Douglas O’Reagan

Ph.D. Candidate
Department of History
University of California, Berkeley

2012 to 2013
Dissertation Research Fellow

Seizing Science and Technology: American, British, and French Efforts to Take German Technology During and Following the Second World War

Abstract: This dissertation examines the efforts by the United States, Britain, and France during and following the Second World War to make use of German science and technology in their own militaries and domestic private industries. These nations’ large-scale programs constitute what is likely the largest systematic attempt at technology transfer in history. While these efforts have previously attracted historical attention, there are limitations to existing accounts. In particular, many studies have taken the success of the envisioned tech transfer programs for granted, and few have considered them against the backdrop of national configurations of state and private industry or analyzed them in a comparative perspective. Resources at PACHS member institutions, from archival record groups to community events, will be invaluable in exploring the changing roles of science and technology in American business, political, and military decision-making in this era. Read Doug's report on his PACHS-sponsored research here.