Winter 2018 Fellows Update

Carin Berkowitz (2009 to 2010 Dissertation Fellow) has started a new position as the Executive Director of the New Jersey Council for the Humanities. You can read more about the position here.
Jessica Dandona (2018 to 2019 Research Fellow) has had papers related to her current book project and supported by her Consortium fellowship accepted to IV International Conference on Medical Humanities, the Association for Art History Annual Conference and the 10th European Spring School on History of Science and Popularization.
Kathrinne Duffy (2017 to 2018 Research Fellow) is in the midst of a nine-month fellowship at the John Carter Brown Library in Providence, RI.
Wendy Gonaver (2015 to 2016 Research Fellow) authored The Peculiar Institution and the Making of Modern Psychiatry, 1840–1880, currently available for pre-order, with publication scheduled for March 2019.
Paul Wolff Mitchell (2018 to 2019 Keith S. Thomson Research Fellow) published "The fault in his seeds: Lost notes to the case of bias in Samuel George Morton’s cranial race science" in PLoS Biology. The piece was covered in Ars Technica and the Discover Magazine online blog, and is directly related to figures and collections connected to the University of Pennsylvania, the College of Physicians of Philadelphia, and the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University.
Vivek Neelakantan (2018 to 2019 Research Fellow) is currently a Visiting Assistant Professor at the Indian Institute of Management, Indore, where he designed and teaches a course on business history. His monograph, Science, Public Health and Nation-Building in Soekarno-Era Indonesia, will be translated into Bahasa Indonesian (mid-2019) by the KOMPAS Group.
Ayah Nuriddin (2018 to 2019 Dissertation Fellow) published "Psychiatric Jim Crow: Desegregation at the Crownsville State Hospital, 1948-1970" in the Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences.
Alana Staiti (2018 to 2019 Research Fellow) has been named Curator of the History of Computers and Information Sciences at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History.