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History of Media Studies

This working group will cultivate a community around a growing (and notably interdisciplinary) field of research. While a large literature of published work on the history of the cognate areas of film, media, and communication has accumulated over the last 40 years or so, there is nothing like a community or subfield in the manner of the history of psychology, economics, or sociology. Indeed, historical work on the media fields is notably cut off from better established fields in the history of social science, with which it often intersects. Connections with the far less developed history of the humanities are also awaiting development, since major strands of media, communication, and especially film studies have their origins in, and are oriented toward, the humanities.

  • Dave Park

    David Park (PhD, University of Pennsylvania) is professor of communication at Lake Forest College in Lake Forest, IL. His scholarship addresses historical topics in communication and media studies, with an emphasis on the history of communication associations, media history, and scholarly communication. He is the reviews editor for New Media & Society, the founder of the Communication History Division of the International Communication Association, and the series editor for the *Critical Introduction to Media and Communication Theory *series at Peter Lang publishers. He is the author of Pierre Bourdieu: A Critical Introduction to Media and Communication Theory (Peter Lang, 2014). He has also co-edited The History of Media and Communication Research (Peter Lang, 2008), The Long History of New Media (Peter Lang, 2011), The International History of Communication Study (Routledge, 2015), Communicating Memory and History (Peter Lang, 2018), and The Inclusive Vision: Essays in Honor of Larry Gross (Peter Lang, 2018).


  • Jeff Pooley

    Jeff Pooley (PhD, Columbia University) is professor of media & communication at Muhlenberg College in Allentown, PA. His research interests center on the history of media research within the context of the social sciences, with special focus on the early Cold War behavioral sciences. He is author of James W. Carey and Communication Research: Reputation at the University’s Margins (Peter Lang, 2016), and co-editor of The History of Media and Communication Research (Peter Lang, 2008), Media and Social Justice (Palgrave, 2011), and Redrawing the Boundaries of the Social Sciences: How Social Problems Become Economic Problems in the Postwar U.S. (Cambridge University Press, forthcoming). He is co-founder of the Society for the History of Recent Social Science, and has published articles and book chapters on a range of related topics.


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