CFP: New Working Groups

The Consortium invites proposals for new online working groups focusing on specialized topics in the history of science, technology or medicine. Groups are hosted through the Consortium’s website. Participation will be promoted among the Consortium’s members, fellows and larger community. Individuals or groups can participate from anywhere via video conference.
Each Consortium working group meets monthly in to discuss works-in-progress and other literature. Working groups foster a collegial and challenging environment for leading and emerging scholars to work in small groups on specialized topics.
Proposals should identify at least six scholars committed to attending between four and eight monthly meetings during the 2019-2020 academic year. Proposals should include a one-page abstract on the scope and purpose of a proposed working group and brief biographical statements from one to three scholars who will serve as conveners. Proposals should indicate whether the proposed working group is part of, or arises from, a larger project, conference session or other collaboration.
Applications are due no later than August 17, 2019.
Propose a working group
Contact with any questions regarding working groups.