Amanda Bevers

Ph.D. Candidate
Department of History
University of California, San Diego

2011 to 2012
Dissertation Research Fellow

Making Museums of Medical History

Abstract: The Mütter Museum, the National Museum of Health and Medicine, the Wellcome Collection, and the Medizinhistorisches Museum der Charité have all constructed unique narratives of the history of medicine. My doctoral dissertation involves comparing the history and construction of these museums, as well as rationale behind forms of presentation and the construction and shaping of knowledge within these institutions. Through this comparative examination, I will interrogate the past and present relationships between these museums and public conceptualizations of medicine, medical education, and paradigms in the history of medicine. By conducting research at the Mütter Museum, The Wagner Free Institute of Science, The Library Company of Philadelphia, and the Othmer Library of the Chemical Heritage Foundation, I hope to find historical background for the chapters of my dissertation involving the history of science education, the relationship between pedagogical theory and museum practice, and the history of the Mütter Museum. Read Amanda's report on her PACHS-sponsored research here.