration: The Creation of the Modern Arctic Narrative
  • 11:45am Sally Horrocks (with Tom Lean and Paul Merchant), University of Leicester ‘The Usual Problem with the Female Staff is That There is No Lavatory Provided for Them’: Cultures of Masculinity in mid-20th Century Britain

Friday, June 1: Afternoon Part 3. Gendering Technology

  • 1:45pm Frances Bernstein, Drew University Arms and the [Soviet] Man: Prosthetic Manhood after World War II
  • 2:30pm Beth Linker, University of Pennsylvania 'Bringing it Up': Impotence and Disabled World War II Veterans In America
  • 3:30pm Nathan Ensmenger, University of Texas, Austin ‘Beards, Sandals, and Other Signs of Rugged Individualism’: Masculine Culture within the Computing Professions

Saturday, June 2: Morning Part 4. Popular Science and Gender Norms

  • 9:00am Michael Reidy, Montana State University The Third Switzerland: Mountaineering, Masculinity, and the Male Body in Victorian Britain
  • 9:45am Eugenia Lean, Columbia University Recipes for Men: Manufacturing Make-up and the Politics of Production in 1910s China
  • 10:45am Erika Milam, University of Maryland Men in Groups: Anthropology and Aggression in the 1960s

Final Discussion