Society for the History of Technology

The Society for the History of Technology (SHOT) was  formed in 1958 to encourage the study of the development of technology and its relations with  society and culture. An interdisciplinary organization, SHOT is concerned not only with the  history of technological devices and processes but also with technology in history—that is, the  relationship of technology to politics, economics, science, the arts, and the organization of  production, and with the role it plays in structuring social relations. SHOT members represent a  wide range of disciplines and professions, from history and the humanities to engineering and  science, and come from some thirty-five countries throughout the Americas, Europe, Asia, and  Africa.



Professional society; history of technology 

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SHOT produces several publications relevant to the history of technology:
  • The society's quarterly journal, Technology and Culture, is published by the Johns Hopkins University Press
  • Historical Perspectives on Technology, Society, and Culture, a booklet series published jointly with the American Historical Association
  • Technology's Stories: Past and Present, an open-acess digital magazine featuring essays, blogs, book announcements from SHOT members and more
  • An annual newsletter